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Part of USS Edinburgh: Mission 1 – What Burns in the Darkness and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

The Phantom Menace

May 16, 2400
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The Praetor – Bridge – 0800

“The Commodore hails, Colonel Rexin.”  The CO of The D’deridex-class Praetor stood from his chair.  Patra was a fearfully made leader who had been instrumental in his life and his rise to the heights of Romulan politics and intelligence.  The fall of the Empire had been unnerving for most, but Patra had made it clear they would come out on top. There was no other way.

“Put him on the viewer.”

=^=Have you made any progress with them?=^=, Patra demanded.  He was impatient.  They had found out on a lark about the crew being transferred to this new ship, and with Rexin’s help managed to capture five of them.  Now he wanted the use of these humans for his purpose. Rexin wouldn’t dare stand in his way.

“We have, Commodore.  One of them swears he has Romulan blood now and that he would anything for us.  He has told us of friends on this new ship and even of a woman he is relational with.”  Rexin chuckled. The boy had broken easily compared to the other four.  “We will keep him and one other…the other three we’ll drop on the path of the…”, he looked at his tablet, “…the Edinb…how do they say this word?” One of his protocol officers stepped up and glanced at it.

“It is pronounced Edin-bur-oh, Colonel but it is spelled in a rather…weird manner.  Humans and their spelling.”  The officer returned to his station as Rexin faced his commodore once more.

“On the path of the Edinburgh.  They will find their three crewmen and they will feed them what we’ve told them.  Their rage for justice will drive them to us and we’ll wipe them away.”

=^=You’ve linked up with the Clawed Death, and the Sharpened Cutlass?=^=

Rexin gave a curt nod, “They arrived this morning and we’ve begun the process of discussing mission objectives with them.”

Patra shifted in his seat and considered his question.  Rexin was amused to a point – rarely did his commodore grow silent in a conversation about the destruction of an enemy.  He spoke his question at last, =^=The status of Bloody Lance?=^=

It was the colonel’s turn to consider his words.  He led with, “She is in secure orbit around a sun charging as we speak.  When last checked, she was at 50% charge.”

There was a flash of rage across Patra’s face, but it was not meant for Rexin.  =^=Those damn scientists assured me it would charge with haste.  As soon as it is ready, you must make yourself ready for this…Edinburgh and her crew.  Let them feel like they are winning something in the fight to come…then crush them with the raging fury of their own hell.=^=

Rexin gave a slight bow, “It will be as you order, Commodore.”  Patra gave him one last look before closing the channel.  The colonel let out a long sigh.  They would be clearing the board and dominating the stars.  He smiled quietly at the thought of the murder and madness he was about to undertake. It would be glorious.