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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 2 – Wings of a Phoenix and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

The Next Level

USS Edinburgh
June 18, 2400
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USS Edinburgh – Ready Room – 0800

“Commander’s log.  We’re finishing up the work at the Larakas Colony.  It was discovered that the mining equipment was substandard and Chief Katsumi was dead set on getting it all in working order…and Starfleet agreed.  It didn’t take long to discover that Patra hadn’t kept much of anything maintained across the planet, the mines, or even the orbital operations so that took additional time.  Much of our crew has now been cross-trained in engineering so that’s been a benefit.  Our medical teams also found a population with some serious health needs, so they’ve been working on upgrading the clinics with equipment and education – Patra’s manner of rule seemed to be on death and destruction.  It took Doc a few days to get them to trust her and the team…all these folks have been used to was being beaten, experimented on, and whatever passed for a level of care in the eyes of the Commodore.”  

He took a drink of his chilled cider, “Patra has vanished off the grid – between what remains of the fractured Romulan government, the Federation, and anybody else – he’s gone to ground.  We’re keeping our eyes and ears open.  Lieutenant Thasaz doesn’t think he’ll ever return here – she thinks her people have had a taste of freedom and life…they won’t give it up so lightly this time around.”  He finished off the glass, “We’re being ordered to investigate reports of attacks a few sectors over…the consensus is that it’s pirates…but not pirates.  We’re scheduled to leave at 1900 hours.  End log.”  The computer beeped.

“You’re cute when you’re serious.”  Jordan Reid sat on the ready room couch, cuddled up with a blanket and a book she was reading.  Their relationship had grown over the last month to the point where she had spent a few nights in his quarters.  They had found they liked each other a great deal and the conversations outside of daily command life had been filled with laughter, running jokes, and a growing adoration of each other.  Harris was the slower mover of the two and Reid found it oddly encouraging – he wasn’t trying to move the relationship faster than she was ready…and he tended to show more care as they talked and spent time together.  She was sorta kinda sure she might love the guy.

“You said I was cute all the time last week.”  He tapped at his console checking the latest department reports.

She smiled quietly, “It is true.”

=^=Commander Harris to the bridge.=^=

He stood and gave Reid a look, “When you leave, it should look like we were meeting to discuss something.”  He entered the bridge a moment later.

USS Edinburgh – The Castle (bridge) – 0810


Kondo spoke from the center tactical station, “We’re receiving a distress call from deeper in the Velorum sector. It’s the Sharpened Cutlass, sir.  They report they are under attack from…Klingons.”

Harris snapped his head up from where he sat and turned around in the command chair, “You said…Klingons?”  A nod was his answer.  “Mr. Prentice, how far we away?”

“We’re surprisingly close, sir.  We could be there in fifteen minutes.”

The CO glanced at Kondo, “Is this a general distress call…or was this only for us.”

“Directly to us, sir.”

Harris took only a moment to decide, “Inform our teams on the planet we are responding to a distress call…and we will return shortly.  Secure all stations in the meantime.  Mr. Prentice, plot an intercept course at maximum warp.  Red Alert.”  The lights faded and the alarms sounded as officers moved to their alert stations while Harris tapped at the consoles on the arms of his chair.

Prentice turned to face his CO, “Course ready, sir. All stations report secure and ready.”

“Let’s get on our way, Ensign.”  The Edinburgh took off in a flash.


  • Took me a while to catch up with this - the plot is proceeding at a relentless pace! It has me looking forward to the final showdown with Patra, and makes me wonder how much of a beating the Edinburgh will inevitably take before it happens. Intrigued to see what happens with the Klingons now in the mix!

    June 24, 2022