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Part of USS Daradax: Mission 3 – The Risian Connection

Risian Connection Chp 6 – An Unpleasant Journey

USS Daradax
August 2400; 7:45
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Bridge – 7:45

Kirin stepped onto the bridge rubbing her head and holding a hot cup of coffee with her other hand after another restless night due to her consistent headaches. She had been having them for a while and she knew they were due to the replacement pheromone-blocking implant she had but she was also convinced the presence of Dr Saint-Claire was not helping. She had invited Dr Helen Saint-Claire to dinner the night before as was customary and at first, the doctor ignored the message; when Kirin found her in one of the sciences labs questioning Kerry about her work the doctor simply said he was busy though that hadn’t seemed to stop the endless messages she received from the doctor about perceived inefficiencies in the running of the ship. Kirin sat down in the command chair and took a long sip of her coffee.

As expected Belania was at the ship’s CON going about her reviewing the progress of the ship from the night before. “Morning Ensign,” Kirin said as she blinked the sleep from her eyes. “Any updates I should know about? How is the progress to DS9?”

Belania turned around and smiled, “Morning Captain. Nothing to report, we passed within a lightyear of a federation cargo ship but that was about it. As for progress to DS9 we should be there late tonight at our current speed.” She paused for a moment before continuing, “We could get there sooner if we increase our speed.”

Kirin took a sip of her coffee, nodded and slowly rubbed her temple. “Best keep it as is Belania. I expect we will be heading out to the Thomar Expanse and SB47 shortly after we drop the Good doctor off,” Kirin said putting a bit too much sarcasm onto the ‘good’, “and if that is the case that means navigating the badlands which is never easy. Even if not my gut tells me things will be picking up.” Kirin stood up and turned to leave, “I will be in my ready room if anything comes up.”

Belania nodded in understanding and turned back to the CON.

Kirin strolled off the bridge and into the ready room, her home away from home per se on the Daradax. She sat down at her desk and began to review the sensor reports from the night before as she always did when she had time as you never knew what might be missed by the computer. Over the next two hours, she spoke to and got updates from Kerry, Thanen, and Ril as to the status of the ship’s systems which were all in good shape. Following the call with Ril Kirin closed her eyes and stretched as she tried to focus on the end-of-mission report she needed to write. Though it was an easy one given they were a glorified taxi service currently she had trouble focusing on it as her headache had returned with a vengeance.

Medical Bay – 10:45

Kirin rested her hand on the bulkhead outside the medical bay as it felt like someone was driving a pick into the back of her head. After a moment the pain subsided and she was able to move again. As she stepped up to the door to Medical it slid open and, of course, Dr Saint-Claire stood before her. The doctor looked Kirin up and down without a hint of emotion before her eyes came to rest on Kirin’s. “You don’t look well Captian, computer activate EMH.” Helen said as she grabbed Kirin’s arm. 

‘Of course, now she will talk to me, Kirin thought to herself as the EM appeared just inside the door and looked over at her. “Ah, the headaches I assume. I told you we shouldn’t have gone to Risa and found a facility to get the implant replaced; to hell with the orders. But why listen to me, I am just a hologram…” the EMH said with annoyance as he and Helen Saint-Claire helped Kirin to the biobed. 

As Kirin lay down she closed her eyes, she didn’t realize how exhausted she was and how bright the lights were. She felt someone put a hand on her arm, “Captain,” the EMH said. “I am going to sedate you for a little bit to see what I can do about this. Doctor Saint-Claire will be assisting, these sorts of implants are her speciality.” Before Kirin could respond she felt a hypospray press against her next and quick, sharp prick before a wave of goosebumps spread over her green skin and she slipped into unconsciousness.

The EMH stood over Kirin as she slipped into unconsciousness; as she did he activated the biobed to begin a detailed neurological scan. As the table came to life he tapped his combadge, “EMH to Lieutenant Thanen Th’zalnar please report to medical.” A moment later Thanen confirmed and walked through the door a minute later.

Seeing Kirin on the table Thanen inhaled sharply, “What is the matter with her?” he demanded as he looked back and forth between the EMH and Doctor Saint-Claire.

The EMH turned to him, “The temporary pheromone inhibitor implant has proven just how temporary it was. I had expected it to have lasted longer but…” he said before Thanen cut him off, clearly agitated. “We have seen her without the implant, wouldn’t a suppressant work like last time until we get to DS9?”

The EMH rolled his eyes and glanced at Helen, “If you had let me finish Lieutenant it appears that her body has responded negatively to this and she has been getting headaches. I will need to replace the implant now or we risk permanent damage, she should have checked in with me more often and,…” turning to look at Doctor Saint-Claire, “I hope that Doctor Saint-Claire’s expertise in the area may be of some use.” Thanen noticeably deflated, “Apologises Doctor, do what you can for her. I will let the other now. We will be reaching DS9 tonight, we can speed up if needed.”

