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Part of USS Daradax: Mission 3 – The Risian Connection

Risian Connection Chp 3 – Homecoming

USS Daradax - Risian System
August 2400
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8:30 – Bridge, USS Daradax

Lieutenant JG Thanen Th’zalnar sat in the command chair scrolling through the sensor feeds benign feed to the small display on the left armrest as the ship dropped out of warp into the outer edges of the Risian system. Without looking up he smiled and his antennae twitched with amusement as he knew others would think him crazy but he could always feel the slight change in the vibration of the ship’s engines just before the drop from warp.

As expected the sensors showed the system had a fair amount of traffic running from multiple large civilian pleasure cruisers no doubt bringing people to and from Risa as well as numerous smaller craft, some, well many, personal or from small operations, and multiple federations ships alongside the Anchorage-class starbase. Seeing an Akira hanging in orbit alongside an older Nebula and a massive Odessy he could help but admire the ships which were no doubt passing by and taking the opportunity to give their crews some shore leave on the fabled resort planet.

“Sir,” a voice said before him causing Thanen to look up from the display, “we have just received our flight path and orbital pattern from Risian flight control; ETA 45 minutes.” Belania sat at the flight control and eyed him with her always-present smile. 

Nodding, Thanen said, “Great, let’s take her in so we can enjoy some downtime before the Saint-Claire and the Heritage arrives in 2 days.” He stood and stretched. “Guess I should go notify the Captain and the others,” he said and turned and walked off the bridge.

As soon as he left Belania stopped trying to contain her excitement as she began to almost bounce in her chair she locked the flight path into the computer and the ship began to accelerate towards the planet. Smiling she taped her combadge, “Belania to Ril and Kerry, we are here, get ready for some beach time!”

9:30 – Observation Lounge, USS Daradax

Kirin sat in one of the chairs looking out the large observation windows at the stern of Daradax. She kept fiddling with the hem of the lightweight red dress she wore as she tried to keep her nerves in check. Even though she hadn’t been home for years and the distance and her last posting had strained her relationship with her dad; similar to her mother, she was excited to be back in orbit around the planet she was born on. Unlike her mother though who was very much like her and pushed with what she thought best, her dad didn’t push; possibly the Risian nature of his. She had been hesitant to message him as she had not made much effort to keep in touch and was willing to admit to herself that the strain in their relationship was her fault. At that thought, she let out a snort, ‘God, never would have admitted that even a couple of months ago,’ she thought.

Without surprise, her dad responded with nothing short of welcoming her with open arms and the promise of a proper Risian welcome home party for her and her crew. She shuddered thinking what that might entail given what she remembered from her years on the planet and her adventures in her misbegotten teen years.

Standing up she rolled her shoulders and looked at the slight reflection of herself in the mirror and let herself smile a little. It wasn’t often she got to wear a dress and she had to admit she did love them. At times she wished Starfleet would bring back the uniform dress from over a hundred years ago. She brushed her dress to smooth it out in places and did a little twist, allowing herself a moment of self-indulgence as the dress swished around her making her smile.

“Why Captain, never would have taken you for, well, being so girly.” came a voice from behind her, the smile clearly evident in the tone. Stepping up behind her she saw the reflection of Ril appear just over her shoulder. 

“I don’t always strut around in long jackets and tight leathers with disrupters Ril.” Kirin responded with a little laugh before turning to face the half-Klingon ensign. She looked at Ril, up and down and paused, “Your one to talk Ril. That dress is not too different than mine.” Ril just gave Kirin a wicked smiled and slung the duffle she held in her hand over her shoulder.

“I don’t think she can turn off the snarkiness Captain,” Belania said as she stepped out from behind Ril wearing a very colour ensemble which screamed Ferengi. “You look great by the way. Are you heading straight to your father’s?”

“Yeah, figure I should, it’s been a while,” Kirin said as the door opened and Thanen entered getting a frown from Ril.

“Thanen, why are you still in your uniform?” Belania asked. 

“I figured I would finish a couple of things up here and head down later,” Thanen said with a shrug. “Hot planets are my thing. But I can meet everyone later at the hotel.” 

“Anyone knows where Kerry is?” Ril asked. “Leave time is being wasted.”  

“She mentioned she had to finish writing a letter to the Doc she worked with on the USS Dvorak when I saw her earlier, Dr. Pimpinellifolia I think,”  Belania said. 

“The plant guy?” Ril started to say when Kerry entered catching everyone by surprise as they turned to look at them.

“What?” Kerry asked as she stopped just inside the doorway looking at herself to see if she had spilt something. 

