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The Hiro and The Longfellow, I

Infirmary 4
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Infirmary 4 – 1500

“Doctor Longfellow.”

He looked up from his desk and felt a smile return to his face, “Asato Hiro, I saw your name on the lists when I came on board.”  She gave a slight bow, which he returned, gesturing her into the office and to the seat, which she took graciously.

“It’s been a few years, Doctor.”  

She was a little older but still a vision of beauty and brains. He smiled quietly, “You’ve faired well, Shin’yū.”  

Asata blushed and sat back in her chair. “It has been an experience worthy of Kishikaisei (revival of the dead).  After I left you, I spent two years wandering Texas and Starfleet Headquarters.”  She fiddled with her hands as she spoke, “Coming here was like escaping the tiger’s cave with its cub in my hands.”

Henry nodded, leaning forward, “I know how that can feel, Asata.  How has it been since?”

She looked up and caught his gaze, “I…it has been good Sensei.”  He blanched at her use of his title but smiled quietly.  She continued, “It is a unique gathering place of species, peoples, and societies here on Bravo – it is as much like Tokyo or any large city – but so much more.”  A look at him, “How has your short introduction to this place been?  I hear bumpy.”

Longfellow chuckled, “That’s the understatement of the year, my hiro student.”  She smiled at his use of her nickname.  “I am thankful you’re here.  Finding friends in a place like this can be a challenge.”

Asata sat forward, “I hope it is not too presumptive, but I asked for my assignment to be moved here, to infirmary 4.”

Henry chuckled, “If you hadn’t made the request, I would have asked myself, Hiro-san.  Your family is well?”  

A quiet nod, “My father is getting up in years, but he continues to practice Rajio Taiso every morning, afternoon, and night.”  She felt the warmth of memory flood her heart, “He is still assisting the local government with historical work.  Mother’s painting continues in the gardens.  She sends me one every month with boxes of goods from home.”  She felt her eyes grow misty, “It is what helps me being this far away, Sensai Longfellow.”

The doctor stood from his desk and came around to her and offered his arms open, “Come here, old friend.”  She stood quickly and embraced her teacher tightly, the tears spilling now as she felt his strong embrace strengthen her heart and soul. She released and stepped a few inches back.

“Thank you, Sensai Longfellow.”

“You wish to return to our old names, Hiro-san?”  He cocked his head to the side.

Her smile went wide, “You understand – it is an element of home and my past – it brings light into my heart, Sensai.”

Henry understood.  “Well, I am glad to have you at my side, Hiro-san.  And we’re equally ranked – lieutenant junior grade and all.”

To that Asata laughed, “There is a joke somewhere about the young and the old, but I would not dare make it with you.”

Longfellow chuckled and playfully punched her in the arm, “You are correct.  Shall we make rounds and see what is needed?”

She gave a nod as they walked back out to Infirmary 4.