Part of Starbase Bravo: Sundered Wings and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

By the Raven’s Beak

Starbase Bravo
June 2400
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Cynndle sat back on the sofa in his quarters after another long day in operations with an extra four hours assisting with managing the refugees coming aboard that left the station. The involvement of the Klingons has complicated an already messy situation worse as they seemed to be happy targeting the refugee ships as well as the federation escorts when they were present. 

Picking up the PADD beside him he accessed the entertainment programmes onboard and began scrolling through historical shows from the early 21st century. “Bound to be something interesting in here…” before he could get far into his search the PADD chimed and a notification would show up indicating that he had an incoming transmission.

“Odd, wonder who that this could be.” Standing up he quickly went to his desk and transferred the transmission to the console there and accepted it.

A rather tired looking and almost haggard looking Vulcan Captain appeared on the display. His uniform jacket was undone and he didn’t seem to care that his undershirt was showing. He had dark circles under his eyes and his hair was a bit messed up. He spoke, “Greetings, I am to assume you are Lieutenant Oin’sun stationed on Starbase Bravo? I am Captain Thevius currently on the USS Thyanis. I am reaching out to you about a mutual friend of ours and the… situation he appears to be stuck in. I was informed he reached out to you as well as me about it. Due to the nature of the situation, I do not think he was the most revealing. I was hoping to reach out to you so that at least someone knows what happened before things start to turn for the inevitable worse.” He did not directly say it, but his tone and words indicated he did not believe they would come out of this alive.

“Captain Thevius, you are correct, I am Lieutenant Oin’sun.  I had tried to reach out to you before after Lihran messaged me but I was unable to connect to the Thyanis.” Cynndle said as he sized up the Vulcan on the screen. When he had received the message from Lihran he had been unsure what he could do but had been digging into both the records of Lihran and Thevius. There was nothing directly connecting them but he was convinced that Thevius was involved in the kidnapping but had no way to prove it.

‘I need to get as much information from this guy as possible but need to be careful, he is a Captain…’ he thought before he continued. “The message I received was very short, I assume due to the limited ability he had when he sent it. I have questions but before I get into them I have passed on the information to our security team here as they have been investigating his disappearance. The KIDNAPPING he mentioned was very concerning to hear so any information you can provide would be appreciated. What is going on?” he says while trying to meet the Vulcans eyes.

Thevius regarded Cynndle for a long moment, mulling over his words. The Captain didn’t quite seem as Vulcan as he appeared in this moment. He chose his next words very carefully, “He was beamed aboard a D’Deridex for an intelligence mission. Due to his background, he was the prime agent to do so, being able to blend in inconspicuously amongst the other Romulans. However…” He paused and sighed, “His ex spouse happens to be the captain of the Ridaere, the ship he is on. We lost contact with him after Klingons attacked the D’Deridex. I can see you have questions. Please, ask them.”

Cynndle leaned back as Thevius responded clearly avoiding certain topics. ‘Guess I will have to spell it out for this Vulcan…bit of an old Vulcan…’ he thought before responding. “Given his background, I can understand he would make the perfect agent for this work but the presence of his ex spouse is concerning. You are correct, I do have a number of questions. First off; how did he get there, this was not an authorized transfer. Station security damn near tore this place apart looking for him. Second; what is your plan to get him off of the warbird and could you have used the attack as a distraction to get him off? I assume you are somehow hiding the Raven you are on…”

Thevius nodded slowly, “He, amongst others have turned their back on the Empire after the supernova.” He pressed his lips into a thin line, thinking, ‘This human is about as crafty as a Romulan, I swear.’

Thevius met Cynndle’s eyes, “The transfer was not authorized, you are correct. An unfortunate miscommunication between me and one of my officers when I requested he gets transferred over. According to said officer, he was knocked unconscious in a holodeck and beamed out. As for how to get him…” Thevius’s face flickered and showed a shocking amount of emotion for a Vulcan; exaspteration. He continued, “I am not sure. He mentioned causing a mutiny and beaming out in the chaos but we lost contact with him. I will beam aboard disguised myself and retreive him”

Thevius fell silent for a moment, starting, “Yes we are staying hidden. I beg for your confidentiality in this answer. I’ve been a member of the Federation longer than he has and do not want his citizenship revoked. He built us a makeshift cloaking device. We are currently idling, cloaked underneath the D’Deridex. I’ve known Lihran far too long to throw him under like that.”

Cynndle stared at the screen for a moment while he considered everything that Thevius had said, “I appreciate your honesty on this matter Captain Thevius. Though I am concerned that a Starfleet officer would abduct another, miscommunication or not. Let us hope that he is able to cause enough of a distraction so he can transport off that ship. If it would help I can figure out which Starfleet vessels are closest to lend aid if needed though the call would need to come from you. As for the cloaking device, one might consider that as the empire it was signed with is no more does the Treaty of Algeron still stand?”

Stretch his neck Cynndle pauses before continuing. “There is nothing I can do to assist from here but I appreciate you providing me with an update on the matter. I will of course have to pass this information along to security here regarding his abduction as it is an open case but I will leave the bit about the cloaking device out. Drastic times sort of thing….”

Thevius dipped his head, replying, “It is gravely concerning, I would agree. I would appreciate that, Lieutenant. I would appreciate any help, even the smallest bit. I will see to getting him off the ship before doing such, however. You provide a good point about the Treaty, and I agree with such.” He took a pause for a moment, leaning back, “I will be honest; I cannot guarantee Lihran’s safety or mine, or any of ours at this exact moment. If we get out alive, that is. I appreciate you taking the time to listen. Even if we don’t make it out of here alive, I hope to have provided some answers about what happened to us. If that is all, Lieutenant, I have a Romulan to re-kidnap.”

“I am glad that you reach out regarding this. Lihran is a good officer and I trust you will do everything you can to get him out of there. I will see what ships are close and send you their details. They may be able to provide some assistance. Please keep me updated on any developments on your end. Cynndle out.”