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A New Arrival

Eos Station
August 2400
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Granth stood up from his seat as the runabout neared Eos Station, his case of tools in one hand, his personal belongings in the other. He peered quietly over the pilot’s shoulders at the controls. The pilot gave him a cautious warning glare. Granth smiled sheepishly and stepped back. He wasn’t surprised the little incident of him crashing a runabout into a station was known. Heck, it was likely used as a teaching example in the academy now. 

He studied the profile of the station as it came closer. He pursed his lips with a small frown. Already he could just tell he had a lot of work to do. Engineer’s gut feeling and all. 

A lot of younger folks would apply to more central stations and Eos was far from ideal for them. It wasn’t glamorous or luxurious and quite remote. It was tun down and old, barely funtional. Which is exactly what Granth wanted. A little remote, a bit quite and constantly busy for some time.

The runabout slowed to impulse and started the docking procedure. Granth waved at and thanked the pilot, stepped out into the station.

He immediately winced at disrepair he saw. Engineer’s gut was right. This was home for the next forseeable future. He liked it.