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Part of RRW Jarok: M1-Part I: Adrift

Requirement of Service

New Romulus - Hospital Zone
October 5th, 2400
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Pre-Mission: Assembling the Team / Hakona Parau

The republic might show in various areas stabilization, but there were still various areas that were not there yet. One of them was the medical care that every Romulan and Reman deserves to receive. The problem was not so much that they were denied their service. It was more than experienced people in the field of medicine were in shortage. The republic was in the process of gaining more doctors and nurses to provide the demand, but it would take some time. Therefore, the hospital was chaotic as people wanted to receive medical attention.

“Get him to checkroom four and treat him with these specific details, go” A woman with a ponytail and a white coat pointed in a direction.

“Yes, doctor Parau” a nurse replied, walking with the patient toward the designated room.

Placing the PADD on the counter and taking a breather moment, she noticed a man standing next to her, looking at him. “If you have an appointment, please wait the designated time slot, and we will get to your needs as soon as possible, sir” Hakona looked back at the counter. 

Saren stared at her with his hands clasped behind the small of his back. He had been observing the situation at the hospital for quite some time, to get an idea of the situation that is happening here. He knew help was coming, but he also knew that the timing was not the best. Nor is this. “It is not a matter of an appointment, doctor. It is a matter of duty and service to the Republic.”

Looking up from the PADD in front of her as she looked slowly at the man, “I believe I am already performing my service to the Republic by aiding the people with the medical care they require sir” Hakona turned to him and crossed her arms “But you got my attention, what can I do for you sir?”

Saren smirked at her remark and nodded his head in agreement. “Indeed, you are.” He then cleared his throat. “I am putting together a team to investigate a vessel that is adrift in the unaligned territory just outside our border. Scans were conducted long-range, so the status of the crew is unknown. Regardless, I would feel much more comfortable investigating the ship with a medical expert on my team.”

Hearing the outline of the given operation, she slowly nodded, “Yea, Commander Xivaik made it clear that the Republic might come to me one day to ask for my services. I guess this is the day, then. But I wish to know that there are enough medical experts on New Romulus, and I presume also active in the navy. Why me?” Xivaik, ah yes, that old man of her previous assignment at the IRV Shianev did warn her about this. 

Saren’s smirked shifted to a grin at the mention of her former commanding officer. Likely when she left the Imperial Navy after Romulus was destroyed, as per her record. He then nodded his head to her questions. “New Romulus does. Nurses that were under you are likely on their way to become doctors themselves. Unless you think otherwise.” He told her.

“Why you?” Saren repeated her question. “You should be answering that. Why should I pick you? What makes you qualified to be on my team on what could potentially be a suicide mission?”

“I believe you are the one standing here in my hospital asking for my service,” Hakona shrugs. “But sure, let’s do it your way. I am qualified because of my long-term service on various Star Navy ships, where I have seen all kinds of injuries and diseases. Be it from the Klingon or Federation borders. I have seen the Dominion from way too close as well. If you wish to stay alive, then yes, I might be your best shot in the dark.”

Saren smiled at her. “Exactly how I would have put it. Maybe not word for word but you got it. I don’t just need the best, doctor. I need someone who has talent, who can figure a way to save a life when they lack the modern tools. Not saying we won’t, but you never know. You see that warbird I mentioned, after we figure out what happened to the crew, the Republic Navy will see to it that it becomes my bird to command. While we may be busy trying to assist Republic colonies to better stabilize themselves, we may also be out there, in the non-aligned territories, helping colonies that have claimed independence. Colonies that may run out of supplies, or tools that have become damaged beyond repair, maybe even a bit backwater because they were heavily reliant on the ‘tender love and care’ of the Romulan Star Empire. Whatever that may have been.” He smirked at that thought. “Point is, we will be helping a lot more of our people that just the ones here on New Romulus. How does that sound to you, Centurion?”

“A rank I have not heard for a long time” She admits and slowly nods, looking at the PADD. “Tell you what, I finish up here and get the transition done correctly without abandoning anyone or leaving them in their own fateful hands. Then I shall report to whatever ship you currently use to get to the abandoned ship. I do appreciate any information on the said ship’s mission if that is known….at least the region” Hakona brain was already there to figure out what kind of biological thing it could potentially be if there was any that could do such a thing. 

Saren smiled and pulled a padd out from inside his jacket to hand to her. “These are the details that we have so far. As I said, only long-range scans were conducted so we’re going in slightly blind. No idea if there are life signs. Singularity Core appears to be operational, but its condition is unknown. And it’s adrift in space that used to be claimed by the Romulan Star Empire but is now non-aligned or unclaimed at this time.” He then pointed at the information up top. “Come by the hangar bay attached to the command center at this date. We will be taking a Kestrel runabout to get there. Does that fit with your transition period?”

She gets the PADD and narrows her eyes, “A ship with a perfect working Singularity Core sounds like bait to me” Hakona didn’t mind stating her mind about it as she read the details. Nodding to the final comments “I should be done with that transition period by that date yes Commander” She looked back at him “I want to say looking forward to work with you, but only time will tell if that is true or not”

Saren chuckled. “That’s why the scout ship only conducted long-range scans.” He told her with a grin. “But it doesn’t necessarily say it’s perfect, just says it’s working. Safety measures are likely still in place but for how long? We won’t know until we get there.” He winked. “I’ll see you there, Centurion.” And with that, Saren turned around and made his exit.