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Part of Endeavour: The Risan Beachhead

Thinking About Risa

Endeavour, Risa
Thursday 14th April 2157
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Most of the crew went down to Risa for shore leave, courtesy of the Risans. Not everyone could go down at once, so Josh volunteered to allow the crew to go before his turn. He took the time to find out what Risa offered, besides what the crew was saying.

There was nothing in the ship’s computer, so he requested permission from Risa if he could link with the planet’s computer, which was granted.

The first line of the info was that anyone coming to Risa, was ‘to simply enjoy yourselves. All we have is yours.’ seems to be the planet’s motto. 

Pristine beaches were mentioned, a lot. Cabanas. Private coves. Scuba diving. Snorkeling. Shipwrecks to explore. 

Games were next, something that sounded like racquet ball. Boat races. Surfing.

Mountains where a person could go skiing. Mountain climbing.

Scenic paths where a person could walk for as long as like.

Private suites where a person could completely rest.

But what caught Josh’s eye was….a visit to the environmental controls that control the planets weather. Now that was what he was looking for.

He put in a request to visit the orbital control center, and after a few seconds, he was granted permission.

So when he turn came around the second time, he boarded one of the pods that had been ferrying crew back and forth from the planet, to the ship and vice versa. When he got to the planet, he checked in at the information booth, where he was told his quarters assignment, and that if he was eager to get started, they could make sure his luggage, which was just one bag, would safely arrive. Josh handed his bag over, got his room assignment, and headed to the direction, that the woman behind the desk, told him to go. When he got there, it was just a woman, sitting behind a table, waiting for him. 

She stood up. “Greetings. Welcome to Risa. All that we have is yours. My name is Karina. I am You are Josh Randall?”

“I am.” 

“We don’t get many people wanting to see the weather systems, but I will take you to the shuttle that will take you there.” She placed her arm in his and they walked to the terminal. 

They reached the shuttle terminal, where she handed Josh off to another woman. “If you require anything else, feel free to contact me.” She turned and walked away, moving seductively. Josh turned to the other woman. “I am Luna. Welcome to Risa. All that we have is yours. Are you ready to leave?”

“Yes, I am ready.” She took his arm and they walked to one of the shuttles sitting at the terminal. Josh entered. “We will leave as soon as you are ready.” Josh looked at the empty seats. “What about the other passengers?’ Luna smiled. ”There are no other passengers.” She turned, left the shuttle, and the door locked.

The shuttle lifted off, and in minutes, they docked with the station. The shuttle doors opened, and Josh walked out. Another beautiful woman approached him. He wondered to himself, ‘are there only beautiful woman on this planet.’ “My name is Dr Bianca Taylor. I head this facility.” 

Josh looked her. “You’re not from Risa?” 

“No. I am from Earth. The Risan people contracted me to build and maintain this facility. You are actually the first person to ever want to see the facility.” She started walking.

As they walked, she told him about the history of the facility, that it was built in orbit, and that the scientists that build and programmed the controls were from Earth. 

Josh would ask questions as they walked.

She found his questions intelligent and that he was well informed. 

It took 2 hours to tour the facility. It took that long to see everything, and Josh looked at every detail.

Dr Taylor brought his back to the airlock for the return trip back to the surface. 

“I enjoyed myself immensely. Thank you for taking the time to guide me.”

She responded. “You asked interesting and knowledgeable questions.  I didn’t expect that.”

Josh moved to the airlock door. “Mr Randall. If you’re not busy tonight. would you be interested in getting dinner?” 

Surprised, Josh responded. “I would like that a lot.”

“See you later then.” She smiled, then turned away.

“Later,” he said to himself.