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Part of USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Chapter 12 – To Stand Alone

Governor's Palace; Rhijun
June 2400
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It had been only a couple of days since the Orions made their appearance, and things seemed to be settling down. The engineering crew along with some Remans were making progress on repairing the refineries. The buildings were in the mists of being repaired or completely rebuilt giving the residents a new place to call home. They still had a long way to go, they planned on remaining as long as was needed to make sure they were ready to stand alone.

There was one problem now that stood in that way, that was the arrival of the IRW Audax. Thanks to Commander Loian and her interrogation techniques they were able to get a warning. This gave them a leg up on preparation, though they knew Captain Dex would only be able to stall them for so long.

After making sure the settlement was prepared they beamed directly to the Governor’s palace to talk with Javik as well as the others. Walking into the building they had made their way towards where Javik’s office was located. Upon arrival, they were greeted with a smile by Nivela who led them in. Walking in they both came before Javik, who had at the time been looking out the window for a brief moment. Though his eyes were sensitive to the light, he always liked to take a brief moment to gaze out. 

When Javik turned around he could tell that this wasn’t a social call, something was going on that concerned him. “I take it this is more than just a social call,” Javik commented as he made his way back to the desk that sat near the northeast corner of the room.

Just as the two of them took their seats Nivela was about to walk out before Brian stopped her, “you will want to stay for this.” Brian replied, which caused concern in her eyes before she turned back to sit in one of the other empty chairs that were located to the right of the desk.

Nivela was about to speak when the doors parted to reveal Ovisek, whom she was going to ask if his presence was needed. “What’s going on?” Ovisek asked as he took the seat next to Nivela.

“We are about to find out,” Javik replied.

Looking between the three he took a moment to collect his thoughts before speaking, “we had captured those five Orion pirates that had attempted to thot our assistance here on Rhijun.” Brian began as the others listened intently to what was being said. “The interrogations of the prisoners, not everyone was willing to talk,” Brian said.

“So we are no closer to answers than we were before? You came here just to tell us that?” Ovisek asked as he looked annoyed that they would come all this way just to tell them that.

Holding up his hand as to tell him that he wasn’t finished speaking, “actually quite the opposite.” Brian replied, which caused an eyebrow raise from him, “there was a younger Orion that had been a part of the group, he had decided to tell us everything.” He replied as the others looked shocked at the revelation.

“What did you find out?” Javik asked, looking at Brian, Talmir remained quiet for the time being as they talked.

Brian had begun to explain everything that Tolev had told them, “the IRW Audex has arrived within the system.” Brian finished explaining, “right now Captain Dex has invited Commander Jiras on board the Saratoga to begin negotiations, though I think that will be fruitless. In the end, she is trying to buy us some time before they begin to beam down to try and retake Rhijun by force.” Brian replied, looking at the others in the room.

“Do you have a plan?” Javik asked.

Talmir, after remaining quiet for most of the meeting, finally spoke up. “They will more than likely try to beam directly within the palace, which is where they will try to secure and take control by force.” Talmir began to talk, with his experience within the Navy he knew all the tactics they would use to try and take control of a planet. “In doing this, they believe that the rest will become easy and everyone else will fall back in line,” Talmir replied as he explained what he believes will take place.

“How do you plan to stop that from happening?” Ovisek asked, looking at Talmir.

“I have modified some transporter inhibitors that I will be placing within the palace that they can’t even penetrate,” Talmir replied looking at Ovisek who just nodded as it seemed to set him at ease a bit. “In doing so they will have no choice but to beam outside, which we will be waiting for them,” Talmir replied as he adjusted in his seat.

“We have already gotten the settlement ready, though we don’t expect the strike force to go there. We want to be prepared just in case.” Brian spoke up, “this is so we can have a majority of our combined forces here.” He finished speaking looking at the three of them.

“Can’t you contact your ship to send more officers?” Ovisek asked, looking at him.

“Unfortunately we can’t as soon as they entered the system they started jamming any type of communications off-planet,” Talmir spoke up as he had already tried contacting his ship to no avail.

