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Flying Fur Part II

Near Pulson Nebula
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Flying Fur PART II


Clark scrambled from his station and exited the bridge. Behind him, a large cat-like creature bounded down the hall. The only place Clark could think to go would be the medical bay. He had to continue to dodge the attacks, lest he is killed. 

He had barely made it into the medical bay and slapped the control panel when the cat slammed against the half-open door. 

Its huge claw raked at the empty air as the door fully closed and hissed shut. 


Dr. Valeria reviewed her findings and her conclusion seemed logical. It did not take long for the verification she needed. Clark, with his uniform, torn and face bleeding let out an anguished call. “Doctor!” He called with erratic breathing.  “Something is happening to the crew.” Her stoic Vulcan demeanor did not falter. “Indeed, we are seeing the result of ionizing radiation, most likely from the energy wave we encountered.” 


Before he could ask a follow-up question,  she took hold of his chin with one hand and ran a dermal regenerator over the gashes on his face with the other. Her forcefulness surprised him.  “Actually” the doctor continued, “Approximately 15% percent of the crew are affected.” She looked over his face like admiring a piece of art and then turned to return the tool to its original location and continue “Due to the unique type of radiation, it directly impacted the structure of humanoid DNA.”


Clark waved his arms emphatically toward the door, “Radiation does not explain all of that!” 


Without turning to look at him, she deftly picked up a tricorder and made her way to the captain, who was still unconscious on a bio bed.  “You are correct,” she stated and returned to a stoic silence.


 Logically, we can assume the same reason the captain has not regained consciousness is related to the crew’s transformation. ”How ?” Clark was stunned by this revelation, “I don’t see the connection.” Dr. Valeria tilted her head to the side as she took note of the results.  “The captain caught a rather common flu among his people, and while it does not normally produce issues for any other species, this virus mutated when the radiation from energy wave hit the ship.” 


She paused and set the tricorder down. Pounding shook the door and Clark jumped. “Is there anything we can do?” 

He asked and moved away from the doorway. “There is nothing you can do, but I have to devise an antidote.”  Clark was unfazed by her gruff demeanor. “What about the rest of the crew?” A loud thumping and scratching at the door caused him to flinch again.  “And those doors won’t last for long.  She gave him a long look. “Logic states, ‘Insufficient facts always invite danger.’

“For now the rest of the crew must fend for themselves, as for the rest, I shall endeavor to complete my tasks with great efficiency.” 


Elsewhere on the hip Sarah Lighthorse along with a half dozen other crew took refuge inside of a Jefferies tube, Colt their former Engineering Chief had gone berserk. One minute he and other engineers were recalibrating the matter – antimatter flow a half-heartbeat later he transformed into a hairy beast. The resulting chaos sent the crew scrambling for safety. As the cat creature took after several technicians it crashed into the power control station and damaged several systems. 


In another part of the ship two security officers grappled with a transformed Lt. Jones to protect a third officer from being mauled to death. Together they were successful in dragging it down the hall. “Computer activate forcefield corridor 7-25.” One of the security officers called out a moment later a light blue wall of energy flared to life. The security officers gave each other a quick nod and they pushed the beast into the forcefield knocking it unconscious. 



Dr. Valeria held up a vial of blue liquid. “Part 1 is complete, now we need a subject to test it upon.” 


Clark looked at her in disbelief, “And how do you expect us to get one?” Her eyes move from the vial to fall upon him. 

“Oh no!” He began when phaser fire from the hallway sounded.  The medical bay doors slid open and two security officers drug a large cat creature wearing a  tattered command uniform into the room.  


“Well…I guess that answers that.” Quipped Clark. 


With two test subjects, Dr. Valeria was able to extrapolate an antidote for the captain. With the captained cured, his blood was used to devise a solution to revert the transformed the officers and crew back to normal. Over next few hours those who were trapped and or hiding were freed. The engineers went back to work and got the ship operational. 


Many crew, injured and curious made their way to the medical bay. 

R’tor woke and his eyes slide from side to side as he looked around in confusion. 

“What’s going on?” He asked as he sat up. 

At his side Dr. Valeria, Clark, Sara Lighthorse and a disheveled looking First Officer all breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Hummm…Looks like our medical bay has become the new watering hole,” R’tor commented. 

Someone let out a little laugh. “Welcome back captain.” Dr. Valeria greeted him. 

“Thanks…?” He stated but wanted to know more. “Report.” 

Clark smirked, “You were sick, sir.”

“And…?” R’tor  asked as he crossed his arms. 

“We just had a bit of a…cat-as-trophe.”