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Receiving Orders

USS Galileo, Main Bridge
May 2400
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The Galileo has been in refit and dry dock for a few weeks, enough time that Naris was starting to chomp at the bit.  She didn’t like just sitting here, and she certainly didn’t take command just to wait.  She was reading over the latest round of new arrivals as she looked up to the door, “enter,” she sighed.  If this were another Officer needing her to press a finger to a padd and approve something, she would shove the Officer out of a torpedo tube. 

Sam had been on the Galileo long enough now to know that he needed to come with gifts when he visited the Commanding Officer.  He entered the room with a Raktajino as he shook the cup.  “I come bearing gifts,” Sam looked to the Captain, “it’s from that little place on the station you like.” 

Naris couldn’t help but smile, “am I truly that predictable,” she spoke, not refusing the offered gift.  Pressing the cup to her lips, she took a sip of the beverage.  “You really need to try this.” 

“I’ll pass,” Sam gave her an odd look, “that stuff tastes like sludge. I’ll stick with my mocha, thanks.”  Sam gestured to a chair, “ Doctor Borden reports that Medical is staffed and ready to go.  She’s still having some trouble with my mocha. 

Naris picked up the padd on the desk as she read over the report, “I swear if this briefing is the same as yesterday….” 

The Commander laughed, “so we skip the rest then? I do have one question, where did you find Rivers?”

Naris knew of the man’s reputation.  He was arrogant, cocky, and very self-absorbed. “He has a reputation, I know.  But, he was one of the best pilots …”  Their conversation was interrupted by the alert of an incoming communication.   The logo of Starfleet Command replaced the black screen, then the face of an aged Admiral appeared.  The man had a weathered look that gave Naris reason to pause. 

“Captain Naris,” the man stated, “I am sorry to be contacting you on such short notice, but I am ordering the Galileo to the Velorum Sector, specifically to the mining colony on Ketalos 3.  I wish I had more to give you, but at the moment, information is scarce.  Reports of a possible coup within the Romulan Star Empire and the Velorum Sector have requested assistance.” 

Naris looked at the man for a second, “Sir, I am sure you are aware the Galileo isn’t fully staffed, and we are still in the midst of….” 

The Admiral interrupted her, “I am sorry, Vidre,” he gave a brief smile, “but this comes from Fleet Admiral Ramar.  The entire Fourth Fleet is being mobilized, Vidre.”  He gave her a look that spoke volumes.   “Set course for Ketalos 3; more information will arrive as soon as possible.”  Then with so much as a goodbye, the man disappeared. 

Naris looked at her Executive Officer, “well, we didn’t want a typical meeting,” she shrugged, gesturing to the door.  As both Officers stood up, Naris tapped her comm badge, “Captain Bates, I’m going to need everything you got out of these engines.  We are forgoing the typical start-up.” 

Naris got a simple reply as she entered the bridge, “Helm set course for Ketalos 3 in the Velorum Sector.” 

Sage looked over his shoulder to the Captain and XO, “Ketalos 3, Ma’am?”

“You heard the order, Lieutenant,” Naris replied.

“Setting course for Romulan territory,” Sage Rivers replied from the helm terminal, “Commander Malik, recall everyone back to the ship.” 

She took a deep breath before continuing on, “Recently, Starfleet HQ received an unusual request from the Velorum Sector.  Due to this request, the entire Fourth Fleet is mobilizing.  Currently, information is scarce, so Commander Malik, I want to be ready for anything.” She didn’t need to go into long details, that could be covered later, for now, the attention needed to be on the ship and not the mission at hand. 

“Lieutenant T’lol, the area has seen an increase in pirate activity. There is an old Earth saying hope for the best and plan for the worse.  I do not want to be caught off guard.” 

The Vulcan interrupted with just a nod.  “I will ensure that we are ready, Captain.” 

“Lieutenant Rivers,” Naris looked to the Helm, “these pirates are coming from somewhere.  I want to see if you can analyze their flight plans and determine possible locations for their attacks and areas they might be hiding in.  Coordinate your findings with Security.” 

“It will be done, my liege,” Sage replied as he winked at the Operations Chief, “it shouldn’t take that long for someone like me.” The man dripped with arrogance. 

“A little less flare, Mister Rivers,” Naris sighed, “Open a channel to docking control.”

“Channel open, Captain.”

“Control, this is the Galileo requesting permission to depart,” Naris sat down in the command chair. 

“Galileo, this is control, permission to depart granted, 30 seconds from port gates.” 

“Clear all moorings,” Naris ordered, “Aft thrusters, ahead one-quarter impulse power, Mister Rivers.” 

It was always a spectacular event to watch a ship leaving dock, especially when it was yours.  Naris has a certain air of pride about her as the ship’s crew worked to launch the Galileo on her maiden voyage.  

Moments later the Galileo after the Galileo had cleared the station, “We are clear to navigate, Captain,” Rivers glanced over to his shoulder. 

“Warp 6 Helm, get us to the Velorum Sector,” the Captain added, leaning back just a little bit in the chair. 

This wasn’t what she had expected for their first mission. She would have preferred something with a bit more information.  Whatever this coup was, she made a mental note to review all available information.  Mobilizing the entire Fourth Fleet was an enormous undertaking and something that the brass wouldn’t take lightly.  Whatever happened, it was enough that they were willing to throw all their cards on the table and hope for the best. 

Naris watched the viewscreen for a bit, but the unknown kept gnawing at her.  She stood up, “Commander, you have the bridge.  I will be in my ready room attempting to see if I can dig up some answers to our questions.” 

Sam nodded as he stood up. 

“I still have some old friends in Starfleet Command,” Naris stated as she left the bridge, “time to see if any of those friendships paid off.” 


  • The launch of the Sundered Wings Fleet action is making way for an exciting maiden voyage for the Galileo! I appreciated the way Naris shut down Rivers' cocky response without delay, but did so without humiliating him in front of the crew. "My liege," indeed! It was really deftly done, showing us what kind of leader Naris is going to be. In fact, I really enjoyed the budding reverence Naris has for the Galileo herself. the relationship between a Captain and her ship is such an important relationship in any Star Trek. The notion that Galileo wasn't even fully staffed before launching is also a really promising twist to this mission. It's sure to cause them pitfalls if they're facing off with pirates. I'm curious to see how it'll pan out for the crew as a result!

    May 31, 2022