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Part of Endeavour: What’s Past Is Prologue

Returning to Earth?

The bridge
Tuesday 26th April 2157
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When the captain gave the order to set a course for a return to Earth, Randall was caught off guard, but instead of asking questions, he laid in a course, and when the captain gave the word, he set the ship on it’s course, bacck to Earth.

The Endeavour had just started exploring space, why the recall? They just made contact with another new race, the Risians, which had gone well.

The ship was just a few months out of spacedock, so it was basically still brand new. Was the ship scheduled to get an upgrade to it’s weapons and shields? Was the ship to get a new faster warp drive? A new main computer?

He had gotten letters from his friends and family back on Earth. His friends heard rumors about new ships being designed, not NX class, but basically an NX upgrade. Josh knew that rumors about these things were so easily to dismiss…..but this was about the Endeavour….it was personnal to him.

When his shift ended, Josh headed to the mess to get something to eat. It was between shifts, so the mess was empty. He selected a turkey sandwich, and to drink, he got an iced tea from the drink dispenser. He took his food and drink and sat at an empty table. There was just another person in the mess, and he didn’t want to bother anyone. 

He ate in silence, and when he was finished, he headed bakc to his quarters to get some sleep. He was due back on duty in 4 hours.