Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 2 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

Burning the Midnight Oil

USS Denver - Intelligence Office
April 15, 2374
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Riandri had returned directly to the USS Denver following her meeting with Captain Sinclair. She expect to have a bit of time before he was able to send through any information but she had a couple of things she wanted to check on while she waited. In particular, something that happened the first day she arrived.

She headed to the Intelligence office on the ship and sat down at the desk after brewing herself a strong coffee; she had made sure to bring a hefty stock of ground coffee on board with her. She took a long sip of the coffee and grimaced slightly as it burned a little as she drank it before opening the console and activating her secure link to the SFI servers so the data request would be internal with SFI and not from the Denver. Before she went any further she closed her eyes and sighed then she began to type; ‘Commander Cheon Kyo, Romulan, Tal Shiar.’ She didn’t doubt his loyalties but the Tal Shiar insignia.



Riandri leaned back in her chair, grabbed her mug of coffee, and remembered she had finished it at least an hour before. Rubbing her eyes she stifled a yawn, “MMMaaaybe I am imagining it,” she said aloud to the empty room. After a couple of hours of searching and reviewing the commander’s records, she could only find the barest hint that he had been involved with the Romulans at some point; possible captures and that at best was reading between the lines. Whoever had cleaned the files, it was apparent someone did, had missed a minor bit of information. 

She glances at the clock and couldn’t prevent the yawn. She really should get some sleep. Pushing the chair back she went to stand just as the console beeped indicating that she had a new message. Sitting back down she knew that she was going to be up for a while yet. Opening her messages she wasn’t surprised to see the data package, as promised by Sinclair. “More coffee,” she muttered to herself, “Then sensor and signal data….”

After running to the all-but-empty crew mess hall Riandri returned with a large thermos of coffee. She had debated crewing some more of her own ground beans but what she needed was just a stimulant and she didn’t want to waste her special blend on that. Pouring herself a large cup she dropped into the chair. As she did another wave of dizziness swept over her this time accompanied by a vague sense of nausea. She steadied herself in her seat for a moment as it passed. “I have been up to long,” she muttered to herself but a part of her knew it had to be more than that, these waves of lightheadedness had been increasing ever since DS9 was retaken. “Tomorrow’s problem…” she said aloud as it subsided.

Turning back to the computer she opened the sensor data and signal data from Milwaukee on April 14th. She was surprised and impressed by how much data Starfleet had when it came to the large cities on the planet.  The majority of it was background signals and such but after spending 2 years working in SIGINT and knowing the exact area she was needing to look into she was able to eliminate 99% of data in a short timeframe, though that still left alot remaining.



After several hours she was confident she had narrowed down the possible kidnapping to both location and timeframe. Luck had been on her side, a random sensor sweep had detected a small energy reading which closely matched a transporter signal that took place at approximately 15:00 on the 14th several hundred meters from the nearest public transport facility. Though a slim lead, the margin error from the sweep gave it a 75% chance it was not a stray signal from the facility. When coupled with a communication signal that originated from approximately the same location to an unknown location in orbit she was fairly confident she was on to something. Her gut told her so anyways.

Looking at the clock she blinked in surprise, she hadn’t realized she had been up for most of the night. She paused for a moment, ‘It is really early….but this could be important,’ she thought. She reached for her combagde and tapped it;  “Lieutenant Nalam to Commander Kyo, I need to speak with you about something you may be able to help me with.” 

Without pausing, she tapped it again, “Lieutenant Nalam to Captain Talon, I have something.”