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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

Bed Conversations

Guest Quarters- Starbase Bravo
Aug. 10, 2400 0800
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Dougal lay next to her in bed sleeping.   Aimee admired her husband’s bare chest and muscular arms.  The big Scotsman had several scars aquired over the years as a security officer in Starfleet.   One particular ran from his right shoulder down to his navel.  

She had offered to use a dermal regenerator to heal it but he turned her down. “Nay, lass. It’s a wee reminder of what happens when ye let yer guard down,” he had told her. Aimee didn’t know about all that, but she secretly found it sexy.  Exactly why she didn’t know. Maybe it was because so few people had imperfections like this, or maybe it was such a manly thing.

They had been on Starbase Bravo for two weeks now following the destruction of her old ship the USS Zebulon Pike. The little Raven-class had been her home and she was sad to have seen it go, but it had been its sacrifice that got them home.  

Now that the investigation was complete the crew of the Pike had been cleared of any wrongdoing and they were now availablefor reassignment.  Ethan Talon, her brother and former CO, had chosen to take an extended leave to return to Tera Alpha to raise his family.   As for her… she hadn’t decided.

Aimee knew Dougal would follow her wherever she went.  In a year and a half she had served on three ships.  Was she really keen on going to a fourth?

“What are you thinking mo chridhe?” Dougal asked.

Aimee leaned over and kissed him and sat back. “Nothing really.   Just thinking about you, Ethan, and our future.”

“Aye. I ken ye were thinking about me lass.  You had that weird little smile you get when ye are.”

Aimee playfully slapped his shoulder.  Dougal feigned pain like she had just stabbed him with a kitchen knife. “Oh that didn’t!” She chided. “I know you better than that Dougal James Stewart MacDonald.”

Dougal laughed and he took her hand into his and kissed the back of it, “Wee bissom.”

She slapped his bare chest good that time leaving a light pink mark.  “Call me a bissom.”

“Aye ye are,” he insisted.

Aimee huffed, “Next you’ll be calling me a sassanach too.”

A grin spread across his face, “If the shoe fits.”

“My grandmother came from Ireland.  I’m at least half Celt and no English.”

Dougal conceded,  “Aye you are no an English lassie,  but ye are an outlander which is one definition.”

Aimee sighed. She enjoyed playful banter,  but only for so long and slid out of bed. “Let me guess you want oatmeal for breakfast?”

“Nay.  I am not hungry.  I will take a tea though.”

Aimee rolled her eyes, “You need to eat something.” Approaching the replicator she ordered two bagels with cream cheese, Dougal’s tea, and a black coffee for herself.

Returning to the bed with the tray she sat down next to her husband a they shared a meal making small talk about the day.  Aimee wished they weren’t on Starbase Bravo.  Maybe they could rent a holo suite and find a mountain or beach to visit later.

The buzz of a PADD indicating a new message broke the couple from their conversation.   Dougal picked it up from the nightstand and handed it to her without even looking at it.

“Thanks,” she said accepting the PADD. She scrolled through the information in silence.  After a moment she set the PADD down. “I have an assignment.”

“Oh aye?”

“Chief Medical Officer,  USS Mercy.  You were not assigned with me.”

Dougal nodded, “Aye well, we kent that could be a possibility. I could resign my commission.”

“And do what?  Tend bar at the lounge?  Don’t be ridiculous.   Maybe I can talk to the captain and get you a spot.”

“Aye well. It’s worth a try.”

Aimee nodded, “It is.”