“There will be no need, I have everything here and the replicators will be able to make one of my experiential implants that will do that trick. I had actually been reading up on Kirin’s condition as it is uncommon even within her species and had hoped to ask her about it.” Thanen squinted at Helen for a moment and frowned, “Pretty sure she had given you lots of opportunities since we picked you up for that,” he said before looking to the EMH, “Get her back on her feet doc.” With that, he turned and left.

The EMH let out an audible huff and rolled his eye, “So dramatic, how long do you need?” he asked her. 

Helen took back at him with a puzzled face, she had spoken to the EMH a could of times and he was an odd programme for sure. “Oh, not long, an hour.”  The EMH nodded and turned back to the biobed to review the results of the scan.

Medical Bay – 12:05

Helen came back into the medical bay holding a small box containing the implant replicated from her personal files. “The implant is ready, just needs to go through decontamination before use,” she said as the EMH looked at her. She noticed that Kirin’s uniform had been removed and she was now lying on her stomach and held to the table by surgical straps. 

The EMH looked at her and nodded, “Ok, I will run it through now,” he said, “I could use your help with the operation, wash up.” A few minutes later Helen came back and approached the bed. “Let’s hope this sorts her out,” she said.

Bridge – 14:30

Kerry sat in the chair in from of the science console and looked out the viewscreen as they travelled towards their destination. “You think she will be ok?” she asked aloud to no one in particular. Both Ril and Belania turned to her, the anxiousness they were feeling clearly present on both their faces. “Of course, she has been through far worse,” Ril said to which Belania nodded before responding. “Nothing to worry about, from what I heard after she was shot the surgery is meant to be very straightforward.”

“We will know soon enough,” Thanen said as he looked at the three ensigns from the command chair. “We are arriving at DS9 soon, let’s make sure everything is in place, ok? Keep yourselves busy so you don’t dwell on it.”

All three of the ensigns looked at him and nodded before turning back to their work.

Medical Bay – 17:35

Kirin slowly blinked her eyes open as she could hear garbled voices from nearby. She could feel a dull ache behind her right ear but the headaches and the pressure she had been experiencing were gone. “Wh, what happened?” she said slowly as her eyes came into focus.

“Ah, good your awake,” the EMH said with a smug expression on his face, “Your implant failed and instead of you releasing your Orion pheromones and messing up the crew your body started to attack the implant which had been storing the pheromones, don’t ask me how, and it all but knocked you out, could have killed you. But we got you sorted.” He said gesturing at doctor Saint-Claire who stepped up on Kirin’s other side.

“We used one of the implants I had developed, it isn’t widely available but it is more advanced than the original one you had so there shouldn’t be any issues in the future; and, not that I think you would use it, it can be dialled back if needed,” Helen said.

“Oh, thank you,” Kirin said as she slowly tried to sit up but the sedatives made her who body feel heavy.

“I know we are arriving at DS9 soon but you can take an hour to rest before rushing off,” the EMH said. “I will be back in a minute to check on you,” with that he turned and left.

Helen looked down at Kirin and nodded. “Let me know how it works out Captain,” she said and turned to leave medical before Kirin could say anything else. 

Bridge – 21:00

“Dropping out of warp in 10 seconds Captain,” Belania said as they approached DS9.

“Excellent,” Kirin said from the command chair. She did not feel anywhere close to 100% but she was up for arriving at the station. She glanced around and was happy to see the entire crew on the bridge and doctor Saint-Claire sitting in one of the spare seats. Everyone who came to DS9 wanted to catch a glimpse of the wormhole.

“Dropping out now,” Belania said as the view screen brightened and the rapidly moving starscape was replaced with the ageing, former Cardassian station. The old station generated mixed feelings in Starfleet, especially amongst the Bajorians as some felt it should be replaced as it served as a reminder of the occupation all those years ago. She even had heard some refer to it as a ‘Tacky Cardassian fascist eyesore!’

“Captain, we have received our docking instructions. They are waiting for a Bolian transport to leave in the next few minutes. We have been asked to take up a holding pattern around the station.” Belania said as she entered the new flight path.

“I guess we can just marvel at the large, imposing pylons,” said Ril with a laugh as they flew in close to the station and banked around one of the upper pylons but her laugh stopped short when on their viewscreen the swirling blue, purple and white wormhole to the gamma quadrant appeared.

“Well that isn’t something you see every day,” Thanen and Kerry said almost in synch which caused a round of chucks from everyone even Doctor Saint-Claire.

The Doctor stood and nodded to Kirin, “Thank you for the lift Captain, I will go get my belongs in order and get to disembark,” turning she left the bridge.