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Science Department
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The science department had its lights dimmed as the graveyard shift just started. Normal operations would mean that at least two or three officers would be present at the department. But for a Steamrunner-class such as the Altai, one was enough to uphold the fort. In one of the offices, a single light was present, a desk light to be more specific. There Katsu was sitting, looking at the latest astronomical scans, when the Altai entered the desolate area of unending floating rocks, gaseous clouds, and rogue planetoids. 

Letting out a sigh of relief, Katsu wouldn’t deny how much she embraced the isolation from social interaction. But, of course, she had her deans to thank for this assignment. They knew that big ships, starbases, or even colonies would be too tense for her to handle. Katsu had on a different screen the specification of the Altai and looked at it for a second “Complement of 120 souls, mmm I am one of them,” She mutters with a soft smile on her face. The Altai had another plus. In her opinion, it was assigned to the vast unknown to do simple patrols close to the Breen Confederacy. They were going to check out some random outpost because it had become active. 

She did shrug a bit. Eventually, even though she is not an engineer, she would be required to go towards that outpost and check for any anomaly or see what the scientific reports indicated. It would mean that she had to work with an away team and their endless questions like what happened at the academy. Leaning back in her chair, she looked at the ceiling and listened to the beeping sounds of the analyzing equipment and computer calculating. This assignment was heaven for her; she would do anything to keep it like this. 

Her eyes shifted back to the screen where the Altai was on and remembered a quote from her teacher “What will you do when they recommend you for a higher position Oka? Your work will not go unnoticed, and you will get attention even though you do not desire it. But as you said, leaving the academy was like walking away from your dream. So start slow, but bear in mind it might go quick suddenly, and people might require more from you than you can handle.” Oka shrugs. Her teacher was correct but for her to openly talk about careers and future goals was not something she could easily do, especially with no Chief Science onboard the Altai. Would the Captain leave her in the comfort bubble she was in already, or pop it and drag her into the reality they all had to face. 

A beep broke her train of thought as she looked at the other screen and saw that the results were in. She nodded to the data and started creating a report for the command team. But, of course, there was still much to worry about. Later she could worry about silly things like social interaction.