As they stood up from the chairs they had been sitting in, “I would suggest that you three stay here, we will take care of the rest.” Brian said as he believed it wouldn’t be a good idea to have them join in the fight. If they were to get injured or even killed it would cause problems in and of itself.

Ovisek was about to protest when Javik raised his hand to stop him, looking at his younger brother who he knew wanted to join in the fight. “They are correct Ovisek, let them do their jobs.” Javik replied which made him sulk out of the room while the two looked at each other for a brief moment before looking back at Javik.

“Once we are outside, place the palace on lockdown.” Brian began to speak as they made their way to the door, “I will let you know when the situation is over.” He added as Javik nodded before they both left the office heading outside. They knew they were running out of time, there was only so much Azras could do to stall them.

Once they made sure their men were where they needed to be they too took their places near the entrance of the palace. Just as they readied their weapons they heard the sounds of transports, just as they predicted would happen.

A Star Navy officer that was holding a disrupter looked around, something seemed off about everything. Raising an eyebrow he looked to his superior, “do you find this a bit odd?” He asked, looking at him.

“What do you mean odd?” The officer asked as they stood there for a moment.

He looked at him for a moment, “are you blind? Do you not find it odd that we were not able to beam directly into the building? That there is no one around?” He asked motioning with his hand as the one began to look around him as they walked on.

“I think you are just overthinking things, how could they possibly know we are here when Jiras jammed all communications once we entered the system?” The leader asked, looking at the officer.

Thinking about what he just said, “I guess you’re right.” He replied as they continued to move towards the door as the others had split off upon arrival to cover all exits.

As they reached the entrance to the palace the security detail stood up pointing their weapons at the intruders. “I would suggest that you drop your weapons and surrender, we have you outnumbered and outgunned,” Talmir ordered, which caused them to turn around and begin to fire their weapons in their directions.

The officer leaned in towards the leader and whispered, “I told you this seemed odd.” He replied which caused the other one to glare at him as for once he was right for a change.

The Romulan officer laughed as he thought that was a funny joke, “the only ones that are going to die today are you and your Starfleet goons. Rhijun will return to the Star Empire by force if necessary.” He exclaimed as they began to fire in the direction of where they were as they tried to take cover.

All that could be heard for a while was the sounds of disrupter fire going back and forth between both parties. As Brian was about to move forwards to gain ground on the enemy when out of the corner of his eye he noticed Ovisek barge out of the palace and began firing. “Seriously…” Brian exclaimed loudly which caused Talmir to look over and give a facepalm.

“That man is stubborn as hell,” Talmir said as he began to return fire moving towards Ovisek to try to grab him when one of the Romulans made a shot, hitting him in the mid-shoulder causing him to drop to the ground. “Dammit, cover me,” Talmir said with annoyance in his voice.

Brian had gotten into position, he began to rapidly fire in the direction of the enemy as Talmir began to make his way over to where Ovisek was laying. Grabbing him he began to drag him back to where they were taking cover. While Holman kept supplying cover fire, hitting a few of them in return.

Talmir’s combat medic happened to be close by and began to work on saving Ovisek, though after some investigation his injuries were not life-threatening. “Do you ever just listen for once?” Talmir said as he looked at Ovisek with an annoyed look on his face as he talked. “You could have gotten yourself killed with that stupid stunt,” he added.

“I am not one to sit on the sidelines,” Ovisek said as he coughed.

Talmir looked at him, letting out a long sigh before replying. “Trust me I understand that, I do but one thing to remember is that these people here need their leaders alive,” Talmir said, holding up a hand to stop him from interrupting what he had to say. “If you all were killed that would mean they,” he began pointing in the direction of where the Star Navy strike force was located. “Win and all that you fought for will have gone down the drain,” Talmir finished before turning around to begin firing again.

Ovisek never thought of it that way before, “you are very wise.” Ovisek replied, “I should have listened and I apologize for my stubbornness.” Ovisek said, which caused Talmir to look at him for a brief moment and nod in return. The fight continued for about twenty more minutes before the enemy was neutralized. The team began to secure the area to make sure no one else was hiding waiting to strike when they least expected it.

