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We want to call home

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S’Atilen realizes that it has already been a busy morning and he hasn’t even started work yet, making a quick stop at Cosmo Coffee for a to go cup from there he quickly makes his way to the communication center and the start of his day.

“Good morning petty officer, how was the duty last night? Anything interesting come in.”

“Not much sir,” handing the morning briefing PADD to the Ensign. “Was a quite night overall only thing we had where a bunch of requests again from the medical situation asking for communication time for the refugees to reach out to their families. But as you know sir, we put a communication black out on that area so that no outgoing messages could be transmitted and possibly leading to a panic on the base and in the Romulan held territories.”

Walks over to his cubicle area and drinks his coffee as he goes through the morning reports so he can brief the LT upon her arrival.

“Hey petty officer, isn’t there an operation support person assigned to that issue / slash area.”

“Yes, sir I do believe there is. Give me one second to look it up,” we hear a quick sequence of keys being tapped on as information is pulled up and looked through “Ahh yes it’s Lt Cynndle sir, an operations officer from the auxiliary ops center. Looks like they are the go-to point of contact for our side of the house.”

“Thank you Petty officer, I’ll make a note of that in case it comes up when I brief the LT.”

S’Atilen spent the next 45 mins or so going through the duty logs and then the duty schedules and the work schedules for the various communication sections that the comm center oversees. Slowly sipping on his cup of coffee as he makes sure he has all of his ducks in a row. This will be his second day working in the communication center and his first briefing the LT on his own.

Other than those requests it looks like the message traffic has been pretty normal, “I’m not seeing any patterns of anything in particular to note. Hmmm, I see the USS Edinburgh has arrived at their location. hmm what’s this the USS Ulysses has met up with the USS Temeraire. Wonder what is going on there last I heard the USS Ulysses was going through a major retrofit and upgrade.”

S’Atilen looks up as he hears the main comm center doors open, there she is right on time.

“Ensign S’Atilen do you have the overnight reports?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Ok then, my office 5 minutes for the brief.”

“Yes ma’am”

A few minutes later, S’atilen enters the LT’s office and goes through the morning brief with her along with the schedule for the day.

“Ma’am one last note, there is a Lt. Cynndle from operations that has been assigned to the medical issue. Maybe we can try getting him on comms and pass the message about the communication requests, see if they can work something out on that side.”

“That’s a good idea S’Atilen, reach out to the LT when we are finished here. Also, I just got a message from the Lt. Cmdr. you must have done something to impress Senior Chief Valin. Operations has decided to make you the temporary OIC for transporter room 4 and cargo transporter room 5, as you know they work in the same transporter section. This is just temporary due to the mass of staffing changes due to the Romulan crises and having to staff new ships for the fleet. This does not excuse you from your duties with the Communication center. With that being said I expect that you will not fall behind in your duties in either location, for a schedule, I believe a half-day with us and a half-day in the transporter rooms for three days a week with one full day assigned to the comm center and a full day in the transporter rooms. Those rooms are normally run by at least a LTjg or a LT, so do a good job and it could lead to good things for you ensign.”

S’Atilen thinks to himself. ‘Great that’s what I get for asking too many questions and actually looking like I wanted to know how everything’s runs in the transporter rooms. Well, what is that old saying my father uses with the cadets, ahh yes “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.”’

“Yes, Ma’am that will work. I’ll spend the first half here and the second half there unless you need me to switch that around for any reason.”

“That will work ensign. Make sure you met with the Senior Chief when you go down there today so you can go over schedules and any requests or reports that need to be completed.”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Well, I think that pretty much-covered everything for last night and so far, this morning. Keep me in the loop if anything else comes up this morning and let me know before you head out to the transporter rooms. Dismissed.”

“Yes ma’am.”

S’atilen exited the Lt’s office and stops by the duty desk to make sure nothing came up while they were in the meeting then makes his way to his cubicle. Types in his code for the console to unlock and asks the computer on the updated reports for his newly assigned additional duty and reads through the overnight reports for those. Then taps to open the communication link to Lt. Cynndle.

“Lt. Cynndle this is Ensign S’Atilen from the communication ops center. We have been getting numerous requests over the last few hours for communications outlets from the folks in Docking Bay – Ward 1. Seems like they all want to call home and let friends and family know what is going on. I’m sure you are aware the Bravo operations has put a black out on outgoing communications from that area so as not to let others get wind of what is going on. No need to start a panic or possible galaxy-wide relations issue before we know for sure what is going on.”

“As a side note if I can help in any way possible please let me know besides working in the communication center I have also just taken over transporter room 4 and cargo transporter room 5 as the OIC temporarily, which I believe are the two transporter rooms closest to that docking bay.”

Cynndle stood in Cargo bay 34 watching the engineering team leave the bay for the docking bay in Central hospital 1 and pulled out his PADD just before it chimed and a message appeared from Ensign S’Atilen. Pausing for a moment he read the message and smiled, “Well, this is perfect. The universe has a way of helping out sometimes it would seem. Saves me having to hand the transporters”

Tapping the record button on his PADD he began to speak, “Ensign S’Atilen, I just read your message. The timing of this is perfect. I was about to request access to both those transporters for solo use transporting medical teams to and from the USS Lorenza as it is experiencing a medical emergency, as you are aware. Can you meet me and Lieutenant Longfellow at the docking bay in Central Hospital 1 to discuss our next steps?”

He relistened to the message and scanned the text that was generated; happy with what he heard and saw before clicking send. “Best go check on the status of those Hazmat suits and determine if we need more.” Taping his combadge he began to make some calls as he headed back to central hospital 1.