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Part of USS Osiris: No such thing as routine

No such thing as routine.. chap 4

USS Osiris
Aug 2400
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Captain’s log supplemental: 

It has been 48 hours since I took command of the Osiris. The crew has reported on board and has situated themselves into their new departments and assigned roles. The bridge and command staff have seen to their departments, settled on their department heads, and started the process of building their teams. I too have started building my staff into a cohesive team melding my old with the new. The only remaining slot I have yet to fill in the counselor slot, the officer I saw two nights ago has yet to come forward and I have not received anything from command


I believe we have a great crew onboard the Osiris, most are young and new with a good mix of experienced and older veterans to help mentor them.


“Computer save and enter the log”

“Captain’s log has been saved and entered into the personal files.”


Kr’Antren stood from behind the desk in the ready room and exited the room onto the bridge


“Captain on the bridge.” from one of the engineers seated in the stations next to the alcove that leads to the captain’s ready room


“Sir, the warp core is now green across the board and all systems are showing green.”


“Thank you petty officer, I understand you will be on beta shift after today.” 


“Yes sir, it’ll be Ensign Athah, Petty Officer Paulson, and myself on the bridge for engineering.”


“Ahhh yes Ensign Athah, good choice.” 


“Lt. Tazzeth, how are we looking on your side?”


“Captain, I’m just finishing with the latest sensor package updates from drop space 47. We finished calibrating both deflector disks earlier today and all sensor diagnostics are showing we are green across the board.”


Kr’Antren nodded his head as he looked over the aft display panel showing the status of various systems and departments around the ship


“Did you give access to the Astrometrics lab to LT? Dame as we had requested. We don’t have a stellar cartography lab so having him with access could help us out in some situations.”


“Yes sir, he was given full access and clearances to the lab. I agree he will be a great asset.”


“Chief Kaha?”


“Sir, communications are ready to go. I’ve been working on getting whatever information we can on any communication information for the area beyond Ultimate Thule if we ever go that way. Most of it is coming from the Cardassians so who knows how reliable it is.”


“Well, I guess something is better than nothing, Chief.”


“Captain, I do need to discuss a couple of issues that have come to my attention concerning the enlisted side of the crew. Nothing too serious yet, but something we need to handle sooner rather than later.”


Kr’Antren nods “How about after the command meeting?”


“That will work, sir. I’ll send you the packages and my recommendations.”


Kr’Antren looked down at his PADD and nodded when he saw the messages come in. “I’ll look at these in a bit and we will discuss them after the meeting.”


Kr’Antren stepped in front of the center chair and hit the internal comms button. “Command staff, we will hold the meeting in the bridge conference room.” looked at the Chrono ”let’s call it 30 minutes from now.”


“I’ll be in the conference room “ held up the PADD “reading through this


30 minutes later in the Bridge Conference Room


“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Hard to believe that this is our first official command meeting so we took command of the Osiris, it’s only been a little over 56 hours but it seems longer than that. We have a few things to go over including our first mission, then I’ll open the floor for updates from the various departments. “


Kr’Antren turns on the holo map on the tabletop and the briefing room viewscreen. “First thing on the agenda, we have received our first mission.” He looked around the table “we have been ordered to run a patrol along the Tzenkthi border. Along with the normal patrol duties we have also been tasked with delivering medical supplies and various engineering supplies, I believe some of it is for a geothermal power plant and the rest is for agricultural needs, and the other piece is to conduct systems checks on these sensor/communication platforms. “As he stated these two planets are highlighted along with three platforms one by the tzenkethi border, one near the edge of the Rolor Nebula, and one that looks to be anchored in a pocket of space not really near anything in particular but logically looked to be set in a possible dead zone created by the other platforms in the region. “Looks like we have a routine patrol mission.”


Lt. Skagath slaps the desk with his swagger stick. “ “Blasted, sir you just jinxed us. Everyone who is anyone knows that if the captain says it’s a routine patrol it turns out to be anything but routine. Sir, there is no such thing as a routine patrol mission. I can guarantee that.” He then looks around the table at the startled faces and grimaces “Captain, I apologize for the outburst. However, sir as I said there is no such thing as routine especially when it comes to patrols”


“Lt. Skagath, I didn’t take you for the superstitious type.” 


