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Our inner fears

Council Office
August 14 2400
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The dim lights of the council’s office were nothing more but a rusty feature of an old station. Some junior councilors were busy with their session, but Arwa was in her office, sitting in her chair, leaning backward. Not talking, not moving, but staring at the PADD, she was holding in her right hand. An old rapport on the PADD spoke of an event in 2398 on the USS Kennedy. The ship had to endure the horrors of what wickedness could do, and it took months for Arwa to get it out of her crew system.

For months the USS Kennedy was near the Cardassian Union in conversations with various parties, representatives, and spokespeople to get the trade lines back between the Union and the Federation. But in 2398, Kennedy responded to a classic situation of a cry for help. The transport ship Victus was critically damaged and needed help very quickly. But when arriving at the scene, the enemy who assaulted the Victus was already gone, leaving the crippled ship afloat in space.

The Captain assembled an away team to move quickly to the Victus and begin medical and engineering operations to keep life support going. But what they saw on that ship when they beamed into it was not even for Arwa, something to be put in mere words. The transport ship had forged their transport papers from cargo transportation of goods to entire people transportation in the not-so-legal sense. Because of the unknown ship attack, the unlucky passengers of the Victus were on the receiving end of the brutality of space combat. 

Blown away from the mere mental shock that the away team had to endure, it was Arwa that requested immediate medical aid from the Kennedy. Then, the away team started to tag those critically injured, as the Captain of the Victus was arrested for illegal transportation without a proper license. Eventually, Starfleet sent in additional support for this operation.

The tension of the ship crew against the crew of the USS Kennedy was immense, as they both were gritting their teeth over what had happened at the Victus. Even though the records of spacial scans clearly showed that the Cardassian ship was the cause of the attack on the Victus, the situation on the ship itself made it a challenging case to deal with. The aftermath of that event made Arwa realize that not every soul can be saved from the own choices they produce over time and repeatedly fall into the same hole of temptation.  

Arwa shrugs as she places the PADD down. The PADD title stated, “Lieutenant el-Imam, you are at this moment requested to attend a holographic attention to the JAG case against the cargo ship Victus” The hatred built from within the crew of the Kennedy emotions against the crew of the Victus was immense. It was her responsibility to her Captain to keep them in line with a mental condition as good as possible. But the problem with this very case, with this same event, was that Arwa wanted to shove that Captain out of the airlock herself. It was unacceptable how that crew threatened these people, children were severely injured, and they were lucky that no lives were lost if they had occurred. 

Leaning forward, she sighed and began typing a message to her Captain about the court date. She was obligated to show, but needed time to mentally prepare for the face-off against the Victus Captain in that room. Her emotions were her biggest enemy, her inner frustration her biggest fear. Her testimony would be biased if she couldn’t hold a stand. With a single swipe up, the letter of absence due to JAG’s appearance was sent to her new Captain. This was not something she wanted to bother her new Captain with, but formality overruled her in this situation.