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Part of Eos Station: Mission 0: Ready Set Go …

It is not that bad…right?

Arrival at Eos Station
August 2400
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The travel was bumpy, and the passenger area was basically empty, yet a woman was sitting there as she stroked her hair over her ear while reading something on her padd. She was catching up on all the personnel of this base. It was a bunch of troubled-minded people. People with various backgrounds, specific weights on their shoulders, and bad choices reflected on their day-to-day operational function. 

A soft smile appeared on her face as she laid down the padd and looked out the transport window, seeing how the ship was still in the warp. The Captain of the Kennedy could not quite understand why she accepted the call out for a Counselor in a remote location that was in the demise and despair of repairs and updates. But it was not so much the station condition that made it appealing for her to go there. It was the people that were so mixed that appealed to her. Finally, she admitted to her former Captain that Kennedy was in fine and stable condition. She did not worry about it. 

“Arrival at Eos Station, please bare for drop out of warp,” the announcement came as Arwa sat back in her chair as the transport vessel dropped out of warp. The ship slides into the controlled space of Eos Station as the station comes into view for Arwa. Her eyes looked at it and saw the station’s condition. “They were not joking about the demise condition of this place….” She muttered to herself.

The ship gained permission to dock as it made its landing approach. Arwa grabbed her bag and walked to the docking port waiting for the magical sound of approved docking. The green light lit up as the door slides open, making her move forward to the checking area. While walking, she observed the people around her, Starfleet Officers tense, agitated, or frustrated. She didn’t even arrive yet at the checking in and heard people already complaining about being sent to such a location as this “Name and position” a voice came up suddenly as Arwa snapped back to attention.

“Arwa el-Imam, Head Counselor,” She said with a soft smile to the Security Officer, that looked bored down at his console. She waits a few minutes until Arwa shrugs a bit. “There a problem, Ensign?” The man looked at her and ignored her, only to look back down at the console. Arwa started to tap her feet on the ground as she wanted to say something about it. “You are good to go, Lieutenant el-Imam. Enjoy your stay at Eos Station” The Security Officer waved her to the side so the next person could go to him. Taking a breather as she would deal with him at the last moment because, eventually, he had to report to her for an evaluation.

She entered the main area and stopped there, looking around and seeing how lively it was. It may not be fully operational by Starfleet, but locals had already made it their home, and she smiled, letting this be the cool down she needed from her earlier interaction. “Welcome to Eos Station Arwa…we got work to do,” She mutters to herself.