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Profile Overview

Hakona Parau

Romulan Female

Character Information


Hakona Parau




Both experienced on ground and naval combat, Hakona has endured most challenges that crafted her path. But the biggest challenge was standing idle as her home world Romulus was destroyed. She is seen within the Romulan Republic as a defender of those who cannot do so. While she was an obedient soldier in the old days, she is now a woman who states her mind only if it could prevent another disaster like Romulus.

When trying to rebuild New Romulus and contribute her lifetime experience in medicine, she was asked to return to the Republic Navy as a Centurion. Being hesitant about the deal, she decided to accept it as a way to reach out and help other Romulans that lost their way.


Hakona is 1.72 meters in height and has a slender body with a weight of about 59 kg. Though her facial, she has no visible scars. She does have a prosthetic right leg from the height of her knee downwards. Her skin is a somewhat tanned one in comparison with her fellow Romulans. Her eyes are brown, though she does have visible eye damage in her left eye from one of her missions. This eye damage doesn’t affect her sight in her daily work. Hakona hair is long dark brown. Before the supernova, this was shoulder height short.



Hakona personality can be described as being a natural defender. She might show introverted behavior, but Hakona’s traits are known to be observant, showing a certain degree of empathy and judging.  Hakona is very efficient and responsible in her work, giving careful attention to practical details. Her strength lies mainly in being supportive, reliable, and hardworking. Hakona weakness is that she takes things very personally, repressing her feelings and sometimes overcommitted.


Hakona Parau was born in 2340 to a hardworking and caring family that mainly worked in the civilian branch. Living a mundane life throughout her youth, Hakona was taught that every life matters, no matter their personal opinion. She was a good student in school and showed great interest in the biological side that her tutor got her up to speed with. At the age of 18 years, Hakona developed her skills in the fundamentals that Romulans deem worthy of knowing. Such as science, art, history, literature, material arts, and more specifically, honor, religion, respect, duty, strength, and service to the Empire. She entered the Star Navy Academy with the dream of becoming a medical officer in service of the Empire. Her family was worried about this career prospect but supported her nonetheless. The academy takes her five years. The additional year is given to specialize in medical practice and how to perform it, ideally in the field.

She was assigned to the IRW Gekha, as a medical officer after her graduation in 2363. The IRW Gekha was a D’deridex-Class vessel that would serve the empire at Klingon Empire borders. The ship saw quite its skirmishes with the Klingons that would keep Hakona busy almost daily. Her performance was seen as acceptable by her Chief Medical Officer, and that made her earn some medals and accolades. After serving four years, she was transferred to the IRW Sekhu, a D’deridex-Class vessel, as their Assistant Medical Officer.

The IRW Sekhu traveled to the far east of the Empire to explore the sector for new potential resources and worlds that could benefit the empire’s growth. In these times, Hakona learned more exploration aspects of her work. Knowing what to expect on the frontier, dealing with sickness, and going on away team explorations. There was less fighting on the frontier, which gave Hakona time to accumulate a new hobby of meditation. She felt at peace if she could center her thoughts, and the bright stars they visited gave that life a certain serenity. Though, the journey ended in 2371 when the IRW Sekhu was ordered to give support to the Cardassian/Romulan task force against the Dominion. It was this fateful event that got Hakona to lose her right foot. While doing an emergency operation, the Sekhu got hit and blew most of the consoles within the sickbay. They barely made it back to Romulan space.

After gaining a prosthetic lower right leg/foot, she was reassigned to the IRW S’dev, a Ra’nodaire-Class, as her new Chief Medical Officer. The S’dev was not spared from rest, as it quickly became involved in the Dominion War. At first, it was more dormant, shown as strength at the Romulan borders as they had signed a non-aggression treaty with them. Hakona took her time to get used to her new job, but at the same time to her new supporting leg. She was somewhat still processing the traumatic event that had occurred to her and learned valuable lessons to listen and talk, even if it took time. 

Until the news broke that the Dominion had breached the cease-fire by killing one of the Romulan ambassadors. S’dev was pulled into the war in 2374 and joined on various hunts for the Romulans. Hakona pulled her weight as well as possible to keep the crew healthy and treat the wounded. But in times of war, she learned the hard way to prioritize those that have a chance to live and those that are beyond saving. She was seen by her command team as a shining example of efficiency and effective working, but she felt it was more a requirement than a way of working. S’dev was involved in 2375 in many raids and skirmishes against the Dominion, who showed their teeth quite often, and Hakona could tell for sure that these Dominion were fierce as the Klingons. At one skirmish, the S’dev was forced into an asteroid field with heavy damage on every deck. Hakona had to perform more than once operations and even on her Commander, who was severely injured after the bridge got hit. 

At the end of the Dominion war, Hakona got promoted to the rank of centurion for her countless acts of bravery and performance in medicine. She was reassigned to the IRV Shianev, D’deridex-Class vessel, as their Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer. The Shianev was a more defensive ship to patrol the Romulan Empire’s core star systems, so the only action it saw was pirates and rebellion on certain planets. Hakona was more involved in these times as a relief effort for medical aid to colonies and coordinator in specific medical refugee actions. Other than that, everything was good for her until…

The Shianev was involved with the evacuation of Romulus. A large and bulky ship as the Shianev could carry enough refugees at the same time. However, time was running out as the star soon went supernova. Hakona could only witness the horror unfolding before her. Her family was still there as Romulus was blown away. The Shianev barely made it out, but the crew was broken by the tremendous loss of their world. Within an eye blink, Hakona was forced to say goodbye to her family; it would take years to recover from that. After this turbulent event Hakona changed, something snapped, and she asked her Commander to stay behind at one of the refugee planets to give it proper aid. 

After the supernova, the Romulan Star Empire splits into multiple factions. Hakona finds herself on the ground of the Romulan Republic, giving her medical aid in the refugee camps and trying to provide where she can. Within herself, she was broken. She was not the same dedicated Romulan who was proud to serve the empire every day. Though her skills were noticed, she was offered a position in the Republic Navy a few times, but she refused every time. Until her former Commander from the Shianev came by her work and asked personally to come back. She accepted it and got assigned to the RRW Jarok. 

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2363 - 2367 Medical Officer IRW Gekha
2367 - 2371 Assistant Medical Officer IRW Sekhu
2371 - 2375 Chief Medical Officer IRW S’dev
2375 - 2387 Chief Medical Officer/Second Officer IRV Shianev
2387 - 2400 Field Doctor New Romulus
2400 - Present Chief Medical Officer RRW Jarok