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Part of USS Daradax: Mission 3 – The Risian Connection

Risian Connection Chp 2 – New and Unexpected Orders

USS Daradax
Late July 2400
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21:00 – Kirin Tarken’s QuartersThe USS Daradax continued on its way towards Starbase Bravo after the departure of the USS Scimitar the day before.Kirin sat in her room on the sofa following a rather uneventful day. After a rather energetic sparing match earlier in the day on the holodeck, she finally got around to finishing her complete mission report since the Daradax had entered the former Romulan Star Empire. It had been a trick to capture the final month or so of the deployment without any of her annoyance at how Captain Terilance of the Scimitar had dismissed them, especially her, and ignored more of the common pleasantries one would expect between two ships working together. But with it finished she was able to catch up with several other outstanding messages, such as the rather scathing one from her mother aboard the USS Stormfront; who was not impressed with her lack of communication after she had been kidnapped and almost died.She ran her hands through her hair and began to massage her temples as her ever resent headache slowly built towards more than an annoyance. ‘I should head to bed…’ she thought to her, ‘An early night will help this headache and we will be at Bravo soon enough for orders…shower first…’ Turning to her bedroom she stepped inside and closed the door.21:00 – Observation Lounge“HE SAID WHAT TO YOU!?” Rill exclaimed loudly as she sat up sharply and then burst out laughing. “Wou…HAHAHAHA…ld, HAHAHHAA, you care to Join!? She stammered between laughs, “I wish I had been there to see his face when he realized how it came across…,” she paused for a second and looked a Kerry a wicked grin appearing on her face, “…where you tempted? I bet you thought about it; who wouldn’t.”Kerry and Belania sat with Ril, their chairs in a circle around a small coffee table which held had a board game laid out on the table.Belania chucked at both the story Kerry had just told them and also at Ril’s response. “Give her a break Ril,” Belania said when Kerry’s face went bright red. She reach down and took a sip of the millipede juice and rolled the dice and moved her character, “I’m sure it was only a passing thought or two,” she added with a sly smile and giggle. “You go Kerry.”Kerry sighed, the blush still very evident, “I never should have told you two. It was just a silly slip and of course, he meant dinner.” she said. “And dinner was nice, it was good, nice to talk to Thanen, he is usually so focused on work and quiet.” She reached for her drink and took a sip as she felt her cheeks heat up again. Both Ril and Belania just smiled at her, “You were here you saw that it was just two people eating, I don’t know why you are making such a big deal out of it.” Kerry continued.“Ok, ok,” Ril said as Kerry rolled the dice and moved her piece around the board. “You are just so quiet at times Kerry and this was just a new side of you. Had to tease you a bit.”“Ok fine, but let’s leave it ok”, Kerry said with a smile. She was increasing enjoying her time with both Ril and Belania. Neither was what she had expected and found she was comfortable being herself around them which was rare.  “So any idea what our new orders will be? Think we will go back and survey Sector Fero Psi or somewhere else?”Belania shrugged, “Who knows. I am sure we will find out soon. We should be back at Bravo tomorrow evening and the fleet command will likely have something lined up for us.”“Maybe,” said Ril, “This mission turned out to be a bit more than anyone of us expected”, her hand absently rubbed her side where she had been shot. “I suspect that we will get something along the lines of a survey or come courier duty.” she mused. “I never thought I would say this but a quiet mission would be nice. I would happily get back into the thick of it but not right away.”“That’s fair to say Ril, that was a nasty hit you took. Your lucky to be alive.” Kerry said and Belania nodded in agreement. “I’ll drink to that,” Ril said and held up her drink as the others did the same. “Who’s turn is it by the way?”21:00 – Engineering Thanen leaned back on one of the chairs in the engineering room and read through the novel he had on his PADD. Some would find it strange that he would spend his downtime in engineering but he found the hum of the warp core relaxing.  As he read his mind wandered to the embarrassment he felt the night before. He hadn’t even realized what he had said until it had happened but he was glad that it was in the past and they had a nice discussion over food and then joined Ril and Belania for some board gaming. “Never would have taken Ril to be oppressed with board games,” he muttered to himself.He continued to read and lost track of time until the console beside him chimed that there was an incoming high-priority message for command addressed to himself and Kirin.“Must be our new orders,” he said as he stood up and turned to leave. ‘Best let her know.’21:45 – Kirin Tarken’s QuartersKirin stepped out of her bedroom in her pyjamas with her fuzzy robe wrapped around her just as her door chimed. “Enter,” she said as she adjusted her robe to make sure she was presentable. ‘Goodbye sleep….’The door opened and Thanen poked his head in, “Sorry to bother you, Captain but we had a high-priority message come through just a couple of minutes ago addressed to the two of us. New orders I suspect.” he said.Kirin smiled, and gestured to the sofa, “Grab a seat.” she said. “I won’t lie Thanen I had been about to go to bed, as you likely figured out, but best hear what they are.”She grabbed a seat on the sofa and opened the small computer on the table. Seeing the message she opened it and projected it onto the holo screen above the table.  The image of a Lieutenant Commander appeared before them.

Greetings Lieutenant Commander Tarken and Lieutenant JG Th’zalnar. I saw that your after-action report for the entire mission in the Kunhri system was received today, it will be reviewed shortly. Fleet Command also wanted to congratulate you and your crew on a job well done regarding the Romulan bio-weapon. Keep up the good work. The USS Daradax is being ordered to Risa, you are to rendezvous with the civilian transport, the SS Heritage which is en route. They are transporting a scientist by the name of Doctor Helen Saint-Claire. Once she is on board you are to escort her to Deep Space 9 with all haste.It is likely that you will have several days on Risa before the SS Heritage arrives if you change course immediately. Enjoy but be ready for her arrival.Fleet Out.

The image was replaced with the logo for the Fourth Fleet. Kirin frowned slightly, “Hmmm…looks like we are going to Risa then.” She turned to Thanen. “Can you change course and notify the others? I suspect they are in the lounge at this time.”“Can do,” Thanen said as he stood and took a step towards the door before turning back. “A break on Risa could be good for several of them. I know Ril’s wound has healed but shore leave would benefit her and the others.”“Your likely right Thanen. Let’s see how much time we have when we arrive. Let’s send the Heritage a message to confirm their arrival date and we can go from there.” Kirin said as she stood straightening her robe.“I will do that now. Have a good night,” he said and then left.“Well, I guess I should message my dad if I am going home….” Kirin said as she sat down at her desk.