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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 1 – What Burns in the Darkness and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

A Harris Reunion

USS Edinburgh
May 17, 2400
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USS Edinburgh – Quarters– 2030

Ambrose sat at the table, an amused look on his face.  His mother and Jordan had hit it off immediately after he’d introduced her as his, ‘girlfriend’, for the first time.  Rachel’s eyes had glittered and the two had been talking for the last half hour as he’d quietly served dinner, drinks, and dessert.  Jordan glanced at her chrono and realized she had an early morning report.  Harris hugged her goodbye and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  The door closed on her and his mother hit him playfully, “Took you long enough.  I like her.”  He rolled his eyes and tapped at the replicator.  Moments later they were sitting on the couches, her coffee steaming and his chill cider swirling in his cup.  She leaned back and let out a long sigh, “If I ever suggest becoming a captain again, tell me no.”

Her son chuckled, “Not your speed?”

She raised her head and scowled at him with a slight smile, “Don’t you start.  I outrank you.”  A pause, “I’m happy working the lines, navigating behind the scenes, pulling and cutting strings…running a starship is a lot of work.”  Nodding to him she took a sip, “How has that been for you?”

He took a drink, “It’s been a hard few days.”  He related the discovery of one of their crewman in space and then explained what had happened with the ensign on board the Romulan ship.

She leaned forward, her motherly instincts taking over, “I’m so sorry, Am.”  She shifted over to his couch and sat next to him, “It never gets any easier.”  They sat together for a long time, sharing in the moment and the memories of loss.  Rachel spoke of her first loss as an officer and Ambrose shared his frustration at the loss so early in his command.  They continued like this until they both fell silent.  Ambrose turned to her, “You’re not just here to supply us and catch up with your son, are you?”

Rachel’s face was grim and she nodded carefully, “You know me too well.”  She accepted a refill as she spoke, “I’m been ordered to brief you and your command crew on the next stage of your mission.  Starfleet has grown more and more concerned about Commodore Patra and his goals.  Your mission is to learn more about his plans, infrastructure, fleet status…as much as you can.”

Ambrose swirled his cup, “I’m going to take a stab in the dark – under the cover story of a humanitarian mission aided by our modules being outfitted with additional medical beds and crew.”

“Your reading of the situation is correct.”  She finished off her drink, “Call a command staff meeting at 0800 hours tomorrow – I’ll brief your team.”  She stood and they embraced tightly before she stepped back and put her hands on his shoulders, “I don’t often tell you how to do your job, Am…but be careful with this mission.  We’re pulling you into the shadows a bit because we need to know what we’re dealing with.”  Another hug and she kissed him on the cheek before she headed out the door and was gone.

The silence of the room was deafening as he considered what the future held.