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Alpha Gruis I
Monday 16th May 2157
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“I dunno, Ant, this doesn’t look like something that could be exciting for a medical officer or a communication officer,” Branson noted as they walked away from the shuttlepod.

Antione had to admit he was not wrong in the assumption. This didn’t look like a mission that he would be very helpful at. “I have to agree with you there, but maybe we will be surprised.”

With his scanner out, Branson was trying to record everything as they made their way towards a much larger, greener field than the almost barren landing site the captain had picked. “My scanner seems to be limited in its range,” Branson noted, “I’m not a geologist, but I think it has something to do with the minerals in the ground. Does yours show the same?” 

The scanner was acting weird he had to admit, but it seemed as though the range was pushing through his scanner “It seems as if there is interference though it seems to be somewhat spotty. The information shows that we are not on sensors here.” 

“Again, I’m no tactician, but that might be good for this listening base. It may shield it from the Romulans detecting it.” Branson commented as they eventually started to stride through longer grass. “This almost reminds me of home.”

He nodded “I do think you are correct we should make sure this area is known in the report. I apologize, but I really am not sure where you live.”

“The Scottish Highlands are an area of pure beauty; nothing can compare to it,” Branson said, defending his homeland. “The summers there can be truly breathtaking.”

Antione nodded “Maybe I need to come to visit. I have been to a lot of places, but never there.”

“How many worlds have you been on since joining Starfleet?” Branson asked as they carried on walking.

Antione’s eyes looked away in concentration trying to remember where he had been. “I have been to about twenty worlds during my time, though that is still small compared to some.”

“I’ve been on a few, but none like this,” Branson said as he looked up at the clear blue sky. “It’s certainly warmer than the Scottish Highlands.” He started to unzip his collar and pulled his sunglasses out of his pockets to put on. “If the captain allows it, we could always come back and turn this place into more of a vacation spot-” However, before the doctor could speak another word, he fell downwards with Ricci beside him.

Both men fell into a large ditch. With a sudden thud, they landed on wet mud. Feeling the pain from his fall, Branson pushed himself up before seeing that he and Ricci were caked in the soil they had fallen into. “Ant, you okay?” He instantly asked as he stopped feeling dizzy.

Ant groaned and grabbed his head trying to help the pain in his head “Yeah I think I am ok…but this pain.” He tried to wipe the mud out of his eyes and face. The eyepatch was caked with mud he could feel the dirt under it, but just ignored it.

Branson ignored the pain, feeling bruising around his chest and legs as he peeled off his soaked jacket and top. Now in his vest, he attempted to see if there was a way out of the hole; however, there was no way out due to the smooth, slippery sides. “Someone dug this out.” He said as he cleaned his muddy hands on his trousers. 

“I saw that as well. I think this is going to be more exciting than we originally thought.”

“Can you raise anyone on your communicator?” Branson asked. “My communicator was smashed.” He gestured towards his broken device that was in pieces by his landing spot. 

He grabbed his pocket and could feel the smashed parts pulling them out and depositing them on the ground next to him. “I don’t think I will be able to help there either because mine is about the same as yours right now.”

Branson knew they would need to find another way out with no luck with their communicator. “I suppose we should just call out for help?”

He shrugged “I mean it is better than sitting in this mudhole any longer, but I can’t say anyone will hear us.”

Branson was about to call out but stopped when three human figures appeared at the top. Thinking it was his crewmates initially, the doctor was surprised to see they weren’t. All three women wore suit-like clothing that looked like they had time-travelled from Earth’s past. They seemed almost Edwardian or Victorian in their fashion. Their hairstyles were all identical, short bobs with tight ringlets. Also wrapped around their heads were bandannas with a few small decorative feathers and jewels attached. Holding what looked like rifles, they aimed them at the two men. Branson and Ricci both raised their hands after the women shouted something in an alien language at them.

“I’m Edward Branson; I’m a doctor; we bring you no harm!” Branson replied. 

The leader of the group, who was in the middle, called back something more alien. Branson indicated for Ricci to use the universal translator, and when she repeated the same statement, the UT could work out what she had said.

“Where are your mistresses?” 

Confused by such a question, Branson looked at Ricci for a clue; he had nothing to share.

“Get up, now!” The female leader said, aiming her rifle at Branson.

“We can’t; we’re trapped!” The doctor replied.

“I would love to get up, but I am currently trapped just like the fair doctor here.” He said calmly trying to make sure to keep the situation calm.

One of the other women lowered a rope down; it appeared strong enough for them to climb up.

“Leave your belongings down there!” The leader cried out.

Dropping everything they had, Branson and Ricci did as the women told them before climbing up. As soon as they were back up among the long grass, the women shouted at them to get on the floor with their hands behind their backs. 

They complied instantly, and Branson and Ricci were handcuffed before the women pulled them up to stand. 

“Welcome to Angel One!” The leader said before she took out what looked like a wet rag and smothered Ricci’s face. The communication officer struggled at first before he eventually passed out. 

“What do you want with us?” Branson asked as he tried to get out of his captor’s grip on him. He couldn’t believe how strong she was.

“Be quiet, man; you do not get to ask such questions.” The leader said before she used the back of her right hand to smack Branson’s mouth. It was such a hard slap that it knocked Branson backwards, and he felt the blood come out of his mouth afterwards. She then proceeded to kick him in the stomach before punching him one more time in the face. He fell backwards, and as his head hit the ground, he instantly lost consciousness. The women proceeded to cover both men with a net and drag them across the field to a destination unknown.