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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

Unneeded Headache

Sector Delta-Yellow; Shipyard
March 2400
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After waking the next morning with a slight hangover, nothing that bad that a sonic shower wouldn’t take care of. After she was all ready for the day she headed down to the Shipyards to begin her shift. Grabbing a mug of coffee on the way out she headed down the corridor towards the turbolift that would bring her to the correct level. After arriving she looked around to see the craft that she was working on yesterday, she got a report from the night shift who hadn’t had much luck either getting it figured out.

“Great, another long day hopefully something comes to me today,” Nilah said to herself as she took a drink of her coffee setting it down she got back under the craft and began to work again all while thinking of what might be the problem and how to solve it.

A rather disgruntled and worn-looking Romulan entered the shipyard. At first, he seemed to act like he knew what he was doing and that he was exactly where he was supposed to be. He milled around for some bit, aimlessly. He looked around, admiring the ships and the equipment. He sighed audibly and walked towards the nearest person to him. He looked like he quite literally had not slept in days, holding a mug of coffee that was long cold by now. Dark circle resided under his eyes despite his neat and well-kept appearance.

Lihran cleared his throat before speaking, defeat in his voice, “I appear to be lost. I don’t suppose you can be of any help to me? I did not want to ask earlier and bruise my ego.”

She was again immersed in her work when she was startled again for the second time in two days, with a sigh she got out from underneath the craft and stood up, looking at the Romulan man in a yellow uniform. “Sure,” she said with a warm smile “how can I be of assistance?” She asked looking at him for a moment.

Lihran took a secondary glance around as if trying to find anyone within hearing distance who may hear and judge him, “I am not supposed to be here. These are the shipyards I take it. Evidently. I am supposed to be where reactors and engines are. I am brand new.” He gave a resigned sigh and sipped his cold coffee, grimacing afterward.

Smiling still, “yes it is and I know how intimidating this base can be as well as how easy it is to get turned around.” Nilah replied as she stood there in front of him, “I can take you to where you need to be,” she added. “I am Ensign Nilah Virahl, the shipyard engineer.” She introduced herself while extending her hand toward him with her always a warm smile and bubbly personality.

Lihran hesitated at the handshake. He reminded himself it was a polite gesture. He spent quite a few years on Earth and should be used to it. He swapped his coffee to his other hand and shook her hand firmly, “Ensign Lihran. I would appreciate the help, thank you.”

“Just arrived onboard?” She asked as they began to walk out of the shipyards towards where the shift leader was located. “I have been here for a couple of months myself so still fairly new.” She added as they walked down the corridor. 

Lihran nods, walking along with her, “About a week or so. I have been keeping to myself and burying my head in manuals and diagrams. I have been wishing to familiarize myself with the base and its systems before I start serious work.”

“I get that, this base is huge.” She replied as they walked, “I still find myself getting lost sometimes though that is getting better by the day.” She said with a chuckle. “So what made you decide to join Starfleet?” Nilah asked as she was just generally curious, not that it was unusual that he was a Romulan.

Lihran nods slowly, “It is indeed yes.” He hesitates, dwelling in silence for a few steps as he carefully chooses his words, “That is a loaded question. Maybe I can share over drinks sometime, but the basic answer is partially spite, and partially just wanting a fresh start. Maybe a bit seeking sanctuary. A peculiar mix of the three. Yourself?” As they walked, he looked around, memorizing where they were going and the features of the place.

“I enjoy fixing things, and wanted to shoot for the stars.” Nilah replied as they walked, “plus I enjoy meeting people no matter their background.” She said with a smile. “I think you will like it here, it’s never a dull moment that’s for sure.” She commented while walking down the corridor.

Lihran nods slowly as he listens, “That sounds… Quite pleasant actually. A good reason if any.” He gives a faint smile, then nods before he replies to the latter half of her statement, “I quite like it here already- despite my tendencies to get quite lost. I need to walk with a map on a PADD glued to my nose, I swear. I know where the medical facilities are well enough. Already found my way there a few times by now.”

“I am sure you will learn where things are in time, took me a while too,” She admitted.

Lihran nods once more, “I will in time. I can hear the reactors from here. I appreciate you taking the time from your day to help me get unlost and find where I am supposed to be. I imagine I will be seeing you around more often.” He shoots her a rather bright smile, almost unnerving coming from a Romulan.

She returned the smile, “my pleasure.” She replied back as she stood there for a moment, “if you like to have drinks sometime hit me up.” She replied looking at him.

Lihran pauses and nods, “I would like that, actually– should probably take some time off of work. I will get in touch with you. And… Thank you.” It was a double edged thank you; partially for showing him the way back and partially for being a friendly face to him after being met with some hostilities from others. He gave a faint smile before turning to head off into the reactor room.