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Lunch Bunch

Starbase Bravo - Infirmary 4
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Infirmary 4  – 1100

“…patient will need to be seen for a return visit in one week to ensure treatment plan is proceeding as planned.” Longfellow tapped the PADD for the next file and started up once more, “Patient will need to come in for twice-monthly labs and blood pressure checks.  File nutritional plan with replicator operations to ensure patient sees options when ordering.”  He tapped the PADD once more and let out a sigh of relief.  It had been the last patient from the morning.  He checked his schedule – an hour lunch had been scheduled for him starting now.  He headed out to find a place to eat.

Cozmo Coffee – 1115

Finding his way around the station was challenging and a bit overwhelming.  Thankfully he’d snagged his PADD on the way out and loaded a live map to find his way.  A turbolift ride and corridor stroll later he’d arrived at Cozmo Coffee.  He stared at the menu, blinking.  He needed simple.  He stepped up and ordered a black coffee and a roast beef sandwich.  A moment later he went looking for a seat.  The lunch crowd had filled in and there wasn’t a spare seat.  Henry sighed quietly and looked for anyone with a blue uniform.  He found one sitting, reading a PADD.  “Pardon me, ensign…can I sit across from you?”

Diverting her attention from the PADD in her hand to the man standing before her, she finished her sip of espresso and returned the cup to it’s saucer on the table. She wasn’t expecting anyone to join her on her lunch break, but was not opposed to having company, and gestured to the seat opposite to her, “Be my guest.” she replied.

Henry thanked her and sat down across from her.  He took a long drink from his coffee and thanked the gods that someone on this station made real coffee.  He’d setup his own system in his quarters after giving the replicator’s brew a try.  He’d nearly thrown it across the room.  Anybody could do good coffee.  He wanted great coffee.  He gave the ensign a nod, “Doctor Henry Longfellow…or Lieutenant Henry Longfellow, MD.” He gave a shrug, “I’m not really sure what my label is yet.”  He gestured to her, “May I ask your name?”

“Doctor Murphy.” She said in reply, “But Hannah if you’d prefer. What brings you to the station, work or just passing through?” she replied.

Fully invested in the conversation with her new companion, she set her PADD down on the table in order to give him her undivided attention. She needed the break from her studies anyway.

Longfellow took a bite of his sandwich and was pleasantly surprised.  There was some good old-fashioned flavor in the meat and bread.  He took a pull from his coffee, “Work, apparently.”  She gave him a curious look and he chuckled, “I was a doctor in Montana for most of my career.  Wife got the idea we needed to get into space and expand our world beyond just one little state.”  He shrugged, “We didn’t get placed together, so we’re navigating that challenge.”  He thought how to say the next part and settled on, “It’s my second day on this base and I’m just trying to stay ahead of whatever curves there are on the road ahead.  It may sound odd, but I’m more of a country doctor or small town doctor than anything.”  He gestured to the promenade outside, “I think this station’s probably bigger than any town or city I’ve ever lived in.”  He snacked on his chips and sighed, “But I’m here to do the thing we agreed to do.  So here I am.”  He looked back to her, “What brings you here, Doct…Hannah?  Why not the far away ships and stars in the depths of the galaxy?”

That was a question for the ages, she thought to herself briefly. She could have chosen any of the available postings offered to her at the academy to complete her residency when she graduated. Instead of galivanting across the galaxy, she chose Starbase Bravo. “I wish I knew.” she said, reaching for her half empty coffee cup. “I guess this seemed as logical a place as any to complete my residency. There certainly isn’t a shortage of work here. As a matter of fact, my first day here I ended up having to treat a Betazoid male that suffered severe plasma burns across his face and upper body that he sustained saving a young woman. By all accounts, that man is a hero.”

She paused to take another sip of her coffee. It was rapidly cooling; a sensation she disliked greatly as was visible by the disgusted look she gave as she returned it to the table and cast it aside. “But coming back to your original question, I suppose in addition to being logical, a station of this size would afford me the chance to follow in my father’s footsteps and serve the community at large. My father was in medicine also, and we travelled a great deal so he could help those in need.”

Longfellow nodded quietly, “I often wonder how my life would have been different if I had taken to Starfleet right out of medical school.”  He allowed a smile to cross his lips, “Out here there’s always someone that needs a doctor. You always have a next patient.”  He drained his coffee cup, “Given what I’ve learned about you over lunch, I think you’re in the right place.”  He gathered his things and gathered the trash from her side, “I for one am glad to have you around, Hannah.  We need the ones following in fathers’ and mothers’ and families’ footsteps.  They’re the ones that are gonna save the galaxy and lead us into the next great thing – whatever it is.”  He stood, “I’ve got duty that calls.  You ever need a hand or someone to share lunch with – give me a holler.”

“Absolutely. It was a pleasure to meet you Henry.” she replied, then flagged down one of the café’s servers as Henry walked off so she could order another espresso.

Henry headed out of the café, dropping the trash in a receptacle and pulled out his PADD.  He was going to be using the maps feature for a few days.