“Captain, anyone onboard a ship who says they’re not is lying. I’ve seen how you have started touching a particular plate by the turbo lift when you come on duty.”


Kr’Antren looks around ears twitched and running his hands through his beard. “You caught that huh, well truth be told I did it on the first day on the Osiris and I had what I would call a good day, so now I touch the plate at the beginning of each of my shifts.” looks around the normal bridge staff “ I’ve noticed several of those in the room have followed suit, so I guess I unknowingly started our first bridge tradition/superstition.” he received several nods as he looked around the room.


“How about that, the first Osiris bridge tradition, makes you wonder what will happen if someone doesn’t touch the plate now.” as Lt Skagath looks around the table with a raised eyebrow


“Lt. Shrybaass you’re in charge of the delivery and offloads. Lt. Mathisson you get the platforms. Lt. Darame I just received confirmation that we will be getting a Runabout from the station, let’s make sure we have a crew assigned to her. Lt. Tazzeth when we “stop” at the platforms and planets I want full long-range sensor sweeps running, as we know this is still a new region of space for the Star fleet which means it’s new for us too. So we are still collecting as much data and info as possible. Chief Kaha this goes for communications too when we are at any location I want our ears listening to everything we can pick up.”


“Sir, are we listening for anything in particular?” Chief Kaha asked.


“Not in particular Chief, at least as of right now that could change as incoming intelligence or the situation warrants.”


Chief Kaha nodded


“Lt Darame, I want to depart at 0800 tomorrow morning. Please inform DS47 flight control. Plan a route taking us to the edge of the badlands than working up towards the Tzenkhti border for the first leg.”


“Yes, sir.”


“Excuse me, the petty officer out there said that the command crew was in here having a meeting. Sorry, I’m late, So what did I miss?”


Lt. Skagath quickly stood from his chair and blocked the LT’s path from entering the room any further. Being of similar height he raised an eyebrow as he looks her straight in the eyes.


“Hold on there lassie, who might you be? I mean we have all seen you around our fine ship, watching and listening. But never had the common courtesy to introduce yourself.” He started to slap his leg with the swagger stick


She looks him dead in the eyes back with a slight smile on her face. “Yes, Pruzax and I had a conversation about that very thing. He didn’t agree with it either, he felt that I should have at least introduced myself the first night in the mess hall. However, as I had told Commander Stevenson I wanted to see if this ship and its crew met my criteria. After all, a Trill with a symbiote on its fifth host might just have certain ideas on what they think works for them and what doesn’t. “ she handed her PADD to Skagath. “So Lieutenant unless you use that stick of yours for more than slapping yourself or inanimate objects” a cocked eyebrow and a flirtatious smile “ I really would like to present myself to the captain formally and if he accepts take my place amongst the staff. 


Skagath takes a step back, not quite sure how to take that last comment. Lt. Talibah, DR. M’Gok, and Chief Kaha looked at each other and broke out in a fit of laughter.


“Oh, she will fit right in, I think, captain. Already has Skagath on his heels.” LT. Talibah looked the new Lt over and then gave the captain a curt nod. 


Skagath took a step towards his chair and passed the PADD over to Kr’Antren. Kr’Antren started to read what is on the PADD, raised an eyebrow towards the LT, and showed it to Lt. Talibah who nodded as she read what was on the screen. Kr’Antren signed the PADD and passed it back to the Lt.


One of the first things that were easily noticed about the new lieutenant besides the spots marking her as a trill was that she wore the skirt/dress style uniform that many had forgotten was still an option for female crew members. The other is how she carried herself confidently, determined, 


“Sir, Lieutenant junior grade Siazal Pruzax reporting for duty. I have been assigned as the ship’s counselor and with Pruzax’s history, as I’m sure you just read, seeing yours and the lieutenant’s reactions, I have been given diplomatic officer clearance as well from Fourth and Bravo Fleet commands.”


“Lieutenant, I’m going to just get this out of the way. First and foremost I will not tolerate any more acts like you have been doing for the last two days on my ship. I would think that a joined trill with the history that Pruzax has would have known that was not how things are done.”


