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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

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Transporter Room, USS Denver
March 25, 2374 20:00
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As part of the skeleton crew Ensign Aoife McKenzie was filling in as transporter chief in addition to being the ship’s acting Chief Engineer. “The Yihoh is signaling they are ready for transport Master Chief.”

Robert Jeter stood off to the side and scrolled through his PADD examining the record of there new doctor. He wasn’t sure who thought up this exchange programme but he was pretty sure they were not in their right mind. “A Klingon doctor…” he muttered under his breath while he shook his head. Glancing up at Ensign Mackenzie he nodded, energize when ready.”

“Aye, initiating transporter cycle,” Aoife replied as her fingers danced over the console and the red and gold of a Klingon transporter cycle slowly morphed into blue and white as Denver’s transporter took over the rematerillization process.

Krull had his items put into storage aboard a small Klingon transport vessel which had been loaded with a few additional items of importance to his heritage and family, as well as a few other practical implements, though he still kept on him his father’s Bat’leth, his Mek’leth which hung at his side – and upon his shoulder sat his bird. This transport vessel had made its way slowly, though rather directly towards the Denver’s underbelly before the hail had been accepted. The vessel had a few additional items of importance to his heritage, as well as a few practical implements. 

The tall, and one-eyed Klingon warrior stood rigid as he was transported aboard the vessel, his hands behind his back. As he arrived, he looked to Aoife with naught but a short nod, the pyramidlike ridges on his skull being quite defined by the overhead lights. He then looked forth, seeking one of higher rank.

Jeter’s watched Krull in order to gauge his first reaction to arriving on the ship for a moment before stepping forward. “Dr.Qel’vek Krull I presume?” He said with a slight pause. “Welcome to the USS Denver, I am Master Chief Jeters. The Captain sends her apologies but she is current on shore leave. I have been asked to get you settled in.”

Krull looked over Jeter briefly, before taking a deep step forward, and slamming his opposite foot hard upon the ground, and then promptly against his chest “Qap’la!” the Klingon stated – though to a small extent he was disappointed with the lack of formal leadership present, he recognized the importance of a Master Chief. He nodded after that point, his features remaining firm. “I am.” – as he stated this, the bizarre looking alien bird on his shoulder levelled it’s eyeline to that of Jeter, almost as if sizing him up for dinner. 

Jeter’s nodded to Krull, “Good, would hate to have had the wrong person beam over. I was told your personal items are being shipped on a shuttle; it should be here in about 10 minutes.” He said while looking at the falcon on Krull’s shoulder. “Nice bird, I trust it is trained. I would hate to find its dropping everywhere.” 

“It is trained. For hunting. This ‘bird’ is the symbol of my House, and I will not have it be insulted” warned the Klingon with an almost low growl afterwards, his graveled tone hot with a low lying rage.

“Perfect,” Jeter’s said with a strong hint of annoyance in his voice as he rolled his eyes before exhaling deeply. He composed himself before continuing, “Now if you will follow me I can show you to your quarters and have your belongs delivered for you, unless you want to oversee it personally?” Jeter’s turned to Ensign McKenzie, “Would you be able to meet the shuttle? Make sure everything goes off without a hitch?”

Aoife nodded, “I can do that Chief.”

“I do not trust Starfleet to move the belongings of my House with the proper care needed…But, that is why I have taken the most important things with me. I intend to familiarize myself with the science and medical departments posthaste.” he nodded to that firmly, placing a hand on his Mek’leth to rest upon, observing the ship with an interested eye…It was strange to be aboard this vessel as a friend, and not as an enemy.

Jeter’s sighed inwardly, ‘Klingons!!’ he thought to himself with frustration. “Well, it’s your call. I can show you the facilities posthaste or you can unload your gear. either way Ensign McKenzie will be overseeing the unloading and transport from our side.” Jeter’s remarked without looking back at Krull as he stepped out of the transporter room.

“Good. Then I know who’s head I must take if I find anything broken,” he stated, locking his eye with Aoife, even if he was not serious – his face didn’t seem to portray joking.

“Come on Doc,” Aoife said resigned to the situation.   “The Chief Engineer wants the main computer fully recalibrated by the end of the day.” She technically outranked the COB, but as an ensign you generally didn’t brace the Master Chief.  He had the captain’s and XO’s ear, not to mention he was the most senior enlisted on the ship. If you wanted to get anything done you needed the crew for that, and by default you needed the COB to keep things moving smoothly.  Of course it didn’t help she started out as enlisted on this ship, and that respect for the man had been ingrained in her from the first hour she arrived,  and old habits were hard to break.

“jaH!” grunted the Klingon, taking forceful strides towards the medical bay, knocking shoulders with the Master Chief, as if he already knew the layout of the ship; which he infact did, unless there had recently been some major refitting – he was certainly not a foreigner to these sorts of vessels, though his experience was a more…Aggressive one, than what was happening now. 

Aoife looked watched Krull take off, glanced at Jeter and shrugged,  “I’m going back to work. He can figure things out his own.”

Jeter’s nodded towards Aoife his face clearly showing annoyance with the situation, “Let me know if there are any issues with the transport. I will get our new doctor down there shortly.” He watched Aoife turn and leave and smiled slight, ‘One of the few ensigns who actually shows respect; glad she took the commission,.’ he thought to himself before turning to Krull. “I assume you already know the way to the medical bay. Once we get there we can go get your things.” Jeter’s said with a hit of anger after Krull had knocked his shoulder.

Krull, indeed made his way to the medical bay promptly after that, with full intent to understand the Federation’s medical technology to it’s furthest extent, the fact that he had pushed past the Master Chief being one that had not even entered his mind – fresh from life on the brutalist Yihoh – he would soon have to adapt to Federation standards, though that may be a long walk ahead.