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USS Erigone
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USS Erigone – Bridge – 1100

“Approaching navigation point, Commander.”  Ensign Prentice called out as he worked on his tactical scan.  He’d been given three roles on the Raven class ship, and he wasn’t sure how to feel about it.  He knew he could do it, that wasn’t the question.  It was as if there was some kind of plan to drum him out.

Commander Harris stood from the center chair, “Slow us down, Ensign.  Lieutenant Reid, let’s see what’s out there.”  The Raven Class dropped out of warp and slowed to a crawl.  

Jordan tapped her hands over the console as she reached out with the sensors.  It took a few moments and a frown or two before she felt comfortable reporting, “Wreckage is that of a Miranda Refit, unknown registry.  Sensors report weapons scoring across the hull, and evidence of some high-impact torpedo fire.  No life signs…no power readings, but the warp core comes back as intact and functional.”  She turned in her chair to face the CO, “This was a recent attack, Commander.”

Harris remained standing but turned on his heel to face his Reid, “The mission brief stated that a transport operation had come under attack by pirates or a syndicate of some kind – they were unable to verify since they were running for their lives.”  He returned his gaze to the screen, “They managed to get the crew off the ship.  It’s odd that the attackers left her in such…good shape.”

Prentice nodded thoughtfully, “Miranda class are old as hell…I mean, they’re old ships but they’ve still got worthwhile tech on them.  And the warp core?  Usually, pirates or syndicates go for maximum destruction.  A warp core failure would have sent the message.”  Harris gave him a glance and the helmsman shrugged, “We had to study their tactics as helm officers – our professors wanted us to understand why to run when you’re outmatched.  Heroics at the helm can get your crew killed.”

Ambrose considered, carefully.  “Reid, anything on long-range sensors?”  He returned to the center chair and sat, contemplating.

She was ahead of him as the scans returned results, “Nothing of note.  A few transport operations just at the limit of our scanning area…but nothing remarkable.”  Tapping at the console a blip beeped and then vanished.  She ran the scan again and nothing.  “Sir, I’m getting an irregular ion reading just inside our scanning range.”

Harris leaned forward in his chair, “On screen.”  The viewscreen was replaced by the readings spike at the irregular intervals.  “That is curious.  Most rudimentary cloaking devices run on ion power or ion systems.  Cheaper that way…but runs the risk of detection unless you’re careful.  They’re being careful.”

Prentice spoke up, “Recommend we go to yellow alert, sir.”

The CO waved him off for the moment, “Let’s not let them know we’re aware.  They’re not sure what we’re doing.”  He sat back in the chair, “Reid, any chance you can tell what kind of ship we’ve got out there?”

Jordan played around with the sensors for a moment and then shook her head, “Inconclusive.  System can approximate the size – they’re not much bigger than us.”  She ran a few more scans, “The warp trails in the sector are wild – lots of traffic but the ion readings register to a trail path – one which was within striking distance of the wreckage.”

Harris chewed on his bottom lip, “I don’t think we’re going to get to board her.  Whoever’s out there is waiting around for…something.  Prentice, let’s go-to red alert.  Maneuver us to face the ion readings and power our weapons…but don’t target anyone.”  the helmsman tapped at the console as the red alert klaxon rang through the ship and the overhead lighting went to a subtle red along with the consoles.  The Raven class turned around in space.  Ambrose leaned forward in the chair, “Reid?”

She was carefully monitoring the sector and shook her head, “No movement.  The ion readings are there, but still irregular.  They’ve moved a little.”  She coaxed the sensors further, “Power surge!”  She stabbed the console and changed the viewer to show a menacing pirate vessel fading into view.  “We are being hailed.”

The CO of the Erigon stood, “On screen.”

=^=You are encroaching on our claim.=^=

Harris avoided frowning, “I’m Commander Ambrose Harris, USS Erigone.  You are in Federation space which is under the authority of Starfleet Command.  The wreckage is the property of the fleet for retrieval and decommissioning.”

=^=You will stand down and stand away, Commander.  It is ours and we will be taking it home.=^=

A shrug from Ambrose, “Not gonna happen.  Please depart the system.”  The channel cut and the ship fired two disrupter shots, the bridge decks trembling as Reid reported the shields were holding.  It began to make evasive maneuvers.  “Mr. Prentice, get us moving.  Target their weapons systems and engines. Fire at will.”  Harris returned to his seat as Prentice threw the Erigone into a dive and dodge as the inertial dampeners kicked on.  Twin phaser blasts impacted the attacker’s shields, a blue glow reacting on their shields.

“Minimal damage to their shields, Commander.”  The bridge rumbled as the enemy struck true with two more blasts, “Sensors are working on finding a weak point.  If they have ion-powered cloaking, the ship might also have a similar power system.”  The bridge shook this time as four blasts impacted despite Prentice’s maneuvering.  “Shields at 80%!”

William grumbled as he threw the Erigone into a hard turn, tapping at the phaser controls and sending blasts against the attacker’s shields, “They’re getting fancy out there.”

Harris gripped the arms of the command chair, “Then outfly them, Mr. Prentice.  Fire torpedoes as needed.”  The bridge shook again as consoles flickered.  Reid announced that shields were holding but the power systems were struggling.  Ambrose jumped up from the chair and headed to the left console at the front of the bridge and activated the engineering subset of LCARS.  “Shifting power from secondary systems.”  Prentice swung them around and fired two quick fiery torpedoes that found their mark.

“Target’s shields at 60%.  Their weapon’s systems are shorting out.”  Reid reported as two blasts impacted the Erigone, shaking the bridge further. “Shields at 75%.”

Harris turned to Prentice, “You fly, I shoot.”  William nodded and returned his attention to maneuvering away from the blasts coming from the pirate attacker.  The CO supercharged the phasers while balancing the power and targeted the already beleaguered weapon’s systems, sending two long stabs of phaser fire at the critical juncture of the enemy’s shields.

Reid confirmed, “They’ve lost their weapons systems…they are turning away.  Warp engines activating…”, the three of them watched the viewscreen as the ship went to warp and was gone into the black.  Silence held on the bridge for a moment before Harris spoke.

“Damage report?”  Jordan reported that the power system had a few shorts and that the shields would need recharging and a few other fixes.  Otherwise, the Erigone was stable.  The CO stood from the left station and returned to his chair, “Send a complete report of this to Starfleet Command.  We’ll need to scuttle the wreckage and take possession of the warp core and other items.”  He glanced at his chrono, “Mr. Prentice, you’ll be going with me.  Reid – do a sensor sweep every fifteen minutes.  I don’t know if they’re done with us.  If you get a hint of them, emergency transport us home.”  She gave a nod as the CO stood, “Let’s get this done.”