Ril let out a laugh, “Just didn’t think you would walk in only in a Bikini and sarong Kerry; well and a large sun hat.” 

“It is a tropical resort planet, right? No point going down if I am not ready. I figure we drop the bags at the hotel room then right to the beach, why waste time.” Kerry said crossing her arms and giving Ril a look of annoyance though her cheeks reddened slightly.

“Fair enough though don’t feel like you have to Thanen,” Kirin said to him and he nodded. “The hotel is part of why I wanted to speak to all of you before we head down.” My dad is part of the management team for the Grand Risian Villas and he booked you each a room, so enjoy yourselves.” She paused and her face grew more serious, “But don’t embarrass this ship or else I will feed you the sharks in those waters. Now onto the important information. You are all invited to a party tonight at my dad’s house, I think, I will confirm and I apologise for it in advance.”

“For what? What does this party entail exactly?” Ril asked, ideas running through her head. 

“Honestly I am not sure, my dad can be well, a bit over the top so who knows,” Kirin remarked as her cheeks reddened slight, she had some guesses. “We are now locked in orbit so feel free to beam down when you like. Just keep your com badges on you at all times.”

With that Kerry smiled, “Yes Ma’am,” and promptly turned on her heels with Ril and Belania close behind her. As they entered the corridor beyond their excited conversation could be heard for a moment before the door closed.

Looking over at Thanen Kirin tilted her head and pursed her lips. “I know Andoria is cold but most Andoirans I know don’t mind the warmth and it isn’t much hotter than the ship at this time of year where we are going.”

Thanen sighed and let out a low laugh, “You caught me, Kirin. I do have a couple of things I wanted to sort out before I head down but it will only take an hour or so. Just figured it would be easier to do a bit of exploring myself before meeting up with the others. Never been before and wanted to see a few sites. I will lock the ship down before I leave.”

Kirin couldn’t help but laugh. “You have stared down Ril when she was angry and been in battle on a couple of occasions but you didn’t want to make the crew think you didn’t want to hang out on the beach with them?” Kirin stepped up to him and put her hand on his shoulder, “Your fret too much Thanen, enjoy your time exploring and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to.”

“Will do Kirin, I will see you tonight at the party,” Thanen said with a smile. “Enjoy the time with your family.”

With that Kirin nodded and walked past him towards the transporter and home, in a sense.

9:50 – Grand Risian Villas Lobby; Risa

Kerry, Ril and Belania walked into the lobby of a very fancy-looking hotel which had staff and visitors moving around in every direction. They looked at each other and each just mouthed, ‘WOW’ before a young Risian man came up to them. 

“Welcome to the Grand Risian Villas, what can I help you with?” he said.

“We are here to check in, our Captain said there are some rooms booked for us.” Belania said happily.

“You’re the crew of the Daradax under Captain Tarken I assume? We were told to expect you by Keuon. Please follow me. I will get show you to your rooms.” the young man said as he turned and left.

A few minutes later the three ensigns stepped off of the lift onto the 4th floor and followed the Risian to their villas. “All the Villas for your ship’s crew are together here,” he said gesturing to four doors at the end of the hallway which opened up into an atrium. “Each has a view of the beach and the lagoon beyond. The doors are linked directly to you so they will open for you. If you need anything, anything all at please let me or anyone else know. Enjoy your stay on Risa.”

The three of the ensigns looked at each other and smiled. “Five minutes and meet you back out here?” Belania said to which Kerry and Ril both agreed happily.

“Oh, Don’t forget your Horga’hn, Kerry” Ril said just before Kerry walked through her door causing Kerry to blush deeply and quickly close the door behind her.

Belania glared at Ril. “Don’t tease her. Besides weren’t you the talking about jamaharon the last few days.” Which caused Ril to let out a deep and happy laugh as went into her room.

10:15 – Tarken Homestead; Risa

Kirin materialized on the lawn in from of her father’s home. The first thing she felt was the warm breeze as it blew around her making her close her eyes and enjoy the feeling of it and the memories it brought back. 

“KIRIN!” a voice called from ahead of her and she opened her eyes to see her father, Keuon, standing on the porch before her with a large smile on his face. “About time you got here, your ship arrived in orbit almost an hour ago. What took you so long.”

Kirin smiled and let out a sigh, her whole body relaxing. She hadn’t realized how much stress she had been holding onto until this moment. “Dad, how are yo…” she started but was cut off as he took a few large steps and wrapped his arms around her cutting her off. After a moment he relaxed slightly and she was able to speak, “You don’t have to suffocate me.”

“So dramatic, little one,” he said and let her go and turned to the house. “Come inside, we have alot to catch up on and we need to get the party sorted still.”