Once satisfied Brian tapped his commbadge, “Lieutenant Holman to Commander T’Prel.” Brian said as he stood there waiting for a response.

“Go ahead,” T’Prel replied.

“The area here has been secured, did any of the strike force make it your way?” Brian asked, looking around as the officers made their way back to them. Some had been wounded but nothing seemed too serious.

“No,” T’Prel responded.

Brian let out a huge sigh of relief as it meant that Talmir’s predictions were correct and that they planned to secure the palace before moving on. “That is good news,” Brian responded as T’Prel could tell the relief that came from the tone of his voice. “I do have a request,” Brian said as he looked around.

“What would that be Lieutenant?” T’Prel asked.

“We have some wounded here, could you send Telia and a medical team over?” Brian asked as he looked over at Ovisek and the others the medic was trying to help with. He was only able to do so much as he wasn’t a doctor.

“Understood,” T’Prel replied before the comm channel ended. A few moments later, Telia and a couple of medical officers arrived to assist. They decided to move them within the palace as there was a medical facility within which they could use to treat them. After assisting in moving the wounded both Brian and Talmir headed toward the Governor’s office. Upon entering they noticed that Nivela was pacing back and forth while Javik tried to pass the time with some light reading.

Nivela stopped pacing as soon as she heard the doors open, “have you seen Ovisek?” She asked as she looked panicked when she couldn’t find him after he had stormed out of the office earlier during their meeting.

“He decided that he wasn’t going to listen to our words of advice and play hero, which got himself shot,” Talmir said which caused Javik to look up and Nivela to almost break out in tears thinking the worst had happened. “He is alright, he and the other wounded are being treated in your medical facility here within the palace by Saratoga’s medical team,” Talmir said, reassuring them both that he was alright and would survive.

“Oh good,” Nivela replied as she plopped down into a chair that was next to her.

“I take it the threat has been taken care of?” Javik asked, looking at them both.

“Yes,” Brian replied.

“They only focused on the palace, which I had a feeling they would as it seems to be their go-to method.” Talmir said looking at them, “right now we are working on cleaning up before heading back out to patrol the area, to make sure that there were no stragglers that might be hanging around.” Talmir added as they stood there.

“Wonderful,” Javik replied.

“We will be leaving the transporter inhibitors in place until we hear from the Saratoga, don’t want to take a chance of anyone else beaming down,” Brian replied as she shifted on his feet. 

“Smart,” Nivela replied.

“We will have a couple of guards at each entrance,” Talmir said.

“Thank you,” Javik replied as things were beginning to look up for them. They knew that they were not perfect and that everyone had their flaws. The crew of the Saratoga had stepped up to help them when they needed it the most, and for that, he owed them his life.

Talmir handed Javik a communicator, “we still have local comms so if you need anything please contact us.” Talmir said before they headed out of the palace, once the area was cleaned up they began to patrol the areas between the city and the settlement.


  • I was deeply amused by the Romulan officer's bravado and overconfidence -- even in the face of overwhelming odds. "The only ones that are going to die today are you and your Starfleet goons!" Ha! Clearly, he was trained well by the Romulan Star Navy. Clearly. That's Tomalakian in his confidence. When you opened the chapter with a really detailed plan by Brian, I was worried the fight for the palace might be too easy, but it sure went sideways real quick. I appreciated the chaos of the battle. Even more than that, I thought the care Talmir showed for Ovisek was sweet. Their exchange was really well characterised.

    July 6, 2022
  • I loved how the plan survived contact with the enemy, just not with one of their own. In my head I could see Ovisek kicking the door open, a weapon in hand, a cigar in mouth (though I know it wasn't there, my brain added), firing from the hip with a complete disregard for himself and anyone in front of him, like any movie when the old man steps out firing away! The build-up we've had for Ovisek as a man of action, not sitting around, really helped sell that decision of his and I think the groundwork leading up to it really helps sell it as something believable that his character would do. That forward-thinking really does help sell characters and is totally worth the investment every time. Keep it up!

    July 10, 2022