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Part of USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Chapter 8 – To Stand Alone

June 2400
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Located just east of the settlement was a large field that had once been used to grow food for the people that lived there. In the last couple of years, the soil had begun to turn toxic though many believe it was deliberately tampered with. A group of Orions beamed down in hopes they were not seen, thinking that their plan was foolproof though unbeknownst that they were caught beaming down by the Aldore.

Tolev was a younger inexperienced officer, not having that much experience with raids had looked around. “That was a little bit too easy,” he replied as they stood there for a moment getting their bearings.

Hiru, the leader of the group, looked at the young Orion letting out a laugh. “I wouldn’t call that easy, they weren’t giving us all that ship is capable of.” He replied looking at him, “that ship could have easily destroyed us both.” He said making a statement as he looked at Tolev.

Tasi, one of two Orion women in the group, gave Tolev a look that could kill, “the next time they might just do that,” she responded, rolling her eyes.

“Indeed,” Hiru replied.

The group began to move through the fields, Jiru looked at the others as they walked. “What is our plan?” She asked as she wasn’t a part of the original away team, as she was just thrown in after the other one was injured in the firefight aboard the ship.

Hiru stopped dead in his tracks and turned towards Jiru, he was going to chastise her then realized she wasn’t a part of the original away team. She wasn’t aware of what their plan was, Hiru turned back and began to walk again as he began to explain. “Our orders are to sabotage Starfleet, rendering them assistance, and to show these people that their only hope is to return to the Star Empire.” Hiru explained, “show them that Starfleet can’t protect them, only they can.” He added as he knew that in a couple of days the IRW Audax would be arriving in the system.

“That sounds simple enough,” Jiru replied.

Taren looked at them, he knew what Starfleet was capable of as he has had many run-ins with them over the years. “I wouldn’t underestimate them,” Taren warned as they walked.

Hiru let out a laugh as he was still thinking they had fooled them, that the Aldore hadn’t picked up their transporter signals or that both ships had sent teams down to the planet. “We have nothing to worry about, they don’t even know we are here.” He replied looking back at the others.

“Whatever you say, boss,” Taren said as he rolled his eyes as they kept walking towards their destination, which happened to be the refineries. They needed to destroy the rest of them that they had missed the last time they were there. In their mind, with those out of the way, the rest would be easy or so they thought.

Meanwhile, Talmir and his security team from the Aldore had beamed down just outside of the refineries. They felt that it was the best place so there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings among the locals about their intentions and which side they were on. Wanting to focus on getting the Orions taken care of before more damage is done.

A few moments later Lieutenant Holman arrived with his security team, “thank you for agreeing to assist us.” Brian said, looking at them before extending his hand towards Talmir, “Lieutenant Holman Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer on board the Saratoga.” He introduced himself to get the formalities out of the way.

“Of course,” replied Talmir as he stood there for a moment before taking the hand that was offered. “Centurian Talmir Security Chief on board the Aldore, though you can just call me Talmir.” He replied as he as well as everyone aboard the ship had denounced the Star Empire.

“What is our plan?” Talmir asked now that the pleasantries were concluded.

“According to our scans, they had beamed in over in the fields that are located on the east side of the settlement.” Brian began as he looked at everyone, “they seemed to be heading directly this way.” He finished looking at Talmir as well as the others in the group.

Talmir shook his head as he thought that was something typical of pirates. “That is typical of them to go for what is considered important, the rest will be easy.” He replied with a sigh as he had seen this tactic done way too many times in his career. He was also forced to do that same tactic by the Star Navy, which sickened him to even think about it.

Located near the west side of the refineries was a long wall with an entrance that Lieutenant Holman deduced they would enter to not draw the attention of the locals. The height of the walls would conceal them for that element of surprise.

Holman noticed that there was about a handful of Remans working on the refineries making sure that the remaining ones remained operational. Holman made his way over to where they were located and requested that they leave the area until it was secured as he didn’t want any civilians injured from stray phaser fire.

Once the workers had left the area he made his way back to the team. “Since they will more than likely come through that entrance,” he replied pointing in the direction where it was located. “Talmir and I will remain here at the entrance, while the rest of you will spread out behind the refineries to help block them in one area when the shooting starts,” Holman said as Talmir nodded in agreement.

“My Captain would like them alive for questioning so please set your phasers to stun,” Holman replied.

“Understood,” Talmir replied.

“Any questions?” Brian asked as he looked at everyone who just shook their heads, they understood the assignment. “Alright get to your places they should be here any moment,” Brian ordered as they all went to where they were ordered to go, as Brian and Talmir stayed close to the entrance one on each side.

After what seemed like an eternity which in reality was only a few minutes before they began to hear voices approaching their location. Brian held up a finger to his mouth to signify silence, weapons were already waiting for them to come through the entrance. “Take down anyone who gets in our way,” Hiru ordered as they were about to go through the entrance.

