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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 2 – Wings of a Phoenix and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Taking a Breath

USS Edinburgh
June 18, 2400
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USS Edinburgh – Ready Room  – 0930

=^=That is…an odd development, Commander.”  Rachel Harris sat in her chair in her own ready room while her son, Ambrose Harris, did the same as she’d listened to his full report.  She’d shaken her head and replied in disbelief.  =^=We’ve sent your report up the line.  I made some inquiries within my fleet and nobody recognized the ship names you had mentioned.=^=

Ambrose gave a nod, “We’re not sure which house they’re from as well – we followed up with the Romulan captain but he’s not responding to us – we didn’t have enough time to examine the clothing or emblems to make any kind of guess.”  He tapped his console, “We’re keeping an eye out, but they didn’t directly attack us and they took off pretty quickly when they saw us coming.”

A pause before she asked, =^=…and Patra?=^=

“Nothing.  You would expect some rumors or local communications to make their way through the lines…but nobody seems to know where he’s gone…or what he’s doing.  He’s still got a fleet at his disposal and plenty of officers and crew to man them…but his secret is out.  It’s largely dependent on the rest of the fractured empire and if they’re willing to trust him, use him, or whatever else comes of this.  He may have gone deeper into Romulan space…or he’s got another base of operations somewhere.”

Rachel Harris looked at her son wistfully, =^=I never thought I’d have to worry this much about you, Am.  Romulans one month, Klingons the next?=^=

He smiled quietly, “We’re doing the work that’s needed, mom.  We’ve got a good crew and a good ship – that’s all I can ask for.”

=^=Doesn’t make me worry any less.=^=  She tapped at her console, =^=Once you depart later today, Starfleet wants you to see if you can find something.  There’s been a wild tale a few systems over – something about a moon station being haunted.  I know, I know.  Probably just local legends run wild, but it’s reportedly causing issues with the crops on the surface of the planet and Starfleet thinks with your Chief of Science being Romulan, she may be the right person to dig into the situation.=^=  A quiet pause, =^=How is she doing?=^=

“She’s doing everything we’ve asked of her…and more.  Several of her officers have come to me to tell me that she’s the best superior officer experience they’ve had – mind you all they know is from the Academy…but they’re very serious about keeping her around.”  He shrugged, “I think she finds being useful and having a part in the crew the most helpful.  She would have been sent off with the rest of her team to Bravo for evaluation and eventual transfer…this way she can do some work for the good guys.”

Rachel nodded, =^=It’s encouraging.  Some in upper command are watching her as a test case – plenty of the refugees have skills, talents, and knowledge that could be put to good use.  It’d be their choice of course, but Starfleet’s got the Federation mandate behind it – and a federation has to be a place for and of all alien lifeforms.=^= She glanced up at her door chime, =^=My first officer is here – we’ve got our marching orders as well.  Good luck Am…safe journeys.=^=

The channel closed and he sat back in his chair.  He wondered about the future – once whatever shape and size the Romulan population resolved to be in the galaxy – what would the Edinburgh’s mission become?  They were not a warship or a battleship by any stretch.  They were a workhouse that could step into the mix for a moment to shake things up.  They’d proven they could test the mettle of some serious players…but they’d been bruised and bloodied each time.  He wondered what lay ahead for the crew and himself.