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Part of Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

In Heaven

Endeavour NX-06, in orbit of Alpha Gruis I
Monday 16th May 2157
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“Captain’s star log May Sixteenth, Twenty-One-Fifty Seven. We arrived in the Alpha Gruis system two days later than planned because we had to evade a Romulan patrol. Preliminary scans of the system show the first planet is Minshara class. Probes have been sent to the other planets in the system while we prepare survey teams.”

Standing in his ready room, staring out of the viewport at the lush green planet below, Campbell smiled for once. This felt like a real chance to do some exploring while the crew carried out its survey of the planet. Campbell had ordered Randall to place them in a low orbit to avoid them being detected by any Romulan vessels. He wanted to get in, get their survey complete and out before having to deal with any Romulans. 

Campbell was giddy like a child on Christmas day unwrapping presents. He hadn’t felt this excited for a long time; he couldn’t remember the last time he had the chance to do something without having to order the ship to tactical alert. As such, he had already decided he would be on the first shuttlepod down. 

His door chime went off, and he looked over his shoulder after confirming his visitor to come in. Walking in with a tablet clutched in his hands was Doctor Branson. The young doctor was settling in well, and Campbell found their shared Scottish heritage something they enjoyed sharing and talking about. “Ed, everything all okay?”

“Aye, sir,” Branson replied as he handed the tablet over, “I’ve just reviewed the preliminary scans that Commander Leonav has done of Alpha Gruis One.”

Pleased to hear that, Campbell took the device and started skim-reading it, “And?” He asked, wanting his chief medical officer to give him the news.

“There appear to be no bio-toxins, nasty microbes or anything else that appears dangerous to us. I’m giving the survey mission the green light for the crew to visit the planet.” Branson answered with a smirk.

“Excellent, thank you, Ed,” Campbell said as he gestured for him to take a seat. “Anything down there that piques your interest?” He asked as the doctor sat in the armchair opposite his desk. 

“Nothing directly; however, those beaches in the northern hemisphere almost remind me of Newquay. Those waves look high enough to enjoy!” Before he realised he wasn’t being very scientific or professional, Branson changed his tone and added more to his remark. “Obviously, if I were an oceanographer, it would be fascinating to observe.”

Campbell chuckled, “It’s okay, Ed, we’re allowed to enjoy ourselves a bit.” He picked up another tablet and typed Branon’s name to the first survey team. “There, you’re joining me, Joshua, Shu, Monica and Ant on the initial team.”

“Thank you, sir, but is Commander Leonov not joining us? Or Fynn?” Branson said, grateful for the captain allowing him to be with them. 

“Katya will remain on board to conduct further, more detailed scans from orbit while the MACOs will come down in the following groups to help with surveying and securing the site for the new listening post,” Campbell answered. “I don’t think Fynn will be happy when he hears I’ve gone without him!”

Branson now laughed and asked his captain if there was anything else he needed. After shaking his head, Campbell replied with a simple ‘no’. 

“Let me go pack my gear then, and I’ll see you in the hanger bay, sir,” Branson stated.

Nodding to him, Campbell smiled as the doctor got up and left his office. Standing back up, he looked out of the viewport again, and his grin grew. He was really ready for this change in scenery.