“Yes sir, that was completely on me. Believe me, sir I received an internal tongue lashing from Pruzax about my actions. They will not happen again.”


Kr’Antren nodded at this. “Good, now normally you would be assigned to the Chief Medical Officer and her department“ pointed out Dr. M’Gok “however due to your unique credentials you will report to Lieutenant Talibah, my number one, and myself. You will have an office in medical, I expect you to work with Dr. M’Gok and her department to fulfill your counselor duties. I’ll brief you after this meeting on what you missed, also after this meeting, I would like you to stick around for another meeting I have scheduled with Chief Kaha, my Chief of the Boat.”


“Yes, captain.”


“Lieutenant Mathisson, let’s extend this table by two more chairs, please. I think we should have enough room here.”


Lt. Mathisson nodded and made a note on his PADD.


Kr’Antren pointed over his shoulder at the models on the wall. “Some of you may have noticed but we have added three ships to the Osiris lineage wall. After doing some research the last couple of days I found three ships that bore the name that I felt added to the history of the name.” 


“The next item is on the bridge, I’ll pull it up on the view screen so all of us can see it.” He hit a button on the console in front of him which brought up an overhead camera view of the bride “petty officer if you would remove the carpet.” view screen shows the petty officer glance up and nod while another crewman approaches one side next to the con and chair platforms and he went to the other, together they start rolling up the carpet, what is unveiled is an oak wood plank floor that has the Starfleet emblem in the center with the Fourth Fleet emblem to the right, Bravo fleet to the left and the Task Force 47 underneath these are inlaid cherry wood. “There is an old earth tradition amongst the early navies that the first crew of a ship was known as plank owners, I have decided to carry on with that tradition. There are 215 oak planks on the floor. Each one has a crew member’s rank and name etched on it, 15 planks have the name and rank of a crew member who helped ferry the Osiris to us but decided to not stay onboard. I felt it was only right to include them. Each crew member will receive a plaque with a replica of their plank and a frontal view model of the Osiris on it. I’ll leave those up to the department heads to disperse, they should be ready within the next week. Lt. Mathisson will inform you when they are.” He turned off the camera and brought the map back up.


“That brings me to the end of my agenda, the table is open if anyone has anything they would like to bring to the staff’s attention or if you have any questions regarding the mission we have been assigned.”


“Lt Mathisson, I would like to get the worker bee pilots teamed with an engineer and have them run some holosuite sims on those platforms.” Lt. Darame stated as he pulled up the platform specs on the view screen. “Sir, these platforms look like they are newer models sooo I’m guessing mainly routine maintenance along with system updates and making sure no one has tried to add anything to them or hack into their systems.”


“Darame, it’s Eric, no need to state rank amongst ourselves. I will have those assignments for you later today. Chief Stimeck will lead the engineering crews for the platform maintenance. Captain, I’ve been talking to my crew and have had preliminary discussions with Skagath and Shrybaass. We would like to propose an intramural team sports system with some sort of trophy awarded to the overall winning department.”


“Can you send me the proposal? I may have some interesting ideas to add to it. We did this sort of thing while I was on the Cairo Police Force and I would have to say it was a great morale booster to the force.” Talibah asked while typing on her PADD. Lt Mathisson looks down at his PADD, smiled, looked over at Number one, and nodded his head. 


Skagath stood and walked over to the panel and brought up the layout of the Osiris. “Well, Looks like it is my turn. Doc, can I get several medical crew to act as emergency security response team members? Preferably folks who have some experience or training in dealing with combat situations.”


“I believe we have a few who would make an adequate medical crew for that. Let me double-check their records and qualifications. I’ll send you the names later today.” Doc makes a note on her PADD


“Number one, I would like to request office space on deck 2 and one near the main engineering that two of these teams could use. I would like to have a team near the bridge and one near the main engineering to respond as quickly as possible if the need were to arise. I have sent my mission plan to both the captain and yourself on this.” Skagath returned to his seat.


“Get with me after this meeting Skagath, we have a couple of offices that I think would work for what you propose.” Talibah looked down the table to Skagath and then back at the Captain.


