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A Death Back to the Future, VI

Infirmary 4
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Infirmary 4  – 1900

“I admit to the acts, freely.”  T’shalaith was laying down, her color fading further than it was before.  She coughed for a moment and then refocused her attention to Longfellow, “No one died, and the injuries were minor.”

Henry sat next to her, a PADD on his lap.  He’d spent the time since Major Tulak’s conversation working out some kind of a solution to the problem at hand.  What had begun as a simple hospice case had now evolved into something approaching a galactic diplomatic incident with him in the captain’s chair.  “I read the charges.  They’re heavily bending the definition of ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’.  Given the logic of Vulcans, this entire case defies the word itself.”

T’shalaith nodded, gravely, “You are dealing with someone who is not adhering to the tenants.  We generally find ways to identify those who betray it to this point.  I am unsure how this individual amassed the power they have without the oversight.”  She coughed for a moment before continuing, “I wish to die, Doctor.  I wish to leave this mess behind and move beyond whatever pettiness seeks to trap and torture my mind.”

Longfellow felt his heart rise to his throat, “You know I can’t speed up this process.  Not just legally but…morally.  I cannot cross that line.”

She regarded him, “I would never ask you.  I know your heart from the stories of my daughter.  She spoke of you highly.”  A coughing fit slowed her for a moment, “I simply tire of this…the human word is ‘drama’.  It is played out and exhausting.  I’ve been running from these fools for so long and the only reason they’ve caught up with me…is that I no longer have the ability to keep moving.”  A pause, “When I die, I must be cremated.  Immediately.”

Henry frowned but then realized why she was asking this of him, “You don’t want them to have access to your mind.”  He considered for a moment, “You would need to fill out a…”

She slipped a PADD from underneath the covers and handed it over, “Filed, signed, and confirmed an hour ago.  It is an official document from your Starfleet and Federation offices.”  She turned her head to him, “I must warn you.  Tulak was right to warn you about operating in the shadows.  When I die…and when I am gone…they will not be done with you.”  She coughed for a moment, “Vulcans have long memories, Doctor.  You will be wise to avoid crossing with them again.”

Longfellow gave a slow nod, “I still haven’t quite figured out a way to keep them from transferring your Katra while you’re alive.  I’m a doctor, not a lawyer.”

“There is a way.  You will not like it.”  She gave him a sly smile and he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

“You’re not serious.”

“You would carry me long enough for them to leave.  My daughter is in transit with a Katraic Ark.  She would mind the transfer and return me home with her.”

“It drove Dr. McCoy mad.”

She smiled, “Mad enough to save the galaxy if I recall.”  She let the smile fade, “You would need to consent, Doctor Longfellow.”

He sighed, “You wouldn’t live long after the transfer.  Your age and your condition…”

The sly smile returned, “It would be nearly immediate.”  She coughed and regained control, “It is a solution to our shared problem.  It will also give Major Tulak relief at having to carry my dust back as evidence.  The failure will not be his.  I will have outmaneuvered him.  He will live to see another day.”

“You think of nearly everything.”  He leaned back, resigned to her plot.

“I am a Vulcan, after all.  We shall do this at midnight tonight, Doctor.  You will need to have transport available for my body to be cremated.  Then it will be done.”

“For you.  For me…”

“I will be within you for a short time.  I promise you no harm will come to you.  I may be old, but my power over mind and matter is great.  You will be protected.”

Henry stood, “I’ll leave you to prepare.  I’ll get my end ready.”  She gave a quiet nod and closed her eyes.  Longfellow left the hospital wing and headed for his office.  Life on Bravo was certainly interesting.