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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

An introduction to the yards

Starbase Bravo - Shipyards
March 2400
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Cynndle stepped off the turbolift into Deck 150 in Sector Delta-Yellow. Looking around he pulled out his PADD and double-checked where he needed to go. After a short 3-hour induction he was starting his first complete shift in the dockyards, part of his cross-training as ‘recommended’ by Ensign Heriah Rex. ‘Cross-training to address my, what did she call it…short term PTSD, was it PCOS.’ he thinks with a shrug

The truth was he was looking forward to his. He would still be spending about half his time on his regular work rotation in operations, but he got to branch out and work with the other departments for the rest of his time. From the way he saw it this would look good on his record when it came time for a promotion; assuming he did royally mess up that is.

Walking towards the dockyard operations he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. He had only been her briefly and was amazed to see a Nebula class inside the station, with room left over to spare. It was awe-inspiring to see such a massive vessel docked inside the station.

‘I wonder what I will be assigned to at first, likely just low-level maintenance though maybe it would be on one of those new starfighters Starfleet is rolling out he heard about, what are they called again….’ He wonders as he approaches his destination.

Nilah had finally finished that craft after giving her a headache until she finally figured it out, though it was something simple that was just so hard to find. She was now being sent to work on the Nebula-class that was inside the shipyards. She would be assigned to the main engineering to help upgrade her systems, she was about to enter when she saw Cynndle again. “Fancy meeting you here,” Nilah replied with a smile.

Lost in thought as he walks looking at his PADD he almost missed what Nilah had said to him and stopped just short of walking into her. Looking up quickly he smiles and looks around, “Oh, Hey Nilah. Yeah, well I have been assigned to the dockyards today to get my counselor recommended cross-training in. Though I will admit, I am not even sure where to report.”

“Think you could help?” Pausing briefly he asked, “How are you by the way?”

She looked down at her padd for a moment after reading that someone was going to be working with her today, though she didn’t pay much attention to who it was until now. “Ah looks like you will be working with me here on this Nebula-class ship today,” she responded with a smile after looking back up from her padd.

“Uh, well that ties things up nicely” he laughs. “Though are you sure you want me mucking about inside the workings of a Nebula?” 

“My orders were to just report her for the shift so I will follow your lead. What is needing to be done on her by the way?” gesturing towards the Nebula in drydock. 

“System upgrades and routine maintenance, nothing too drastic” Nilah replied as they made their way into the ship and down towards engineering.

“Sounds straightforward enough. Helped out with similar work back on the Dawnbring before I was assigned here.” Cynndle remarked as he looked around at the corridors of the ship.

“Indeed, good thing she wasn’t in for her refit now that would be more involved.” She said with a chuckle as they arrived at the main engineering and began to work on the system upgrades.