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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”


USS Mercy
August 11, 2400
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Deck 13, Transporter Room 1, 1500 Hours

Sorek entered transporter room 1 donned in an EV suit, the helmet tucked under his left arm.  On his belt was a hand phaser and a tricorder, a phaser rifle slung on his back.  The NCO at the control console jumped to parade rest.

“As you were, Petty Officer,” said Sorek.

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you have the coordinates for both beam down points?” said Sorek.

“Yes, sir.  All programmed in and ready to go.”

Sorek nodded.  Turning, he looked at the transporter platform.  This was his first time leading an away mission as an XO.  Through his career, as he rose through the ranks, Sorek had led teams, but this time was different.  Logically, he couldn’t explain why.  He wondered if an emotion was coming out.

Emotions.  Sorek wanted to sigh, but that wasn’t something he should do in front of the petty officer.  A memory he held for twenty-six years came to the surfaced.

When Sorek was nine, his maternal grandfather was killed in the Dominion War.  It devastated him and he cried for days.  His family kept him isolated for a time and he received more training in the ways of Kolinahr, but being so young, it was a difficult journey.  Even to this day, there were times Sorek needed more study and meditation.  He knew he was a competent officer.  He knew he earned this position.  What had touched his mind?  Why was he… feeling?  Pushing away those thoughts when the door opened, Sorek looked to see who had arrived.


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