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And so it Begins..

Starbase Bravo
7 June 2400
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S’Atilen couldn’t help but notice the cluster of ships around certain docks as he was running his morning laps. Ahhh, those must be the refugee ships that everyone is talking about from the Romulan crises going on. (He thinks to himself as he sprints to the next goal laid out in his mind, upon reaching it he slowed down to a good jogging pace) Wonder if I’ll language be assigned in that area or in support of it, could be a good fit with my language skills. DING! Well, there is my 60 mins of cardio complete. Time to go get a shower and report in. S’atilen makes his way to his quarters to prepare for his first real day as an Ensign.


(Enjoying a cup of coffee at Cosmo coffee with a hazelnut scone) At least mom and dad had the right idea in not sticking to typical Caitian cuisine, to many planets and regions have to many good foods once you get used to the taste. Noticing the up tik in the amount of star fleet uniforms going towards the work stations. Guess it is about time for me to report in and see what my fist duty assignment will be.

(After making his way to the Operations Command area)

Morning Petty Officer, I’m here to report in.

PADD please

Here you go.

Ahh you’re a day early, no bother, the Lieutenant Commander should be in a moment, have a seat sir and I’ll let her know that you are here.

(a few minutes later a young-looking Lieutenant Commander walks in briskly carrying a cup of coffee and reading from her PADD) morning petty officer, how was duty last night? I see all of the requestions from the refugee ships were filled and looks like transporter room one Chief Mathews is going to sick call. Other than that, anything new?

Ma’am, Ensign S’Atilen is here to report in.

Ahh the new linguist, finally they assigned us one. Only been asking for a few weeks. Protocol always gets them first.

Well follow me ensign let’s get you situated.

Yes ma’am (mouths protocol and give a slight shake of his head towards the Petty Officer)

A slight chuckle from the petty officer.


Please close the door behind you Ensign (the lieutenant commander sits down behind her desk places the coffee and the PADD on her desk) Welcome to Starbase Bravo Ensign S’Atilen and welcome to the operations office. As I am sure you have heard we have a lot going on right now with the Romulan situation and the influx of refugees from those systems coming. Reading your dossier and I’m not going to go through the usual dos and don’ts right now as it looks like you have a good head on your shoulders and your parents are in star fleet so I would hope you would know how to act.

Yes Ma’am

I’m going to assign you to the communication section as I see you have a bit of training in that area and you have graded quite highly in many of the more “common” (using the air quote hand gesture) star fleet languages.

Yes Ma’am

I’ll send a message to Lt. Al’Bin to expect you there tomorrow morning. But for today, hmmmm… how well do you know transporter operations?

Just what I learnt when I did my cadet rotations ma’am.

Well, no matter, even though you will be assigned to the communications section and will spend most of your time there you will be moving around between the different sections to get a feel for the entirety of operations and get a general knowledge of the operations department various roles.

So, for today why don’t you go down to transporter room four and report in to Senior Chief Valin. (Taps her comm badge) Senior Chief Valin, be expecting Ensign S’Atilen in a few minutes. He is yours for the day, show him the ropes and do be nice don’t want another Ensign in my office sobbing about how you treated them again.

Yes ma’am, ma’am it’s not my fault that they almost sent someone through that storm with out taking into account those variances.

Ensign S’Atilen, any questions for now?

No ma’am

Good, good (takes a sip of her coffee) make sure you get the In processing check list done within the next few days, remind the Lt you need to get that stuff done, she has a tendency to forget about the stuff like that.

Oh, before I forget, Ensign tell your mom and dad that Samantha says hi and that she has not forgotten about that blind date they set her up with.

Yes ma’am (ears perk up and a slight chuckle/purr comes out when he hears that) oh your mom’s roommate from the academy and your first assignment. Got it I’ll let them know tonight when I give them a call. I’ll have to get that story sometime, should be one to hear if it concerns their academy days. 

Well Ensign S’Atilen I wouldn’t keep Senior chief waiting to long she is likely to send the rookie transporter crewman out to find you.

Yes Ma’am

Exits the Lt Commanders office, shutting the door behind him.

So where is she putting you sir?

Communications as of tomorrow but for today Transporter room 4.

(Gives a slight shiver) Chief Valin, Good luck with that sir, (slight chuckle) watch out for

Storms, yes, I heard.

S’Atilen exits operations and heads towards the turbo lift. 


  • Each individual has their own writing style and I must admit this is quite unique. I noticed that quote marks were not used to identify dialogue. I would be interested to see what authors you are looking to emulate. While the quotes help the reader identify the dialogue, I knew there are some writing styles that use less punctuation. This reads a bit like a script for a play. l If you do want to write this like a script that is great, but it is best to use play script format, just a suggestion because some readers could get lost. But I applaud your use of this style and look forward to reading more stories. John: Conversation..... (Action or activitly - like how it is being written) Computer: There is no information on that subject...... Speaker 3: Dialogue and conversation.

    June 11, 2022