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Part of Endeavour: Where Angels Fear To Tread

Checking In With The Doc

Endeavour NX-06
Thursday 12th May, 2157
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Antione was not like most officers. He took his duty as protocol officer to include even new members on the Endeavor. The latest members to arrive he had yet to speak to. His job sometimes pulled him in many different directions, but he eventually made time to do what he felt was necessary, even if it wasn’t technically his job.  

He arrived at Sickbay and cleared his throat. “Hello, I am Lieutenant Antione Ricci, the ship’s communication and protocol officer. I am just wanting to make sure you’re settling in nicely.” He said with a smile.  

Doctor Branson was working on unpacking some more of his belongings when he heard the doors to his new dwelling open. Looking around the shelves, he was loading; he eventually saw his visitor. After Ricci introduced himself, Edward copied his smile. “Thanks for stopping by, lieutenant; we met the other day at the captain’s impromptu gathering of the senior staff with its new members.” He extended his hand out towards Ricci’s. “Please call me Ed,”

Antione nodded. “I will do that, Ed. If it’s informal, most people use my nickname Ant cause you know, it shortens my name. All for efficiency, I suppose.” He said with a chuckle as he shook his head.

“I’m sorry about the mess,” Branson indicated to the empty cargo containers and boxes littered around the floor nearer to his lab. “I’m in the process of unpacking as quickly as I can. I hadn’t realised how much stuff I had brought over from the Poseidon.”

Antione shook his head “No worries, the transition from one ship to another always brings a mess. It’s not like your intentionally scattering boxes around the medbay…or are you?“ He said, trying to stay serious, but started laughing. “In all seriousness, Ed, this ship is great to be on, and we help each other out. It’s not my job to reach out, but I feel as I am the protocol officer that it’s good to follow that with the crew too.”

“You’ve been on the Endeavour for some time, haven’t you?” Branson checked. 

Antione shook his head. “Not quite as long as you would think, I have been on the ship about a year, but I guess I must be doing something right at my job.” He smiled. “Speaking of that, is there any way I can help you?”

“Aye, you can pass me that cylindrical container,” Branson indicated to the small object on the floor near Ricci’s feet. “Be careful, though,” He warned. 

Ricci nodded, slowly picked up the container, and passed it over to Branson. He had never worked in Medical, but just from working on the ship, he had learned enough to be cautious when picking up containers that deal with anything remotely with medical supplies.

“So, Ant, what’s the captain like then? He appears friendly.” Branson remarked as he took the canister and placed it on one of the shelves near him. “I heard a few stories about what he was like while he served on the Poseidon before my arrival.”

Ricci smiled. “The Captain is a great man because he not only cares about the welfare of his crew, but he takes his job seriously, which is also good in this line of work.” He said as he watched Branson professionally remove the contents of the container.

“And what about the rest of the senior staff? Most of them are almost brand new, right?” Branson asked as he pointed to Ricci to pass another item his way. 

Antione paused slightly. “I have to admit that they’re new, and I haven’t seen all of their abilities, but from any indications of the last mission, it seems like we all work well as a team. I think all staff can build on strength no matter how long you have been with a group, but one thing I will say about the Endeavour is that it is a great command.”

He picked up the next indicated container and looked at Branson. “Are you worried about fitting in with the crew or just curious about the ship?”

“The latter,” Branson answered honestly. “I heard that you all went through some tough times with the Orions recently; what impact did it have on the crew?”

Antione sighed. “It was a double-edged sword; while it did have some issues, it helped bring us as a crew closer and to work as a team to end the siege the Orions had on us.” 

“I see; I suppose something like that does bring you all closer.” Branson remarked, “Anyway, I didn’t know this ship had a counsellor? Or do I detect the typical communications officer coming out here? The one who always has their ear to everything!” He teased. 

Antione nodded. “Sorry, just my protocol duties taking over, but I believe you will be a great addition to the crew. If the captain didn’t believe in you, he wouldn’t have approved the transfer. Campbell is a pretty good judge regarding his crew.”

“I appreciate that, I do,” Branson answered back. “However it was the admiral who suggested me for the transfer. I hear she was his mentor for a long time and that she officiated his marriage to your MACO deputy. Is there anyone else on the ship that’s as close as the captain and his husband?”

“Truthfully, not quite that close. Most of the crew mingles with me, but I wouldn’t say we are incredibly close like that. Of course, I don’t know what happens behind closed doors on the ship, so I can only speak for what I have seen.”

“Anyway,” Branson said, trying to change the subject, “what does the crew do to keep themselves amused when not on duty? Is there a games room? Some snooker, pool or a card game tournament? The Poseidon had a film night every night.”

Antione nodded. “We do have a great recreation area; it’s on deck three. If you want a pool tournament, I’d be willing to do so. I am the champion at it.”

Grinning at the challenge set by the communication officer, Branson nodded. “I’d be happy to take the crown away from you, lieutenant!”