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Part of Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

A Planet Where The Women Rule

Endeavour Bridge
May 17th Twenty One Fifty Seven
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Randle was on the bridge when the Endeavour had to avoid a Romulan patrol, when they entered the Alpha Grius system, and detected a Minshara class planet.

Scans showed a vibrant plant and animal life. More scans detected humanoid life signs as well. The captain ordered the comms to make contact. When the viewscreen was activated, a humanoid woman appeared. She said she was the ruler of the planet. She looked around the bridge, I guess she wasn’t used to see a starship make contact with their planet.

The captain decided that a landing party would go down to make contact. I immediately requested that I be on that party.

Ensign Joshua Randall

Endeavour Helm Officer