The others nodded as they entered the area not realizing they had company waiting for them. They had made their way in before they realized they were even there, “stand down!” Brian ordered as their weapons were trained on the intruders.

“Shit,” Hiru said in a state of shock before they began to open fire as they tried to run for cover.

“I thought you said they wouldn’t know we were here?” Jiru said firing at the Starfleet and Romulan officers. “Our plan wasn’t foolproof now was it?” She added in annoyance at their leader.

“Just shut up,” Hiru replied as he realized his plan had backfired.

There had been a constant exchange of fire between them, “we have you outnumbered and outgunned. I suggest you surrender now while you still can,” Brian replied as they started to advance in their direction.

“I’d rather die than be captured by the likes of you Starfleet!” Hiru replied as he opened fire again, hitting a Romulan officer in the leg.

“Oh that can be arranged,” Holman bluffed as they continued to engage in weapons fire until Hiru was the last one standing. “Looks like it’s just you, are you ready to give up yet?” Brian asked as he was closing in.

Hiru let out a loud laugh as he looked around to see if he could find a way to escape, though he knew he wouldn’t be able to leave the planet. Once he found an exit he began to make a run for it, though, in the end, he didn’t get very far before he was shot. He let out a loud moan before he hit the ground unconscious.

“They sure did put up a fight,” Brian replied as he took a deep breath.

“Indeed they did,” Talmir commented before turning away from the group. “I am going to go check on the wounded,” he replied before he disappeared.

“Lieutenant Holman to Saratoga,” Brian said as she tapped his commbadge.

“Go ahead Lieutenant,” Dex replied over the comm channel.

“We have five Orions to be transported directly to the brig,” Holman reported.

“Great,” Dex replied as she looked at Dazra who had tapped a few buttons on her console to have them beamed directly to the brig. After a few moments, those five Orions that were laying in front of him disappeared.

Once they were gone he went to where Talmir was located, “sir we also have wounded personnel here that need to be transported directly to the infirmary from both sides.” Brian replied after getting a head count of those that were injured, though none of them with any serious injuries.

“Understood,” Azras replied as the injured began to be beamed directly to the Saratoga’s infirmary for treatment. “What is the status report?” Azras asked as she sat there in her chair.

“They were unsuccessful in their mission sir,” Brian replied as he explained everything that had taken place. “We were ready for them, catching them off guard.” Brian finished explaining as he stood there looking around. “Though I am unsure of what their plans truly entailed, though I am sure after some interrogation they may be more forthcoming.” He said as he stood there.

“Understood Lieutenant, Dex out,” Azras replied as she ended the communications channel.

The remaining officers from both sides met up with Brian, “Alright,” he began looking at them. “We will need to spread out our patrol of the area, I have a feeling we might be seeing more trouble soon. I would like to be prepared as next time we might not get so lucky on an advanced warning.” Holman said as the others nodded in agreement.

“Indeed,” Talmir agreed while standing there, “my team and I will patrol the outskirts of the settlement to not upset any of the locals. I am sure that the last thing they want to see right now is a bunch of Romulans.” He said as Brian nodded in agreement.

“I think that would be wise for the time being,” Brian said before taking a pause. “My team and I will patrol within the settlement,” he finally replied as Talmir and the others nodded.

“If there isn’t anything else you are all dismissed,” Brian said as each team went their separate ways to begin patrolling their designated areas. Standing there for a moment looking around, this could have gone a different way than it did. Brian had met up with the Remans that were working in the refineries, letting them know it was safe to return before he headed off towards the settlement with his team.


  • I loved reading the progression of these poor mercenaries. They arrived cocky and confident, though with some respect at least rationally that maybe they shouldn't have made it all, to find themselves way in over their heads! Jiru's challenge to Hiru upon the plan going sideways was brilliantly executed and exactly something I could see being said in such a situation. The ease of which Brian and Talmir just got on and did their jobs hints at a solid professional understanding you'd expect to see from folks in such situations. I'm keen to learn more about the Orion plans and their Romulan paymasters!

    June 18, 2022
  • Things are heating up for the Saratoga! I knew the orions would be trouble, but I never imagined we'd end up with a bloody firefight between Orions, Starfleet and the Romulans! That was a tense exchange and I was just as surprised by Holman's bravado, I suppose he was communicating with the pirates in a language they'd understand. The orions have quite a reasonable plan -- destabilizing the Starfleet's humanitarian efforts to prove only the Romulans can ever protect the local on Rhijun. I'm curious about why the orions are working for the Romulans; I suppose the star navy is stretched too thin. All of these factions intersecting is making for a political thriller in this story!

    June 20, 2022