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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

The Doctors

USS Mercy
August 10th, 2400
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USS Mercy – Shuttle Bay  – 0915

It was a quick trip from Starbase Bravo to USS Mercy. The shuttle carrying various medical supplies slipped under the hull of the Olympic-class starship and made a wide sweeping loop and gave it an approach from aft where the shuttle bay door was already open and waiting for them.

The shuttle slowed and as the nose started to breach the force field tractor beams took over and guided the little auxiliary craft into a landing.  The shuttle sat silent for a moment before the locks to the aft hatch clunked and the ramp lowered to the deck to reveal Aimee standing there.  

Walking down the ramp a group of operations crew pushed by her and started to unload the shuttle while a security officer approached wearing gold and chief Petty officer insignia. “Name and orders ma’am?”

“Lieutenant Aimee San… MacDonald.” She had been about to give him her maiden name.  Still feels weird to say ‘Mrs. MacDonald’, she thought to herself inwardly laughing at her gaff.  “Uh… Chief Medical Officer,” she added aloud for the benefit of the Chief Petty Officer. 

He consulted his PADD and confirmed her identity with a quick tricorder scan.  “Welcome to the Mercy Doctor.”

“Thanks, Chief,” Aimee replied with a smile. She adjusted the strap on her bag and headed for the exit.

“Uh ma’am,” the NCO shouted back at her.  “Says here that the Captain wishes to see you.”

She stopped and looked back, “Did he now? Well, that’s good. I want to see him as well. Good day Chief.”

“Good day Doctor.”

USS Mercy – Ready Room  – 0930

Halsey had finished his meeting with his first officer a few moments ago when the door chime sounded once more.  He glanced at his PADD.  He’d asked the Chief Medical Officer to check in with him when she’d boarded.  He’d read her file with fascination – it had been one of the few files that had transferred correctly.  He was both amused and annoyed at technology.  He had wondered how the first day would go with meetings and he decided he was just getting started.  “Come on in.”

Aimee entered the ready room.  She stood before Halsey in loose attention still haven’t gotten used to being back in “normal” fleet service.   Though,  she suspected doctor to doctor that her new CO probably wasn’t as hung up on protocol as others out there. “Reporting as ordered sir.”

Leopold gestured to the chair, “Anything to drink?”

“No thank you.  I am good,” she replied sitting in the chair across from the captain. 

They both looked at each other carefully, and the captain broke the ice, “I was glad to see your name on my shortlist, Doctor.  Your file is an interesting collection of skills.”

“Interesting sir?” That statement could only mean one thing: her service aboard the Pike as the team’s combat medic and sometimes sniper.  A role she had been more or less forced into considering they were perpetually short-handed.

Halsey allowed a small smile, “Every officer has a story, but some stories have more color to them.  You mostly served on medical frigates like this one until you found your way to the Zebulan Pike.  I heard a few stories of that crew here and there.  Words like ‘badass’ and ‘no nonsense’ were tossed around.”  He took a sip from his drink, “And now you’re back to a medical frigate.  Why the Pike?  And why back to,” he gestured around the room, ‘…this?”

She gave Halsey a moment of consideration.  To be honest she wasn’t exactly sure how to answer him.  Most of what she had done was classified, the fact that he knew anything was either a concern or he had clearance that she wouldn’t have expected him to have. 

Shrugging, “Orders.  I joined the Pike because my brother needed help, and now I’m here because Starfleet Medical said you needed help.  My specialty is in Obstetrics and Family Medicine.   I wanted to bring life into this universe and see it grown, not snuff it out.  This… a medical frigate is more my style.”

The captain understood, “I always wanted to come back to an Olympic.  There’s something sacred about what happens on these ships.   The style of this ship is much in line with your own style.”  He tapped at his PADD, “I’m confident you’re going to find what you need here, Dr. MacDonald.  Welcome aboard the USS Mercy.”  He stood and extended his hand, “I’m looking forward to serving with you.”

“Thank you sir. One last thing.  I have a favor to ask. My husband and I were recently married and would like to not be separated.  We were hoping you had a place for another security officer?”

Leopold cocked his head to the side in thought, “That’s something I’m willing to consider, Doctor.  My wife and I have been together on each of our assignments…I’ll look into it.  I’ll have an answer by this afternoon.”  She gave a nod as she left for the bridge.  The captain sunk into his chair. The ship and crew were coming together step by step.