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To the frontier

Starbase Bravo - Colonial Service
September 2400
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The people were walking around to their destination to complete their jobs, their social obligations, or their wishes for the day. Starbases have this fascinating effect on people. Be it a Federation base or a Romulan base. Its culture is always printed into it. Nakil had traveled all over the galaxy to help where it was needed. Seeing different people, from the introvert to the extrovert. From the survivor to the helpless. It gave some peace of mind to know that Nakil was able to provide some help to those in need or to give a boost to a new life somewhere in the galaxy. 

“Commander Ga….COMMANDER GA” 

Nakil snapped out of his train of thought and looked at the Lieutenant. “Yes, sorry, totally got swept away by your beauty” 

She raised her hand. “I know your reputation Commander. The Commodore is waiting for you” She waved to the door.

“My reputation? I am just being bluntly honest” Nakil blinked but started to walk seeing the Lieutenant had ignored him and entered the office “Jack your secretary doesn’t….” He stopped talking, seeing another female standing there at the desk.

“Commander Ga, my secretary is the finest in the fleet and trained to resist charms from even a Deltan. So it is hopeless to even try” The Commodore smirked a bit and looked at Kaylynn “This is Commander Roberts, she will come forth in the topic at hand later on” 

Giving a brief nod to Kaylynn and looking at Jack, “So what can I do for you, sir?” He hated the formal thing with Jack as the two went back quite a bit, but with other people, he needed to stay professional “I do hope you got a job for me” 

“That I do Commander” He taps onto the console as a 3D image of a planet appears “Sheo III, lost from our radars for quite some time and now found back to have some good amount of Dilithium” Jack looked at them both “I am sending a professional team there that requires to be the starting point of colonization for this world in the name of the Federation. Plus, this team will also be the primary presence for Starfleet in delegate situations with the Breen and the Ferengi” 

“Ahh nice, a humid jungle-class planet that hosts so many bugs and insects” He looked at the image with a shrug. “I gladly advise you on how to approach this problem, sir. Plus, I presume this young lady will be its Commanding Officer. Good luck in advance” Nakil smiled awkwardly at her and looked back at Jack. 

“Right, what would you advise then Commander in this case?” Jack looking at Nakil.

Tapping his side he took a deep breath as Nakil nodded “The landing spot is not the most ideal spot, I still don’t understand why Starfleet insists on going so deep on such locations. Being high is better, especially with such a climate” He shrugs a bit “My advice would be to set up an operations center to coordinate everything from. Then place also a Brunel-Class construction yard to get the cargo, work, and construction bees ready” He sums it up with his fingers. “Seeing that this is a humid and jungle-like planet as indicated by the scans. I would advise the Captain of this base to also have power generators of Styles-Class at high ground. It prevents the dampness from conflicting with the electric materials. Lastly, use the Janus-Class mining station for the mining operations and use the advanced class on a later stadium when hitting good soil” Thinking for a second, “I believe Tiller-Class hydroponics farms with additional Type-7a silos will be required to create and store food for the personnel, whom can live in the Keeler-Class accommodations block” He looked at the Commodore “Hope that helps you to regard the startup sir”

Jack smiled and looked at Kaylynn “Commander Roberts, what is your opinion?” 

Kaylynn had been rather quiet listening to everything that had been going on. She thought for a moment “I do believe that the plan is probably the best one given the situation. I do think that higher is best and being near water is essential. I think something would be making sure to keep the planet as calm as we can with our presence.” She said knowing it was always a goal, but in this case it was imperative.

“Right that is basically what I said sir” Nakil gives a wink at the Commander and looked at Jack “The station does need a firm commander to do what is needed. This planet screams for trouble”

Humming a bit in agreement but Jack looked back at Nakil “Why would you say that Commander?”

“Simple because the stats give it away” Nakil points at the numbers from the side of the 3D model “The planet got instability on ground level, the jungle is unknown to us and yet it already shows as dangerous. Aside from that…the planet has extreme weather to the north” 

“Good” Jack nodded “Good that I choose the right Commanding Officer then for this assignment. Congratulations Commander Ga, you are the new assigned CO of this base. This is Commander Roberts your new First Officer in this operation” 

Looking clueless at what Jack just said to him “Sir…?” Nakil looked at the Commander and then back “I thought I would be here to give you advice? For her to command this base?” 

“No, she is an excellent candidate however to assist you in this troubling assignment. Because we are now showing interest in this, there is also another thing that you and Commander Roberts have to keep in mind. The Breen and Ferengi show now the same interest. I believe the Commander can help you in foreign affairs” Jack replied

Kaylynn hesitated for a minute as she really wasn’t sure about foreign affairs “I will do my best, though I haven’t done much work in the field it was in my Academy training as an additional training.” 

Looking at his side “You will do fine Commander, if you are unable to do it then Commander Ga can fill in the gaps” Jack looked at Nakil with a grin on his face.

“Yea that is right” He shrugs a bit “I will do what I can, I just didn’t expect to be sent to the frontline” Nakil admits as he instead was stationed at a station that was already built or something. Looking at Kaylynn “What is your experience with colonies, Commander?”

The question was valid “I had to help in the reorganization of a colony while I was stationed on my first ship. It’s a challenge at times, but we was able to bring a peaceful solution and make sure the colony had what they needed. It is where I got this limp I walk with.” She said as she walked around showing the limp.

Crossing his arms over each other, “So basically you have some basic experience when it comes to a colony and its operations?” Nakil looked at Jack “You are giving me a rookie? Nothing personal” He said back at Kaylynn “But the colony management is not an easy job by itself. Especially when we are on the frontier with greedy Ferengi and a cold-hearted Breen”

Jack smiled, “Don’t be like that Commander, she is the best, and you need the best” He shrugged and leans a bit back “It is that, or I send you back to that one colony” 

His eyes looked back at Jack “You would not..” He saw Jack serious eyes as Nakil shrugged in response and looked at Kaylynn “Looking forward to working with you Commander” He spoke with a bit of resistance in his voice “I better not find a cluster chaos there Ja….sir” Nakil nodded to the Commander and walked out of the office without a word being said for being dismissed.

“Commander…do me a favor, watch over him” Jack looked at Kaylynn.

The remark about Rookie dug deep, but Roberts knew better than to react instead she politely nodded to Jack “I will make sure he is safe even if he believes I am a rookie.” She smirked having to get in a remark to feel better.