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Earning the Drink

Eos Station - The Scottish Tap
8.12.2400 @ 1900
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Longfellow had closed sickbay and had limped to his quarters.  His uniform was caked in dirt, dust, and whatever else he had managed to scrape off the floors, walls, beds – everything from one end to the other…and he still wasn’t finished.  He had found ten broken medical tricorders and two mildly working ones.  PADDs were nonexistent, so he’d had to scrounge around to get at least one.  The list he had send to the Chief Engineer had started small and then he had simply given up trying to limit his needs, so the list filled ten pages of his PADD before he finally sent it off, knowing there would be more lists to come in time.

The sonic shower in his quarters did work, and he was thankful that it did.  He spent a half hour washing the grime and work off his body, slipping into an off-duty tunic and pants.  He’d heard a bar location had opened up with a legitimate Master Sommelier.  The place was called The Scottish Tap, and while Henry had never been a heavy drinker or a social drinker…he had always recognized the importance of rewarding oneself after doing a particularly long and heavy-filled day of duty on duty.

He walked in the doors and looked around.

Haggis had been busy from the beginning of his time on Eos. This station was old, and his business area was a complete mess, but with some hours of sweat, he had changed that around and made the brand that of his chain.

He had worked for hours transporting his alcohol into the area and getting his displays set. The job was easier, with some of his transport workers helping him get things set up. Haggis had been in this business for years, and with all his locations, somehow, people had heard of him. 

Finally, after the hard work, he opened officially for the first time. He lit a cigar and sat relaxed behind the bar with a glass of scotch. He heard a chime and stood up with a huge grin on his face. 

“Welcome tae th’ scottish tap friend! Is thare anyway ah kin hulp ye wit th’day?“ He said quite boisterously. 

Longfellow felt a small smile drift across his tired face as he walked to the bar and pushed himself up on a stool, “Something smooth and light…not strong enough to knock me out but even enough to sit and sip while I reflect on the day I had.”

Haggis nodded and immediately grabbed the bottle behind him of Baileys Irish Cream and poured it into a glass before handing it to the newcomer. “’ere ye go let me know whit ye think o’ this.” he said as he tossed his now unlit and spent cigar into the tray on the bar.

Henry accepted the glass and took a slow sip.  It warmed him and reminded him of days spent on ranches in Montana.  He lifted the glass in thanks, “This is what I needed.”  He gestured at the cigar, “You have any experience in those as well?  Been a while since I had myself a solid stogie.”

Haggis smirked and bent under the counter to return with a box of cigars. He opened the box and produced one of the cigars. A Padron 1964 Anniversary Series. “This be yin o’ th’ best.” He smiled and cut the tip of the cigar before handing it to the man and motioning for him to light it and try it out

The doctor accepted the cigar and deftly lit it as if he’d been doing it for years.  Which, in truth, he had.  His younger days had involved the things, and he’d drifted away as he’d become a medical practitioner.  He took a soft pull and enjoyed the aroma as the feelings of yesteryear floated in the back of his mind.  He knew he couldn’t make this a habit as he had in his younger days, but it felt good to sip on a drink and enjoy a smoke in the downtime.  “That is a beautiful thing.”  He gave the man a nod of thanks, “What brought you all the way out here with us misfit toys, anyway?”

Haggis smiled “Ah wis wanting tae mak’ sure  everybody gets th’ guid stuff” He motioned to his bar and all that was in it. He took another puff of the cigar and motioned to the man’s glass to fill it again. 

Henry was tempted to push the limits, but he was old enough to know that his grief would gladly have refilled the glass.  He gave a wave of thanks, “One was enough for tonight, I think.”  He held up the cigar, “This…this I might come back for every night.  Well worth it.”  He lay the cigar down, “I think I’d best retire for the night.  There’s much work to be done in sickbay still…and these tired bones need rest.”

Haggis nodded “Thay wull be ‘ere! hae a great nicht!” He said as he led the newfound customer back out the door handing him a cigar for the road. He prided himself in doing the best for his customers and this was one way he did just that.