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Profile Overview

Sage Rivers

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rivers


Sage Andrew Rivers



Sage Rivers was born with a natural talent for flying, and he spent most of his youth on his family’s farm dreaming of the stars. When he was old enough, he left his small town in search of adventure and joined Starfleet as a Flight Control officer. Sage quickly made a name for himself as a cocky and arrogant pilot, but his skill in the “cockpit” was undeniable. He has served on many different starships and earned a reputation as one of the best pilots in Starfleet. He was fearless in the face of danger and always pushed the limits of what was possible.

Despite his abrasive personality, Sage was eventually promoted to Chief of Flight Operations aboard the USS Dragonfly. He has a tense relationship with his fellow officers, but they all respect his skill and knowledge that they can count on him when the chips are down.