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Working Out

Cargo Bay 4 - Converted Gym
5 May, 2157
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Josh decided it was time to start getting into better shape, so he started visiting the ship’s gym during his off time.

The gym was located in one of the lesser used cargo bays. There was much equipment, only enough room for 2 treadmills, 2 exercise bikes, 2 weight stations and a body bag, suspended from the ceiling.

Usually, there were no other members of the crew in the gm when he was there. He liked it that way…that meant he could do what he wanted, when he wanted, without having to wait for someone to finish.

He always started his routine the same way….ten minutes of stretching and warming up. He moved to one of the exercise bikes, presses the ‘start’ button and set the controls for the lowest setting. Five minutes into the twenty minute session, he touched the speed control setting to go higher every two minutes, until it reached the most top level.

When he was done, he sat for five minutes, wiping his forehead and drinking water from the bottle he brought with him.

When the five minutes were up, he moved to the weight station, first was an arm press, starting at twenty pounds. With each successful rep, the machine added five pounds to the weight. When the weight reached twentyfive pounds, he switched to the other arm, and started the set all over again. 

When that set was done, he programmed the computer to switch to a arm curl. Setting the computer for the correct starting weight, he grabbed the bar with both hands, and then the computer started the set. This time, the beginning weight was twentyfive pounds, with the computer adding five pounds for every other curl, with the maximum weight to be one hundred and seventyfive pounds.

Finishing the last 5 curls, Josh was struggling…but he made it through, and after the last curl, he put the bar back in it’s place, then sat down, wiping the sweat from his eyes and finishing what water was left in his bottle. Lucky for him, he brought a second bottle with him.

Josh rested for 15 minutes, and when he was ready, he stepped onto the treadmill, setting for a normal walking pace. and started the machine. 

He stayed at the normal walking pace for twenty minutes, then started increasing the pace every ten minutes, until he was at a fast running pace. The readout on the machine showed his heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. The computer would slow or stop the machine if the readouts went over a pre-set level. His blood pressure was slightly levitated, his breathing was rapid and his heart rate was leviated, but not approaching the ‘redline’. 

Every time he used the treadmill, over the two weeks he started coming to the gym, he set the treadmill for longer run times. 

He was now up to a fortyfive minute run.

Approaching the end of his run, all his readings were approaching the automatic shut down level. But he pushed through, and finished. Exhausted, he sat on the floor, and started getting his breathing under control.

Why was he doing this? He wanted to get into better shape. He wanted to show the captain that he could be an important part of any mission that came around.

He kep records of his workouts. He lost twent five pounds of body fat. His pant size drop from a thirty six waist, to a thirty waist. His forearms and biceps were more toned. He had to request new uniforms from the Quartermaster.

He was proud of what he’s been doing.