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According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution

Shuttle Craft Paulson
August 8th, 2400
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From near the back of the craft, Robert glanced up from his PADD. Sure there were better ways for the Commanding Officer to travel to his assignment, but this was the fastest. Or, so he told himself. Robert leaned back as far as he could in his chair; Eos wasn’t his first choice. Hell, Eos wasn’t even on his list. However, he’d spent the better part of four years attempting to get his Captain’s rank back. So if Starfleet gave him Eos, then he took it. 

He looked to the man traveling next to him, “business on the station, or traveling through?”

Haggis had been quiet for most of the trip, which was rare given his nature, but he had been traveling for days to get to his destination and was exhausted. Eos was not an easy place to get to. In fact, from any research, he could find it seemed to be a forgotten relic of a time long past. His thoughts were interrupted by the man next to him 

“Definitely nae buzz especially nae at eos. A’m heading thare fur business. Whit aboot yersel’?” He said in a thick Scottish accent, something he seemed to never be able to shake.

Robert listened for a bit, truthfully he was having trouble understanding the man. He hadn’t heard an accent that thick in some time. ”I would like to say traveling through however fate I am sure will keep me there longer than I would like it to.“ Robert chuckled, ”fate seems to get her way lately. I heard it said life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.“

He gestured out the window, I keep making plans, but life tends to get in the way.”

Haggis nodded “Life seems tae dae that tae even th’ best o’ us. Fate is a pure nasty mistress thay say, bit her lessons seem tae steer us oan th’ richt path.“ Haggis smiled trying to encourage the man next to him

Robert nodded, “four years ago I never could have thought that Eos was on the horizon but,” he nodded, “here we both are.” Robert couldn’t help but continue to think about the accent, and now he really wanted to know what the man’s business was on the station. How did this Scottish man fit into his future? Was he an Officer? A Civilian? Or worse, some sort of Ambassador? He wasn’t about to ask, not yet. 

Haggis just smiled at the comment. Though he wasn’t sure who the man was, he knew that if he were headed to Eos, he would probably deal with them if not in the selling of alcohol, but in the day-to-day operations of a space station. He knew, at times, it was best not to ask questions that could cause issues, and such a question could do just that. Haggis had put a lot into the starting of this store, and the amount of alcohol being shipped there would make most people have wide eyes. 

He looked back at the man and extended his hand “Th’ name is Haggis McCreery.”

Robert returned the gesture with a firm reply, “Robert Abernathy, most of my friends just call me Abe.”  As he snapped his fingers, Robert looked at the man for a bit, “The Scottish Tap.”  He smiled, “I remember seeing this face on the news a while back, something about a new location for your business. A branching out..” he stopped, “don’t tell me that is the adventure that awaits you on Eos?”

Haggis nodded “Yer gey observant indeed a’m setting up a freish business oan eos. Nae ferr sure whit th’ Captain o’ th’ station wull say.” He said seeing if his new friend knows anything about the Captain.

Robert took off his glasses as he rubbed his temples, “I don’t think the Captain will be much of a problem for ya. Robert wasn’t sure if he should tell the man who he was or just live in the moment and allow time to take its course. Robert was almost ready to reply when a voice from behind him interrupted his mental thoughts. 

“Excuse me, Sirs,” the young Officer nodded, “Captain, we are almost ready to begin our docking procedures with Eos Station. Chief of Operations Miller has already sent someone down to meet us and is ready to begin your tour.” 

Robert smiled, “like I said, the Captain shouldn’t have too much of a problem,” he looked to Haggis. “Tell Chief Miller to forgo his plans,” Robert looked to the Officer, “I’d like to get settled in and walk my new friend here to his establishment. I’ll get to Ops when I am ready.”

Haggis grinned as he had assumed there was more to this man than had been revealed. “Sae yer th’ captain, weel ah woul be honored tae hae yer escort.” He pulled out two cigars and offered the Captain one. 

“How aboot joining me captain?” he said grinning even bigger.

“Not sure it’s within the rules,” Robert took the offered item and grinned, “but I haven’t reported for duty yet either.”  He did enjoy a good cigar every now and then. Robert watched as the pilot docked with the station, and the all-clear was given to depart. Robert popped the cigar into his mouth and gestured to the door, “after you, my friend.”

Haggis smiled and exited the shuttle lighting up the cigar and handed the lighter to Robert as he took a long puff from the cigar. “Whit dae ye think mah friend?” 

“I think this will be an interesting assignment,” Rob looked around the station. It certainly wasn’t the best, nor the most modern but he had to call this one home. “As long as your establishment is open often, I think this will be a good station.”

Haggis grabbed the PADD with his schedule and gave it to his newfound friend. The schedule was for his regular hours, but it also included hours for senior officers only so they could spend time away from the others when they need a break.

“I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship,” Robert smiled, the cigar hanging out of his mouth. He looked at the schedule, “definitely going to have to check this out,” he made a mental note. “Sadly, I am afraid I can’t stay here too long. Someone is bound to come looking for me. Sort of required to check in immediately.”  He smiled. 

Haggis nodded and shook the Captain’s hand. He handed him another Cigar from his pocket and with a struggling breath from his accent, he tried to speak normally. “It’s ok Cap’n your always welcome at the Tap.” He smiled and pulled out another schedule giving it to the Captain “Also keep this one Cap it’s yours.”

Rob found the accent a bit thick, he was surprised the universal translator hadn’t filtered some of that out. It was perhaps the strongest accent he’d heard in some time. Nevertheless, Rob knew the kindhearted gesture and took the offer cigar, tucking it into a pocket. It was going to be hard to explain this to a Security Officer, but perhaps being the Commanding Officer had its perks. 

“Mister Haggis, when I get settled in and things resemble a normal life, you and I will have to check out one of these establishments for a dinner,” Rob nodded. “In the mean time, I think my greeting party found me,” he gestured to the Officer standing just outside Haggis’ place.