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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

Moving Away

Starbase Bravo
August 9, 2400
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Izi took her time meandering through the bustle of people on the promenade.  She had news she didn't want to share, but had to do so nonetheless.  Reaching her destination, she sighed.

“What's wrong?  Did you forget to intimidate another Klingon today?”

If it was only that, thought Izi.


“I have news, Gren.”

“Is it about Ashley?  Things didn't work out for her?”

“Oh, no.  She's fine,” said Izi.  “She finally trusted me enough to open up.  She went through some bad things.  We were able to find her family.  They came here yesterday and took her home.”

“Bad things?” said Gren.

“Private bad things, though I suspect you might already know some of it.  Loose lips.”

“And big ears.”  Gren chuckled.

A few seconds passed.

“Gren, I need to tell you something.”


It's not easy."

“Just tell me.  I'll help, if I can.”

“I'm leaving the base.”  Izi's antennae drooped.

“Leaving?  Why?  Where are you going?”

“I accepted a posting on the USS Mercy.”

“That new medical ship?  Why?  You said this was where you belong.”

“I did and I do.”

“Then why transfer?”  Gren genuinely had a sorrowful expression on his face.

“There's so much more out there to see and do,” said Izi.  “I'm proud of the work I've done here, but helping Ashley made me realize there are many other Ashleys that need someone to help them.  I can be that person, especially on a medical ship.”

Gren sighed.  “Yes, you can be that person.  I know you'll be great at it.”

"It's not like We'll never see each other again.  The ship will be back from time to time."

“I know, but it won't be the same, or as fun.”

Izi chuckled.  “I'll miss you.  A lot.”  She held Gren's hand for a moment.

“When do you leave?”

“I need to report tomorrow morning.  This is my last shift here.”

“So soon.”

“It all came together pretty quickly,” said Izi.  “A lot of the crew are new and just out of the academy, so they were looking for experienced officers.  Somehow I made the list.”

Another silence.

“I need to get back to work,” said Izi.  She started to leave.

“Wait.  I almost forgot.  I have a package for you.”

Izi's eyes widened and her antennae jittered.  “You found some?”  Her voice was filled with excitement.

“I did.”

“Real and not replicated?”


“How?  Where?”


“The how is, it's me,” said Gren.  “The where?  I'm not telling you in case you want to order more.”

“Fair enough.  Let me see!”

Gren brought out a small box and placed it onto the counter.  Izi tore into it like a hungry predator animal on its prey.  Seeing the bag inside and the contents, she squealed with delight.  Tearing the top, she poured out a handful and popped them into her mouth.  Her eyes were closed.  Her antennae moved in happy circles.  A soft, mmm escaped her lips.  The sweet sensation was indescribable.  When Izi recovered, she saw Gren staring at her like she grew a third antennae.

“Try one.”  Izi shook the bag until one landed on the counter.

Gren looked at the small confection.  It was shaped like a triangle and divided into three colors, yellow at the base, orange in the middle, with a white tip.

“Come on, Gren.  They're amazing.  The best snack ever on Earth.”

Gren picked up the candy corn.  ”Never let it be said I don't try new things."

Izi carefully watched her friend.  “Well?”

“They're okay.”

“You have no taste."  Izi chuckled.  "What do I owe you?"

“Ah, nothing,” said Gren.

“What?”  Izi had to blink several times to make sure she heard right.  “No charge?  Why?  It must have cost you to find them.”

“It's my going away present.”

“Aw.  I don't know what to say.  Thank you.”  Her voice was filled with emotion.

“If you tell anyone, I'll say you used excessive force to get me to do it,” said Gren.

Izi smiled.  Nothing else needed to be said between the friends.  They had known each other three years, but as always, things changed and life did as well.  It was time to face the next chapter.