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Part of USS Odyssey: Between The Feathers Of Destiny and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

House Call

Vorash, Vorash system, Velorum Sector, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 77365.3
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“Chief Medical Officer’s log supplemental. My team and I have been assisting at the main hospital at Vorash. From what I have been able to deduce, the medical expertise in the settlement has dramatically deteriorated in recent years after the death of the colony’s most senior medical officer. The health service appears to have been left to crumble.” 

Slyvexs took a moment to breathe after seeing her last patient, a young Romulan woman six months pregnant. She had not seen anyone since the child’s conception, and after hearing that the Starfleet contingent had arrived to assist, she, along with numerous others, had queued up to see them. The medical facility was built from the internal framework of an old Federation hospital ship that had been transferred to Romulan control during the Dominion War. When the settlers landed on the planet, the ship had been positioned at the base of a vast mountain, providing natural protection from any high winds or strong sunshine. However, once the weather control system had been installed, it wasn’t needed until now. The Denobulan physician had appreciated the nearby mountain as it had reduced the heavy rain hitting against the hull.

Walking among the lower deck, heading towards the main triage area, Slyvexs could hear her right-hand man finishing off with a patient of his own. Stopping in the archway, she peered into see Forbes closing up a tricorder and smiling at his patient, a young Romulan boy who appeared to be suffering from a rash on his neck. Forbes pressed a hypospray into his neck, and instantly, the medicine went to work, and the rash was gone. The young boy jumped off the bed he was sitting on, and his father thanked Forbes for his help. They wrapped themselves in their long coats before walking past Slyvexs to make their way home. 

“How’s everything going, Remi?” She asked once the room was clear. 

Sighing and suppressing a yawn simultaneously, Forbes nodded at first. “I think that was my last lot for this shift. What about yourself, ma’am?”

Leaning against the bulkhead, she rubbed her chin and felt her chin ridge. “Same; it felt like we got through a lot of people very quickly.”

“I was wondering, would it be wise suggesting to the captain we give everyone here a full medical workup?” Forbes said as he started to pack up his medical kit. The younger doctor had undone his uniform jacket and rolled up his sleeves to do his work, so after he had packed up his gear, he started to make himself a bit smarter.

Agreeing with his idea, Slyvexs nodded. “The same idea went through my mind, but that’s not going to help them in the long term.”

“The hospital could do with an overhaul and more trained staff.” Forbes remarked. 

“You’ve got no argument from me on that one,” Slyvexs said as her protege made his way towards her as they exited from the small area he had occupied. Walking down the corridor, the two doctors continued with their conversation. 

Forbes pushed his hair back as he suggested one idea. “I know they’re installing holograms to help the orphanage; why can’t we ask the same for here with some old EMH programs?”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Slyvexs said with a nod. “I’m sure we’ve got the files for the old Mark Ones or Mark Two programs somewhere on our database.”

“Or the original Long Term EMHs?” Forbes wondered. 

“I’ll speak to Lukiz once he has finished repairing the weather system,” Slyvexs stated as they entered the next section of the hospital. It was the aft section of the old modified Miranda-class ship, which would have been one of the original shuttlebays, but was now the main entrance for the hospital. Surprised no more patients were waiting for them, Slyvexs walked over to see her team packing up what they had brought. “There’s no way we got through everyone so soon.”

Forbes looked at her, “Most of those who came in were minor injuries; I’m confident we’ve not seen the worse of it.”

“Then I think we should start making house calls,” Slyvexs said. 

“Are you being literal?” Forbes asked her.

The chief medical nodded. “Absolutely. We should break into teams and then get around the settlement.”

Forbes appeared a bit hesitant at first before he spoke up his mind. “Will the settlers welcome us, though?” 

“The captain told us we need to make a good impression here, and I refuse to leave here knowing we didn’t do everything in our power to help them,” Slyvexs said with conviction. “I’ll speak to Jew’leanar and see what she thinks first.”

“In the meantime, can I suggest we take a stock count of what is here and start replicating the medical resources back on the Odyssey they need?” Forbes offered.

Slyvexs nodded, “See to it; I’ll be back shortly.” She then picked up a field jacket that had been hanging on a peg from a nearby wall and put it on as she stepped out into the rain. 

Her walk across the settlement was brief, but she was pretty soaked by the time she reached where the Qowat Milat had based themselves. She found Jew’leanar packing what appeared to be more supplies from their Ferengi benefactor and working with other members of the order in preparing them to be sent out to the settlers. 

“Doctor Slyvexs,” Jew’leanar called out when she saw the Denobulan medic. “How does it go at the hospital?”

Appearing deflated as part of her response, Slyvexs explained how swiftly her staff had worked through the cases that had been there waiting for them, along with those that had come out to see them once word had gotten out.

“You don’t seem happy with your effort?” Jew’leanar challenged. “What was wrong?”

“I know you appreciate honesty, but with the death of your former medical expert, I fear there are more cases of people who need attention but haven’t come forward,” Slyvexs answered. “I want to go door-to-door to see everyone.”

“An ambitious and bold idea,” Jew’leanar said as she considered it for a moment. “Do you think that is a good idea?”

“I do. Your people deserve to be treated well, and while we are here, I say use us.” Slyvexs said. 

“Then who am I to turn away a helping hand?” Jew’leanar said with an appreciative smile. “That said, your people may encounter resistance from others who may not appreciate seeing Starfleet officers knocking on their doors.”

“Could any of your fellow sisters join us in our efforts?” Slyvexs requested. “They may be more open if they see a friendlier face.”

Chuckling at that notion, Jew’leanar looked at the doctor. “It sounds like you’re requesting a qalankhkai, doctor?”

Knowing the practice from before, Slyvexs laughed at that idea as she winced her head from side to side. “Well, don’t you ask those you see to choose to live? How is that so far from my medical principles of ‘do no harm’?”

“I’m not sure my fellow brothers and sisters would appreciate seeing us with our blades out and threatening them with medical care,” Jew’leanar replied. “Nevertheless, I am sure they would choose to live. Organise your teams, doctor, and I will have my sisters join when you’re ready.”

Slyvexs thanked her and dashed to the hospital. After taking her hood down once she got in, Forbes approached her.

“What did Jew’leanar say?” He asked.

“She gave it her blessing, and we’ll have some local help with our house calls.” She answered with a smile. “I think we’ll be able to turn things around for ourselves here.”


  • This was a delightful progression, both from the perspective of Odyssey changing the destiny of a world, and as a tightly-focused Sylvex's character piece. As I hoped, the inclusion of the Qowat Milat adds exactly the 'je ne sais quoi' they've offered to modern Star Trek. The cadence of Jew’leanar's dialogue feels authentic to me, and offering medical care at sword's point is really very funny. I was equally amused by the points of comparison Slyvexs' drew between 'do no harm' and 'choose to live'!!! Like many across the Fleet Action, I'm so intrigued by the morality plays being explored by the medical officers, trying to make the most of their efforts to change an entire planet, while trying to be strategic about offering time and resources where it will prove the most self-sufficient. It's tough tough choices to be making, but I'm relieved Slyvexs' is one of the ones making them.

    June 28, 2022
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