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Part of USS Aquarius: New Beginnings

Four Minus Three Equals One

Starbase K-8
August 29th, 2400
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The boarding status was back to red. 

Imaru had traversed the archaic corridors of Starbase K-8 to finally arrive at the berth where the Aquarius was docked. She discovered several interesting sights along the way and she made a mental note to explore them before the ship left the station. Among said sights were the station’s gymnasium, where a wrestling tournament was to be held, a peaceful arboretum-like setup and a lounge type establishment where they served an Earth beverage called ‘root beer’. Her antennae seethed slowly at the crimson hue that engulfed the boarding status of the Aquarius. Perhaps the engineering team switched back to red status due to further duties or missed duties. 

Momentarily, the Andorian felt defeated. No, delayed. Defeat meant that she conceded. And she did not. She considered the boarding lighting for a very long while before swiftly spinning on her heel and taking off at a brisk pace back the way she had come. She recalled her steps to the proper turbolift to bring her back to the promenade area of K-8. Luckily for her, a car was already waiting. Imaru entered, keyed in her request and took hold of a handle shaped object inside the lift. Another callback to the Starfleet of yesteryear. 

Once the lift began, Imaru felt another callback wash over her. A very familiar sensation. 


[Kal’Ten, Andoria – 2398]


Imaru tightly held the lift control handle as her party’s ascent was almost complete. Dawn had come to the underground city of Kal’Ten in the form of sharp beams of pearl light that pierced through the thinnest parts of the city ceiling. It was a normal wake up signal for the residents of Kal’Ten. Imaru, Akeen, Roleb and Neruu were not there to witness it. They were traveling to the surface, clad in ivory form-fitting suits that covered their bodies from neck to wrist and ankle along with a cream tunic. Boots and no-tip gloves finished the surface dwelling attire. The lift came to its zenith and the party of Andorian’s filtered out and through the final access point to the freezing surface. This particular access point deposited the group at the foot of a mountain. Imaru led the file through the icy mountain side, Akeen and Neruu littered the middle and Roleb brought up the rear.

Their trek took several thousand paces more before Imaru called them to a halt and motioned towards a clearing. It was a small open field where a specific kind of grass would still grow due to its resistance to the arctic temperatures. The quartet spread out and took up equidistant positions from one another in a diamond formation. Roleb had the lead for this one, the diamond’s tip. He made a swift motion of his right hand and the group of four began perfectly unionized movements of blocks and kicks, sweeps and punches. To a bystander, it would appear that each one of them were in combat with an invisible opponent. The shadow dance ended with a double-fist punch and a battle-cry from each Andorian, enough to echo through the frozen terrain. 

They then stood feet shoulder width apart and the diamond rotated its tip to Imaru having the lead. It was then that she removed a 31 centimeter hilt from her belt. The aforementioned hilt was rectangular in design and when Imaru depressed the button on its surface, a 110 centimeter blade unfolded from the hilt’s edge. The blade clicked to completion and the other three Andorians followed suit with their own weapons: the modern version of a hrisal; Andorian katana.

Imaru began the weapon form known as I’Myk which involved vertical slashes, horizontal slices and angled parries and sweeps and stabs. It was an offensive form that displayed the sheer overwhelming aggression of an enraged Andorian warrior. The form ended with a spinning low swipe, meant to separate an opponent’s knees from their shins. Each Andorian maintained the crouched position and the blades of their weapons glistened in the morning illumination.

A small chime went off at Imaru’s wrist; her Starfleet issue chronometer. It was time for her departure. With a click of a button, her weapon collapsed to slumber once again within its hilt and now rested in Imaru’s palm. Her gaze turned skyward and she needed one hand to cover her vision from the pale sun’s rays. The runabout that would be taking her to her Starfleet foreign officer training was now in orbit. There was no way that she would be able to see it, but that didn’t stop her from trying. She could feel the presence of her spouses surrounding her from the rear. Imaru sighed and turned to face them.

Her eyes went to Akeen first. He was the one who disagreed with her leaving the most. He was always stubborn but she knew that he meant well. Even though he was much smaller than her, the signature frown that he wore on his face was enough to intimidate a Klingon. And she loved him for it. She stepped towards him and they embraced in a large hug, locking antennae.

Imaru then moved to Neruu. She also highly protested Imaru’s departure from Andoria. Neruu’s concern was bearing children. Without Imaru present, the family would not be able to conceive. Imaru knew the responsibility that she had as an Andorian shen to create a child; or children should they be so fortunate. However, if the hostile threats that existed in the galaxy were allowed to penetrate Andorian space, said child would have to live a life with the ramifications of said threats. Neruu knew that as well. Her long silver hair was braided from her antennae down to her waist and complimented her yellow eyes so well; absolutely stunning. Imaru took Neruu’s hands in hers and danced the tips of their antennae together. A blissful farewell. 

Last and certainly not least was Roleb. The hulking mass of an Andorian was two meters tall and built like a tank. Imaru tilted her head back to stare into his dark gray eyes. Roleb understood her exactly. He understood everything that she had been through, all of the sacrifices that she had made and was willing to make. Roleb wanted her to do this. She would miss him dearly for always being in her corner, always supporting her decisions and calling her out when she made stupid ones. Imaru did not have a favorite spouse but she believed that she would miss Roleb the most because of his constant guidance. They were all the same age but he seemed wise beyond his years. She reached up and placed her hands on the sides of his cheeks. He returned the gesture, caressing her much smaller face in his massive hands. They locked eyes for what felt like an eternity.

Eternity, in reality, had only been seconds.

Imaru then dropped her gaze and shouldered a large and long bag; the only one she would be taking with her. She pivoted to look upon her bondmates once more before she signaled the runabout that she was ready for transport. Akeen, Neruu and Roleb were picturesque in the Andorian sunrise and she watched them even when the cerulean hue of the transporter beam engulfed her. She gazed and gazed until they disappeared entirely from her vision.

Imaru stepped down from the transporter pad and ventured into the rear of the runabout to find her bunk and stow her bag.

She had wanted to say something to each of them so desperately. But she had to remind herself: Andorians didn’t believe in last words, only last actions.


[Starbase K-8 – Present]


Imaru turned her attention to the lift doors. They were and must have been for some time now. She released the lift handle and exited onto the promenade. As she navigated the vast expanse of the starbase’s entertainment, Imaru realized that the memory of her loved ones was still fresh in her mind. There were few things she enjoyed more than the company of her family. A redbat noodle bowl was one of them. She imagined the Andorian dish perfectly seasoned and ready to eat like how Neruu would prepare it. Imaru was literally knocked from her food daydream by a passerby of a very large frame. The Andorian glared mental daggers at the offender’s six until she made sense of some words that adorned said offender’s backpack. 

Starfleet Academy Wrestling.

Imaru’s glare was soon accompanied by a slight smile. Her choice of entertainment while she awaited access to Aquarius had just been selected.