USS Altai: The Other Side of Us

A place to write stories chronicling our characters' past lives and experiences.

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The Altai is far from the usual Starfleet assignment, and it’s an unlikely bunch who have ended up serving aboard her. Some fresh from the Academy, some seasoned, some with stories they’d rather not divulge; this is where we can explore the pasts of those consigned to this remote backwater.

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27 August 2022

Meeting of the Minds

USS Altai: The Other Side of Us

Lisald stepped into Science Bay 3, the Natural Sciences and Planetary Science Lab, which was the third stop of five on getting to know his department, the people in it, their qualifications and capabilities, and really, just getting to know the layout of the USS Altai. Its design and configuration [...]

20 August 2022

Vast unknown, perfect introvert hideout

USS Altai: The Other Side of Us

The science department had its lights dimmed as the graveyard shift just started. Normal operations would mean that at least two or three officers would be present at the department. But for a Steamrunner-class such as the Altai, one was enough to uphold the fort. In one of the offices, a single [...]

27 February 2022

Battle of Fortel

USS Altai: The Other Side of Us

[Fortel Colony – July 5, 2396] Fortel Colony was only a few light years from the old Romulan Neutral Zone. With the fall of the old Romulan Empire rouge factions sprang up vying for power in their respective regions, and old territorial claims would threaten the peace of those living in their [...]

27 February 2022

A Commission

USS Altai: The Other Side of Us

[Starfleet Academy – May 15, 2397] Astrid stood in the mirror, her gold uniform recently pressed. She’d spent and inordinate amount of time doing her makeup and chocolate brunette hair. She touched the Petty Officer 1st Class insignia on her collar before removing it and setting it carefully on [...]