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Personal Log – GOT YOU, YOU PETAQ!

Starbase Bravo - Cynndle's Quarters
May 2400
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The screen turns on showing a very tired-looking young man with dark patches under his eyes and several days’ worth of bread growth on his face beyond what is within the regulations. His hair is clearly dishevelled and his uniform jacket is undone showing a grey shirt underneath. 

“Personal Log – Stardate…Damn, who knows. Computer, adds stardate to the title of the recording.”

“I need to remember to do these when things come up; help to keep my thoughts in order with everything going on.”

He barely stifles a yawn and reaches for a nearby glass with an amber liquid in it.

“So where to begin. The collapse of the star empire has had us running at our wit’s end for the last few weeks. The sheer number of vessels and refugees that are flooding the station is staggering. Since it started we have had thousands of refugees pass through the station and hundreds of ships coming through the station’s control zone.”

“Needless to say double shifts, and long shifts seem to be the norm at the moment. I think this is the first time I have been in my quarters in 40 hours…But it is helping people who are in dire straights so a few sleepless nights on our end is the least we can do here on Bravo. I can only imagine what it is like for the rest of the fourth fleeth in Romulan space.”

“Anyways I digress, this log is about other things.”

“First off, the station for the last month or so has been plague…not plagued that is too harsh a word. Troubled by power issues which have been causing erratic issues with our internal sensors and overloading the Bio-neural circuitry. Working with Lihran; that is another thing…we found a growing number of power junctions that had evidence of tampering and even cut wiring. We have been able to fix this and have been able to set measures to prevent this but it is a big station and it is taking time. Security is involved but the glitches are so minor it is of low importance with everything going on.

He runs his hands through his hair before taking another sip of the drink and doesn’t try to hide a yawn.

“I am convinced it is one of the gangs of teenagers messing about. Most of the cases, 80%, seem to have a pattern and I am close to getting it and catching them in the act but the outliers make no sense and mess with the data. It is concerning as I am pretty sure they were involved, either directly or told someone how to mess with the power and circuitry thus scrambling the internal sensors when Longfellow was attacked. Just really need to get to the bottom of it. But I am closing in, I have set up an alarm that will notify me the moment a junction is accessed within the primary areas. I can then get there and catch the bastards. Stop this act of sabotage. Get a lead for Longfellow. Enough is ENOUGH!”

He says this last bit with extra heat in his voice, clear frustration, almost anger. Then rapidly deflates with a sigh.

“And then there is the other thing. Again seems to be the lower end of priorities with everything going on. Ensign Lihran who has been instrumental in helping me with this is gone. I have no idea where. His CO doesn’t know. The computer reports that he was last in the holodeck but then gone. There are no records of transporter signals but security did a sweep and found evidence of blood and it was confirmed to be his. It is currently being treated as MIA but what if it is more than that? Security is looking into it but they have their hands full.”

“Did he get further in the investigation than I knew and identified who was behind the attack on Longfellow or the power and sensor issues? What if they then attacked him to cover it up? We had thought maybe there was Romulan involvement, he thought it was possible. Could this have something to do with the current troubles? He never really talked about his past to me, I know he was alot older than me, Romulan longevity and all, though I didn’t ask..…could it be that?”

He trails off as a new thought crosses his mind….

“What if he was involved…a ROMULAN AGENT SENT TO WORK OPENLY AS A ROMULAN IN STARFLEET!? No…that would not be the case he believed, believes in the fleet, the federation you could see it in how he talked. There is no love or caring for the Star Empire there….I think.”

“I need to look into this more, something is off for sure.”

He goes to continue when the console beeps rapidly causing him to jump up.


The Log ends just as he grabs a phaser from his desk that was out of the shot before and the transporter activates leaving an empty room and the log timer still counting.



  • Another kidnapping? Invested. Want to know more. This is edge of the seat style stuff going on here.

    June 7, 2022
  • Not so much another kidnapping just Lihran's first but wanted to get it in that it was noticed by Cyn on SBB

    June 7, 2022
  • I kind of love how over-the-top excited/angry he is when the console lets him know that his alarm was triggered. It paints the picture of someone more than a little stressed to be sure! Then again, what with this apparent gang of teenage hooligans, and the new disappearance of Ensign Lihran, there's good reason for him to be on edge. There's an informal, organic quality to this that helps create a frame of humor—it's easy to imagine watching this log on a small screen... seeing him leap wildly for his phaser out of the shot moments before he's transported away. And transported to where!? Looking forward to the next installation.

    June 7, 2022