Kr’Antren sat forward in his chair resting his arms on the table. “Anyone else?” as he looked around the table. “ok then, we all know what needs to get accomplished before we depart tomorrow. Let’s get to it folks.” he picked up the PADD on the table. “Counselor, Chief Kaha, please remain so we can discuss these personal problems that the chief brought to my attention.”


“Ok chief, I read through the files. But if you would like to bring Counselor Sia up to speed.”


“Ok, Sir, counselor as you may know or may not know I’m the Chief of the boat so I am responsible for handling enlisted matters or bringing them to the attention of the captain. With that being said I recently found out about two issues that I thought the captain needed to be aware of. “ typed something on her PADD and looked up at the counselor “ you should have the two files now. The first one is not that big of an issue but it could set a standard if we don’t act on it now. Looks like two of our Petty Officers decided to get hitched on DS47 right before they reported on board. As I am sure you know, counselor the Reliant class of ships are not set up with family quarters.”


Kr’Antren tapped his fingers on the table. “Ladies, the way I see it, the issue is the quarters. However counselor I would ask that you talk to the couple and make sure that there is nothing else going on that we need to know about. As towards the quarters “raised his hands “ I’m a bit at odds with what I see as the viable options. Do we leave them in their assigned quarters? Doesn’t seem the right thing to do. Do we assign them a full suite? Which could set a precedent for others to follow. The one other option would need the two of you, in my opinion, to talk to the two suitemates as this would affect them the most. Would be to move the newly married couple into one of their assigned rooms where they would have to still share it with the other suitemate.”


Chief Kaha creased her eyebrows and thought for a second. “Sir. There’s one other option. We could with your permission move them into one of the junior officer quarters that one of us on the command staff would have been assigned to. But this also sets a precedent for others to follow.”


Counselor Sia looks up from the PADD and a blank look comes over her face, she then nodded and put the PADD down. “Captain, sorry about that. I was discussing this with Pruzax. He suggested and I agree with him on this, before we make a decision that I have a session with the couple both separate and together. While it doesn’t look to be anything in their files that would make me question the marriage we don’t know at this time if there was another reason for them to get married, is something else going on?”


Kr’Antren tapped the table with his fingers and looked over at Chief Kaha. “What do you think chief, sounds like a good place to start for me.” looked over at Counselor Sia “ make sure everything is on the up and up with them before making an official decision.” 


Counselor Sia nodded


“Sounds like a good starting place to me sir. I’ll inform the couple to schedule the appointments with the counselor within the next 24 hours. Till then they keep their assigned quarters, I’m not going to tell them they have to stay in them separately but I am going to warn them that I don’t want to hear any complaints from the suitemates.”


Kr’Antren nodded at this and then looked at his PADD and let out a sigh. “Now, this one has me scratching my head on how to handle it. Counselor, I think this one is going to be all yours.” Looked over at her with a raised questioning eyebrow.


Counselor Sia starts to chuckle as she reads through the start of this particular file. “Oh, ohhhhh. I can see why you would say that sir. Nothing wrong with the couple or their special “friends”  as long as everyone involved is ok with it. But the three reports of jealous behaviors and actions from a former “friend” does raise concerns. Hmmmm, well that’s an interesting twist, the couple seems to have a thing for “friends” being from other races.” Puts the PADD down “Seems the first thing to do would be to have a session with the couple and find out what their rules and/or boundaries are. Then a meeting with the former “friend” to figure out if this is just jealousy or is there something else. Looking at the reports from the former counseling team on their past ship it seems that some anger management sessions were conducted but it was sporadic and random. So that will need to be fixed.”  


Chief Kaha looked up from her PADD and nodded. “Sounds like a good place to start with, counselor. I’ll send the messages to them to set up appointments with you. I’ll pass another message to those involved that should there be any type of issue with or from the former “friend” that they are to immediately report it to security and then to me.” 


Kr’Antren made some notes on his PADD and then placed it face down on the table. “Ok, I think that takes care of those issues, anything else Chief?”


“Not at this time, captain”


“Good, ok thanks ladies I believe we are done here.  Oh counselor, since you will also be our acting diplomatic officer please check with the DS47 diplomatic office and get any information we may need.”


“Yes, Captain”


“Have a good evening ladies, see you on the bridge for departure tomorrow morning.”