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Part of Starbase Bravo: 2401: Mission 1

Into the Mystic

Starbase Bravo
7/27/2400 @ 0800 Hours
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A day like any other, Matthew Phillips thought to himself.  Except for the ongoing issues across the station regarding the reactor upgrades.  He had been charged with working with engineering to check on the various and growing list of power issues that were cropping up.  His shift had started at 0600, and he’d been moving from deck to deck checking various EPS conduits and sending the information down the line.  He’d felt different after stepping off the USS Erigone and coming to Bravo…but he wasn’t sure if it was a good different or a bad different.

He’d read the mission reports from the Edinburgh.  He’d been just as shocked at the loss of life and the heartbreak it wrecked on the crew.  He felt a sadness, a muted heartache as he’d processed through it all.  Loss and sacrifice had been something he’d been quietly afraid of through the academy.  The Erigone had been his breaking point.  Phillips had struggled with the idea of his cowardice in the time since he’d left the Raven class ship, and while in his head he knew he had made the right call for himself, his heart was arguing point after point.

He walked the corridors and did his work step by step.  His work wasn’t suffering, but his mind was still trying to decide what he would make of himself on this massive Starbase.  How would he separate himself from the rest?  How would he prove himself worthy of wearing the uniform?  That last thought brought him pause as he turned a corner and slowed his feet to a halt.  He was worthy of the uniform – they wouldn’t have given it to him out of the academy if he wasn’t ready.  They had talked about trauma in his classes and how if you didn’t deal with it, it could come back with the wrath of a thousand emotions.  He resolved to take the time needed to grapple with this sudden discovery.  For now, he kept walking, scanning, checking, transmitting, and repeating it all over again as the day continued on.