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Chapter 1 Unexpected Orders

Starbase 43
March 25th, 2400
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The hum of the Starbase was calming to Michael after the long voyage back. The encounter with Michelle had drained Michael and the crew. They had been ordered for a resupply and Michael was happy it had come at such a needed time. He had been walking through the base just trying to get some exercise. The past few months had been crazy and Michael still wasn't sure where things were headed. The situation with his wife was coming to an end as they were finalizing the end of their marriage, though it had been civil, which was a huge surprise to Michael.

Felicity had been very supportive during the process, which was the only reason that Michael still had some sanity about him, though his crew would not be privy to that information. He stood looking at the vastness of space and sighed not realizing someone had come up to him. He jumped when he felt the arm wrapped around his. He looked over to see the gentle face of Felicity. He smiled and pulled her closer to him “Hi Lic, how did you sneak away from the Brewhouse?”

Felicity smirked “You know when the ship is docked the Brewhouse is pretty empty so it gave me the ability to do some exploration of the base, though I was trying to find you.” She stopped and looked out of the window “What happened a few days ago? Why were we attacked?” She said the sound of pure worry in her voice.

Michael led her down the hall before he began to explain “Before you joined the Tesla the ship was part of an encounter with a Klingon dissident group, which sounds normal, but the person who helping the Klingons was an old co worker who turned traitor. Michelle Oliver was a close friend before she tried to kill us with the help of the Klingons. I knew something was off, but I could never point to it in the situation. Jump to the present and now I guess she holds revenge against me and the crew. She tried to attack us and succeeded, which shows me we need to be more vigilant of the environment around us.” He stopped for a second again looking out the window trying to compose his emotions after the encounter.

Felicity listened quietly before being the normal voice for Michael “I had no idea, but I know that you don't share everything with me, which is fine, but if you're having a problem you know I am here to listen, as I can't do much more than that. That being said I know you're a capable Captain and the genuine care you have for your crew is paramount to anything else I have ever seen. The amount of times you have put the crews wellbeing over yourself is why this crew will follow you to the darkest corners of the galaxy.” She reached out and caressed his cheek before giving him a kiss.

Michael smiled, but before he could respond there was a chirp for his commbadge “Captain it's Tallie, you have an urgent communique from Starfleet Command.” Michaels eyebrow rose “I am on my way.” He said nodding at Felicity who smiled and nodded back acknowledging she understood. Michael took off in a brisk jog back to the Neptune, which wasn't far. He made his way to his office and took a deep breath before sitting down and activating the communique. 

He was surprised to see Commodore Ekeueme on the screen. It had been awhile since the Commodore had been on Michael's screen.

“Captain Ryder, it’s a pleasure to see you again,” said Commodore Ekwueme on the display. “I hope I find you and your crew well.”

Michael smiled and nodded “The crew is doing ok after a long mission they were happy to get a respite her at the Starbase, though I feel that is about to change.” He said with an indication of question in his voice.

“They’ll thank you for that rest,” Ekwueme replied. Although he spoke in a serious mien, he smirked with his eyes for just one look. “The Romulan Star Empire is on the brink of collapse. We’ve received intelligence of a military coup on Rator. The empire and its senate are imploding from within.”

Michael nodded slowly “I had been hearing rumors about the Romulans, but I wasn't sure it was true or not. The imploding of the empire and the senate is not a good situation for any of us.” He concluded making note of the situation on a nearby PADD.

Ekwueme replied, “It could mean the end of their way of life, which will make the Star Navy all the more unpredictable. Neptune’s concern will be in the Velorum Sector. The worlds in Velorum have long been industrialized by the Romulans for mining and hard labor. However, the Reman workers vastly outnumber their Romulan leaders and have rebelled against them. Acting-Governor Resak has declared the Velorum Sector a free state for Remans, independent from the Romulans.”

Michael nodded “That sounds like a situation that could implode if not handled correctly. Where exactly is the Neptune needed for support? We can be ready to depart in the next eight hours if needed. Will we be helping anybody or is this solely a mission for the Neptune?”

“I’m assigning Neptune and USS Temeraire to the Kunhri system in the Velorum Sector. The Reman leadership has asked the Federation for humanitarian aid. The USS Dvorak will join Neptune to address the food shortage among the refinery workers on Kunhri III. Your mission will be to secure the Kunhri system. Protect all Starfleet personnel in the system and defend the Remans from opportunists who may want control of the system for themselves.”

Michael nodded “Understood, Sir! I will make sure we're ready for the task. I feel the Romulans may have other plans so I will be on the watch for an suspicious sensor reading while we're securing the system.”

“The Star Navy hasn’t taken any action against Kunhri or the Velorum Sector,” Ekwueme said, “and nor as the Romulan Republic and the Romulan Free State. You’re right, though, that could easily change.”

“I understand that, Sir, but the Romulans have been known to change their minds in an instance. I want to be prepared for even the smallest change.” He said.

Ekwueme remarked, “I’m counting on it. What questions do you have about your orders?”

Michael stroked his beard as he thought for a moment “Will there be any need for my personnel to go planet side or will we be in orbit the entire time? I know you said some other ships will be present.” He asked trying to determine the scope of the Neptune's duties.

“I’ll leave that at your discretion, captain,” Ekwueme replied. “You won’t know the full extent of the humanitarian crisis on Kunhri III until you arrive and assess the situation.”

“Understood, Sir! Is there anything else?” He asked.

“I’ll send you the full reports and analysts from my strategic operations officer, captain. Ekwueme out.”

Michael took a deep breath, as it seemed the rest and respite wasn't to last. HE opened comms “I want all senior staff to report to the conference room immediately.” He said as he headed that way himself.



  • And USS Neptune enters the Fleet Action! Ryder has been dodging conflict without and within, between Michelle Oliver's grudge and his crumbling marriage. I can't wait to see how these strains on Ryder will effect him as he takes the Neptune into disputed territory, with Romulans hiding behind every corner. He already seems affected by the attack from Oliver and I wonder if that will make Ryder more cautious or even gun-shy. At least he has the support of Felicity in their blossoming relationship. Her care for Ryder is really sweet and heartfelt to read.

    May 31, 2022
  • Nice to see that Temeraire and her captain will be joined by someone else as equally cautious about the situation they will find themselves in. I'm looking forward to the challenge of coordinating efforts with you to ensure we can make the system safe from aggressors. I feel like the Captain's moment to shine has yet to come, but with the support of Felicity, when he gets his moment, it will be worth the wait for all involved.

    May 31, 2022